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India vs New Zealand, 1st ODI at Hyderabad, IND v NZ, Jan 18 2023 - Ball by Ball Commentary

1st ODI (D/N), Hyderabad, January 18, 2023, New Zealand tour of India
(49.2/50 ov, T:350) 337

India won by 12 runs

Player Of The Match
208 (149)
Full commentary

10.20pm That's all we have for you tonight, after these 686 runs, 24 sixes, 18 wickets and two stunning centuries of such different kinds and quality. Sidharth Monga's report is up if you missed any of the action today, and it's time for us to wrap. Thank you all for tuning in, the next game is on Saturday at the same time in Raipur, and until then we'll continue to cover all the T20 leagues, domestic matches, the Under-19 World Cup and more from around the world. Until next time, it's goodbye and good luck from Vishal Dikshit.

Time for the presentation...

Gill is the Player of the Match: I was waiting eagerly to go out there and do what I wanted to do. I wanted to unleash but sometimes you don't get to do it with wickets falling. I got to do it in the end. When the bowler is on top, you have to get them under pressure otherwise it's easier for them to create dot balls. I tried to get singles and boundaries and get them under pressure. I wasn't thinking about 200 before I hit those sixes in the 46th or 47th over. That's when I thought I could get a double. I won't call it a "wow" feeling but it feels nice when the ball goes off the bat how you want it. There's certainly a feeling of satisfaction. It has sunk in pretty well, this is certainly one of those things, like what dreams are made of.

Rohit: To be honest, the way Bracewell was batting, we knew it was going to be a challenge. It was such clean striking. After we had them five down, we knew we were in the game unless we slip up. And that's what happened. But we always knew the threat of bowling under lights and with the dew like I said at the toss, which is the kind of challenge we wanted. Watching Gill bat is fanastic, clean striking and no aerial shots. We wanted to give him a run before the SL series the kind of form he was in. He's such a free-flowing batsman. Siraj has been brilliant, of late even in the other two formats. He's gone from strength to strength, running hard and clear about what he wants to do. He's not afraid to use the short ball as well which is exciting.

Latham: Bracewell's was an amazing innings. The situation of the game and then play an innings like that, needing 12 off four, to put is in that situation was outstanding. Disappointing to not get across the line. Right up there, chasing a big score, tema under pressure and it was outstanding. We've seen it from him before - believe it or not. Hopefully we can take confidence from that for the next game. I think the ball gripped a bit more, we saw them use the cutters more. But the partnership between Bracewell and Santner was great.

9.50pm What a game this has turned out to be after a stunning counter-attacking innings from Michael Bracewell. All the India players are now congratulating him for this memorable knock. He scored nearly two runs a ball and in what situation - New Zealand were 131 for 6 and needed over 11 an over with over 20 overs to go and with Santner at the other end. He chaperoned the century stand and took the bowlers apart one by one who lost their lines and lengths one after the other. He pulled consistently and put a lot of not-so-poor balls also away with his clean hitting which would have scared the India bowlers after a point. He came down against the spinners and quicks fearlessly and barely failed to connect, hardly giving the bowlers any chances. It was only Siraj and Shami towards the end who kept India in the game with their experience and accuracy, before it came down to 20 off six and who else but Thakur - who had a horrible day otherwise with the ball - bowled a dipping yorker to seal it for India.

Bracewell: We were just trying to give ourselves a chance, we managed to get a partnership but unfortunately it wasn't enough which is a bit of a bummer really. It's early on in my international career so I don't have a lot of footage of these bowlers but I try to get a feel of what they bowl. Once Mitch and I got ourselves settled, we weren't talking too much about winning, we wanted to take it deep and give ourselves a chance. We wanted to have a good crack and you need to back yourselves with 20 needed off the last over. The bowlers did well in that period (after I got my hundred) with their yorkers. Credit to them.

SS: "Siraj should be player of the match. His bowling was the difference between two sides."

Charles J: "Man of the match should go to Bracewell over Gill's 200 knock."

Sumo: "Bracewell never scores half-centuries. Massive player for Kiwis for the WC this year. "

Sagar: "Would Gill's double century count as two century or one in the record book?" Only one

Tushar D. Ponda: "I wish for something new to happen today - Three people sharing the MOM here, Bracewell, Siraj, and Gill. Who else agrees with me?"

Mustafa Moudi : "This is the most competitive ODI in which a Batsman scored a double century. Rest all has the chasing sides easily accepting their defeats. Thank you Bracewell for making this match so entertaining!!"

Bhushan: "Feeling heart-broken for Bracewell.....if it have been other team must have supported NZ and Bracewell!!!!"

Thakur to Michael Bracewell, OUT

Thakur has yorked him, umpire gives it out lbw! Bracewell will obviously review it but India look confident and they're shaking hands before the final decision. Only an edge can save him. Bracewell moves across a fair bit, leg stump is visible when the dipping yorker hits him right in front after going under the bat, and then goes for four but that's immaterial. UltraEdge shows no bat, ball-tracking confirms hitting the stumps and India will take a sigh of relief

Michael Bracewell lbw b Thakur 140 (78b 12x4 10x6 125m) SR: 179.48
Thakur to Michael Bracewell, 1 wide

131kmh, he shuffles across a long way, Thakur's short and slower ball chases him, goes over the head and called a wide

14 off five

Thakur to Michael Bracewell, SIX runs

over long-on for six first ball! 133.7kmh, he pitched it a little short, Bracewell hung back and swung it over long-on as if he knew where it was coming. Indian heads are dropping

Twenty from six balls to be bowled by Shardul Thakur. His old Mumbai friend Rohit has tons of advice for him, Hardik joins in as well. Bracewell takes a look around and puts his gloves back on. Three in the deep on leg, two on off

Praveen: "4 sixes easy peasy!"

SamC: "Lord Thakur for 50th over!"

end of over 494 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 330/9CRR: 6.73 RRR: 20.00 • Need 20 runs from 6b
Michael Bracewell134 (76b 12x4 9x6)
Blair Tickner1 (1b)
Hardik Pandya 7-0-70-1
Mohammed Shami 10-1-69-1
Hardik to Michael Bracewell, 1 run

short and quick at 121.5kmh, Bracewell pulls for a single to keep strike happily

I forgot to mention earlier: Fastest ODI hundreds vs India: (by balls)

45 - Shahid Afridi, Kanpur 2005

57 - James Faulkner, Bangalore 2013

57 - AB de Villiers, Mumbai 2015

57 - Michael Bracewell, Hyderabad 2023

Hardik to Michael Bracewell, no run

138.6kmh, swings down the ground for the full ball, doesn't middle, it bounces a few times before reaching long-off and he decides against the single

Boundary and single for Bracewell?

Hardik to Tickner, 1 run

lot of width, Tickner slices it behind square and Kohli dives like Jonty Rhodes to his left at point to save a few

22 off 9. Tickner on strike. With the wonderful advantage of hindsight I'll ask: should Bracewell have taken that single on the second ball? I wonder what Bracewell has said to Tickner apart from not giving his wicket away

Hardik to Ferguson, OUT

Ferguson miscues one, it goes high, and Gill takes it easily from long-off. Offcutter far from Ferguson, he swings and mistimes and Gill comes in from the deep to get under it

Lockie Ferguson c Shubman Gill b Pandya 8 (7b 1x4 0x6 17m) SR: 114.28
Hardik to Michael Bracewell, 1 run

136.6kmh, full toss on the pads, Bracewell was in position for the scoop so he misses out on a big shot. Single to deep square leg

Hardik to Ferguson, 1 run

not much room and Ferguson gently defends it to leg for a quick single

Hardik again, who'll bowl the last? Shami and Siraj are done. 24 off 12

end of over 4817 runs
NZ: 326/8CRR: 6.79 RRR: 12.00 • Need 24 runs from 12b
Michael Bracewell132 (73b 12x4 9x6)
Lockie Ferguson7 (5b 1x4)
Mohammed Shami 10-1-69-1
Hardik Pandya 6-0-66-0

17 from that over

Shami to Michael Bracewell, SIX runs

crashes a six over deep third! What a shot, this show ain't over till it's over. Shami bangs in a short ball well outside off, many would think Bracewell would take a single but he carves an upper cut that sails over deep third. Clean hit

Shami to Ferguson, 1 run

tries the yorker, Ferguson can't get it away after some bat-pad, but he can run across and Bracewell goes through as well. Shami swoops in and tries to hit the stumps but misses. Bracewell was gone if he had hit

Shami to Michael Bracewell, 1 run

short of length and angling in, hurries him up and Bracewell manages just some bat for a single to off

Shami changes his angle, three balls to go

Shami to Michael Bracewell, FOUR runs

stunning placement for four! He shuffles across a long way, fine leg is in and scoops that high, fine and over the fielder for nearly a six!

36 from 16, three in the deep on leg side, two on off. Will he go for the pull?

If you're in the UK, you can also watch the first India vs New Zealand ODI LIVE on YouTube

Shami to Ferguson, 1 run

full outside off, drills it back in the air to long-off to get Bracewell on strike

37 from 17

Shami to Ferguson, FOUR runs

a boundary first ball from Ferguson! Width from Shami outside off, Ferguson throws his hands at it and finds a boundary to deep point

41 off 19, Shami to bowl his last.

You can watch this ODI LIVE on ESPN Player in the UK and on ESPN+ in the USA.

end of over 4715 runs
NZ: 309/8CRR: 6.57 RRR: 13.66 • Need 41 runs from 18b
Michael Bracewell121 (70b 11x4 8x6)
Lockie Ferguson1 (2b)
Hardik Pandya 6-0-66-0
Mohammed Siraj 10-2-46-4
Hardik to Michael Bracewell, no run

keeps a bit low as Hardik's offcutter goes past the bat and off stump to the keeper

A single now?

Hardik to Michael Bracewell, SIX runs

six over deep backward square! India would have thought the fielder in the deep had a chance but Bracewell's pull was clean by the barest of margins to beat the finger tips

Hardik to Michael Bracewell, 1 wide

attempted yorker perhaps but it's down leg for a wide as Bracwell tried to put it away

48 off 20

Hardik to Michael Bracewell, no run

it is short as expected, but it's the lack of pace that beats Bracewell's pull

Four in the deep on the leg side. Short ball coming up

Hardik to Ferguson, 1 run

slices the short of length ball to point and they take one quickly to get Bracewell back on strike

Not the same support anymore every time Bracewell gets a single now. 49 off 22

Hardik to Michael Bracewell, 1 run

short ball now, pulled to deep midwicket where he gets just one

Hardik to Michael Bracewell, SIX runs

127kmh, not so quick but it's in the slot for Bracewell and he looked a bit awkward but swung it nicely to the leg side for six!

Hardik again, 56 to get off 24. Siraj gets a cheer from the crowd as he goes in the deep. Bracewell on strike

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