3rd Test, Leeds, June 23 - 27, 2022, New Zealand tour of England
329 & 326
(T:296) 360 & 296/3

England won by 7 wickets

ENG 2nd Innings
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Ben Stokes lifts the trophy and the England players pose for the cameras. So that brings an end to what has been an exhilarating series. England will face India next week at Edgbaston, in what is a series-deciding Test. For now, that's all from our side for this Test. Miller's report is up. Meanwhile in Taunton, Marizanne Kapp is leading South Africa Women's recovery after England reduced them to 45 for 4. With that, I will take your leave. See you soon.

Ben Stokes: It has gone really well. A 3-0 win against the best team in the world, it's absolutely phenomenal. It's about the change of the mindset of the lads towards Test cricket. To say that we have done it so quickly is unbelievable. Huge credit to Brendon and the backroom staff. Trent Bridge was incredible but being 55 for 6 and then doing what we did and the manner in which we did was the most pleasing thing. It has really set the level people want to come in and perform for the Test side. Pottsy has taken it like fish to water. Broady, even at 36, bowling these many overs, and fantastic to see Leachy. When we got together, we picked the players who offer the best in every position. Pope's been fantastic, carrying his form from Surrey and showing the world what Pope is about. India are a different opposition but we will come out with the same mindset.

Kane Williamson: It's been an incredible series. We had opportunities in all three Tests but credit to the England side. We were in a fairly good position in this Test. For us, it's a matter of regrouping. There is a new theme to their approach and they won those fine margins that went a long way in perhaps deciding the outcome of the match. We sort of opted for the balance and were curious after looking at the surface how it will play. It was seaming today as well. But it was frustrating, we hoped to create more opportunities but it wasn't to be. It would have been nice for top four to contribute more. I think everyone wants to give more and more to the team. Certainly love this group and love being a leader in this environment. It's great to be out here, playing along these guys and against England.

Daryl Mitchell is the Player of the Series from the New Zealand side. "We want to come over here and win as a series but I am very proud of the effort boys put out there," he says. "For me, it's really proud to be part of this group. To get any chance to play a Test for your country is special. [On from IPL to here] It's the nature of international cricket to adapt to different formats. Lord's is a historic place but every Test hundred is special. [On partnership with Blundell] He's a great man, we spend a lot of time together."

Joe Root is the Player of the Series from the England side. "It was like some of the 50-over stuff. He [Bairstow] has been hitting the ball really well. He has been a phenomenal player. It's great to see him do that, to bat with the confidence and freedom. One of the great things about this series was guys keep getting more and more confident about how they want to go about it. It's important that we enjoy this series. It has been a rocky road for the Test series. If you cannot enjoy this series, then what do you play for? I think we should concentrate on what this team has done over the last few weeks. I am sure Ben has got the plans for the India Test and the next series as well."

Jack Leach is the Player of the Match for his ten-wicket haul. "It's nice to comeback after 2019, great memories from that day," he says. "So yeah, here again. It did look dry and Stokesy came to me straightaway and said it's going to spin. The seamers made it easy for me. Pottsy deserved five wickets as well. And I think Jonny deserved this award as well. He was unbelievable. To take wickets early was important. So yeah, good fun."

Time for the presentation ceremony.

Sandesh Pokhrel: "Seems like Johny Bairstow arrived from nowhere and denied Root a century....Question is who will get the man of the series now? Bairstow has 394 runs at average of 78 and Root has 396 at average of 99....May be to edge it Root has a wicket of Conway as well."

Abdullah Waseem: "when was the last time Eng had whitewashed any team in a test series?" --- That was against Sri Lanka in 2018-19 (for a three-or-more-Test series).

Denton: "Congratulations England, well deserved. You won all the big moments in this series. Will be interesting to see how this positive approach goes in the subcontinent and Australia. My Black Caps have been brought soundly back to earthier after the lofty heights of 2021."

Ali Nawaz Khan : "As far as clinical series performances go, this wasn't far off from England's best. Chasing 3 consecutive 275 targets, must be a record. And the manner they have done it in. Exhilarating. "

John M: "Is YJB now officially short for "Yorkshire's Johnny Beast-ow"?" --- Hard to argue with that.

Thomas: "No ton for Root, but the average is back above 50. "

NethraReya: "Neither Root or Pope nor Bairstow got a hundred, but it was Bracewell who got his!!"

England's run rate of 4.54 is this series is by far the best for any team with a minimum of five innings batted in a Test series (where data is available).

2.36pm England started the day with 113 required. And they needed just 15.2 overs to knock them off. Tim Southee bowled Ollie Pope (82) in the first over of the day, after rain let play start. But it was all England after that. Bairstow batted in the belligerent manner, as he has done throughout the series, and was the primary reason behind Root not bringing up another fourth-innings hundred. Root finished on 86 off 125 balls and Bairstow on 71 off just 44.

Michael Bracewell to Bairstow, SIX runs

this over? Bairstow needs just two balls. Fuller around off and he launches it over deep midwicket for a six. A fitting end to the Test and series. England whitewash New Zealand 3-0 in a comprehensive performance

Michael Bracewell to Bairstow, FOUR runs

short and wide. Bairstow goes back and cuts it through covers for four

Thanks, Ashish. Just ten needed. Can England finish it off in this over?

end of over 54Maiden
ENG: 286/3CRR: 5.29 
Joe Root86 (125b 11x4 1x6)
Jonny Bairstow61 (42b 7x4 2x6)
Neil Wagner 8-2-33-0
Michael Bracewell 15-0-99-1

And as I scamper for some coffee, here's Hemant to see the end of this.

Wagner to Root, no run

length angling on off, stump. He defends it carefully towards cover

Wagner to Root, no run

length ball around sixth stump, Root gets across, watches it carefully and shoulders arms

Wagner to Root, no run

length ball on middle and leg, worked towards midwicket

Graham: "4, 4, 6 and Root gets his 100"

Wagner to Root, no run

back of a length just outside off, he pats it to point

Wagner to Root, no run

fuller length delivery outside off, driven to the right of the bowler who fields it well

Wagner to Root, no run

Loosener sliding down leg, he can't get any bat on it as the ball rolls to the keeper

Neil Wagner comes on to bowl from around the wicket. England need 10.

end of over 535 runs
ENG: 286/3CRR: 5.39 
Joe Root86 (119b 11x4 1x6)
Jonny Bairstow61 (42b 7x4 2x6)
Michael Bracewell 15-0-99-1
Tim Southee 19-5-68-1
Michael Bracewell to Root, 1 run

fuller on middle stump, swept to deep square leg

Michael Bracewell to Root, FOUR runs

gets down on one knee now and laces the sweep to the vacant fine leg region

Michael Bracewell to Root, no run

stays back and works this one around the midwicket region

Michael Bracewell to Root, no run

length ball, he pads it away. The ball pops up for the keeper to collect it

Michael Bracewell to Root, no run

slightly short on off, he gets out of the line looking for the pull, misses and his hit on the pads

Michael Bracewell to Root, no run

flatter on middle stump, he defends it to the right of the bowler

end of over 526 runs
ENG: 281/3CRR: 5.40 
Joe Root81 (113b 10x4 1x6)
Jonny Bairstow61 (42b 7x4 2x6)
Tim Southee 19-5-68-1
Michael Bracewell 14-0-94-1
Southee to Root, 1 run

shin high full toss on off, he gets across and works it to deep square leg.

Southee to Root, no run

Oh, hello Mr leave, we have missed you. Length ball outside off, Root shoulders arms. Not sure I have typed that a lot of times today.

Southee to Root, 4 byes

Root goes for that famous reverse sweep again. Southee spots and throws it down leg. Root is unable to get any bat on it and the ball beats the keeper too diving to his left

Southee to Bairstow, 1 run

length ball on the pads, he flicks it to the left of deep square leg.

Southee to Bairstow, no run

on the shorter side outside off, he stays leg side of the ball but cannot beat point with his dab

Southee to Bairstow, no run

Length ball shaping slightly away from Bairstow who plays it with an open face of the blade to gully

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