India vs New Zealand, 2nd ODI at Raipur, IND v NZ, Jan 21 2023 - Ball by Ball Commentary

2nd ODI (D/N), Raipur, January 21, 2023, New Zealand tour of India
(20.1/50 ov, T:109) 111/2

India won by 8 wickets (with 179 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
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6.50pm That brings to an end today's proceedings. Thanks for joining us. See you again soon.

6.40pm Last to be interviewed is Mohammed Shami, the Player of the Match. He says, and I paraphrase: "I always start trying to bowl good rhythm and line and length. The seam release is all about reptitions. As they say, if you love something enough, it become yours. I get irritated if the seam is not perfect. I love it when you can see the seam in the air. So I just keep trying to do that."

"Rohit Sharma to speak now. And I paraphrase: "I thought these last five games, the bowlers have really stepped up. Whatever we have asked of them, they have delivered. Especially doing this in India. You can expect these performances away from India, but they have real skills. When we trained here yesterday in the night, it moved around, there was good carry. Which is why we wanted that challenge: 250 would have been quite challenging. Shami and Siraj did want to go on for longer spells, but I told them a big Test series coming up. I had to step in and say boss there are other bowlers as well. I am happy with my batting. I have kept my approach quite similar. I try to take the bowlers on. It is important to do that: to try to out the pressure back. I know a big score hasn't come, but I am happy with how I am going. I know a big score is around the corner.".

Tom Latham is the first one to speak first. And I paraphrase: "Batting up top wasn't our finest day. India bowled right areas for a long time and pretty much gave us nothing. Not idea but full credit to India. The surface did a little bit, a bit of tennis-ball bounce, some came through, some didn't. Unfortunately we were unable to build a partnership. Every time you want to put in a great performance but unfortunately we were unable to adapt quickly enough."

6.30 As we await the presentation, I think this is India's biggest win against New Zealand in terms of number of balls remaining.

6.27pm "This was a good opportunity for me to spend some time in the middle, and happy that I have come back not out," Gill says. "We were expecting there would be more for their fast bowlers, but after the five bowlers it was good to bat on. It did grip a little for Santner and Bracewell."

6.23pm With that, another series win wrapped up by India. Set up some excellent seam bowling from Shami and Siraj, and then a good back-up act by Pandya when New Zealand looked to rebuild. A target of 108 was never going to test India, and they have got home with nearly 30 overs remaining

Santner to Gill, FOUR runs

it's all over. Gill finishes it with a silken shot. Down the wicket, and lofts this over mid-on

end of over 205 runs
IND: 107/2CRR: 5.35 RRR: 0.06 • Need 2 runs from 30 overs
Ishan Kishan8 (9b 2x4)
Shubman Gill36 (52b 5x4)
Michael Bracewell 2-0-13-0
Mitchell Santner 4-0-24-1
Michael Bracewell to Ishan, no run

stretches forward to defend this to point

Michael Bracewell to Ishan, FOUR runs

hard reverse-sweep. Well over point. That's one way when the ball is turning. Now within a shot

Michael Bracewell to Ishan, no run

too full, nearly a yorker, dug out back to him

Michael Bracewell to Ishan, no run

nice drop and turn for Bracewell. Goes past his outside edge

Michael Bracewell to Gill, 1 run

down the wicket to push this down to long-on for one

Michael Bracewell to Gill, no run

nice turn for Bracewell, defended to leg

end of over 194 runs • 1 wicket
IND: 102/2CRR: 5.36 RRR: 0.22 • Need 7 runs from 31 overs
Ishan Kishan4 (5b 1x4)
Shubman Gill35 (50b 5x4)
Mitchell Santner 4-0-24-1
Michael Bracewell 1-0-8-0
Santner to Ishan, no run

fires this in straight. Pushed back to him

Santner to Ishan, no run

nice drop on this, turns back in, defended with hard hands

Santner to Ishan, no run

down the wicket again, but Santner shortens the length this time. Defended

Santner to Ishan, FOUR runs

mid-off is up and Kishan can't help himself. Out of his crease early, and lofts this over mid-off for four

Santner to Ishan, no run

goes full, but gives him some width. Driven straight to extra cover

In comes Ishan Kishan with 11 runs required. Leg gully in place

Santner to Kohli, OUT

lovely bowling by Santner. He has done Kohli in twice. Superb dip on the ball as Kohli looks to play on the front foot. He is nowhere near the pitch of the ball, which means his back foot is also dragged. The ball turns, goes past the edge, and he is stumped

Virat Kohli st †Latham b Santner 11 (9b 2x4 0x6 19m) SR: 122.22
end of over 188 runs
IND: 98/1CRR: 5.44 RRR: 0.34 • Need 11 runs from 32 overs
Shubman Gill35 (50b 5x4)
Virat Kohli11 (8b 2x4)
Michael Bracewell 1-0-8-0
Henry Shipley 5-0-29-1
Michael Bracewell to Gill, no run

beaten on the reverse-sweep, mainly by the bounce than anything else. Hit on the body

Michael Bracewell to Gill, FOUR runs

slog-sweep from well outside off, beats deep midwicket to his right. He has hit this in air, but he knows he is not going to get six. He has just placed this superbly

Michael Bracewell to Gill, no run

out of the crease this time, Bracewell slows this up and pulls the length back. Defended

Michael Bracewell to Gill, no run

looks to charge down, Bracewell goes flat, he stays back and defends

Michael Bracewell to Gill, no run

short of a length, looks to run it square on the off side, but can't beat point

Michael Bracewell to Gill, FOUR runs

not that he needs a second invitation. Proper long hop to start off with, and he pulls him over midwicket for four

Bracewell to bowl now. Gill might just go after him

end of over 1711 runs
IND: 90/1CRR: 5.29 RRR: 0.57 • Need 19 runs from 33 overs
Shubman Gill27 (44b 3x4)
Virat Kohli11 (8b 2x4)
Henry Shipley 5-0-29-1
Mitchell Santner 3-0-20-0

Sree: "Now that the series is in India's hands, I think Kohli should skip the final ODI and play the next Ranji match of Delhi. He is still lagging behind in tests, and some red ball exposure before the Australia series might do him good."

Shipley to Gill, 1 run

yorker on the leg stump, dug out into the leg side for one