2nd Test, Durban, Dec 26 - 30 1994, New Zealand tour of South Africa
185 & 192
(45.4 ov, target 152)226 & 153/2
South Africa won by 8 wickets
Player Of The Match
5/64, 28 & 3/56
New Zealand 1st INNINGS
Bryan Young  b Jack217220011.76
Darrin Murray c †Richardson b de Villiers381021612037.25
Stephen Fleming c Jack b de Villiers414160028.57
Martin Crowe c de Villiers b Jack1870902025.71
Ken Rutherford (c)c Commins b de Villiers0612000.00
Shane Thomson c Kirsten b de Villiers8213520511260.74
Adam Parore c Kirsten b McMillan522321022.72
Matthew Hart c Cronje b McMillan517241029.41
Simon Doull c †Richardson b McMillan053000.00
Danny Morrison not out 24931405025.80
Chris Pringle c Kirsten b de Villiers01414000.00
Extras(lb 4, nb 3)7
TOTAL(82 Ov, RR: 2.25)185
Fall of wickets: 1-9 (Bryan Young), 2-19 (Stephen Fleming), 3-62 (Martin Crowe), 4-65 (Ken Rutherford), 5-66 (Darrin Murray), 6-102 (Adam Parore), 7-114 (Matthew Hart), 8-114 (Simon Doull), 9-180 (Shane Thomson), 10-185 (Chris Pringle)
Fanie de Villiers2476452.66---00
Steven Jack1673222.00---00
Craig Matthews19113701.94---00
Brian McMillan1984032.10---00
Hansie Cronje41802.00---00
South Africa 1st INNINGS
Andrew Hudson c Young b Morrison814152057.14
Gary Kirsten c †Parore b Doull2950824058.00
John Commins c Hart b Doull301111593027.02
Daryll Cullinan lbw b Doull3475965045.33
Hansie Cronje (c)c Thomson b Morrison1949682038.77
Jonty Rhodes c Fleming b Hart11215008.33
Brian McMillan  b Doull1741781041.46
David Richardson not out 39941523041.48
Craig Matthews c †Parore b Morrison730350023.33
Steven Jack c Crowe b Morrison022000.00
Fanie de Villiers c Fleming b Doull2855622050.90
Extras(lb 6, nb 8)14
TOTAL(86.5 Ov, RR: 2.60)226
Fall of wickets: 1-13 (Andrew Hudson), 2-61 (Gary Kirsten), 3-110 (Daryll Cullinan), 4-111 (John Commins), 5-122 (Jonty Rhodes), 6-141 (Hansie Cronje), 7-168 (Brian McMillan), 8-182 (Craig Matthews), 9-182 (Steven Jack), 10-226 (Fanie de Villiers)
Danny Morrison2547042.80---00
Simon Doull29.597352.44---00
Chris Pringle1552301.53---00
Matthew Hart1725413.17---00
New Zealand 2nd INNINGS
Bryan Young c Cullinan b McMillan512383393021.42
Darrin Murray lbw b de Villiers01519000.00
Ken Rutherford (c)c Commins b McMillan611140054.54
Martin Crowe c †Richardson b McMillan1024410041.66
Stephen Fleming c †Richardson b Jack311051663029.52
Shane Thomson  b Cronje35681007051.47
Adam Parore run out (Cronje)11728005.88
Matthew Hart c †Richardson b Kirsten628281021.42
Simon Doull c †Richardson b de Villiers1930472063.33
Danny Morrison c McMillan b de Villiers1257671021.05
Chris Pringle not out 615231040.00
Extras(lb 11, nb 4)15
TOTAL(100.2 Ov, RR: 1.91)192
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (Darrin Murray), 2-11 (Ken Rutherford), 3-28 (Martin Crowe), 4-81 (Stephen Fleming), 5-144 (Bryan Young), 6-144 (Shane Thomson), 7-153 (Adam Parore), 8-153 (Matthew Hart), 9-179 (Simon Doull), 10-192 (Danny Morrison)
Fanie de Villiers31.2105631.78---00
Steven Jack1534513.00---02
Craig Matthews1231701.41---00
Brian McMillan3085331.76---02
Hansie Cronje1061011.00---00
Gary Kirsten22010.00---00
South Africa 2nd INNINGS (target: 152 runs)
Andrew Hudson c †Parore b Doull623350026.08
Gary Kirsten not out 661171909056.41
John Commins c Young b Hart451081215041.66
Daryll Cullinan not out 2528311189.28
Extras(lb 9, nb 2)11
TOTAL(45.4 Ov, RR: 3.35)153/2
Fall of wickets: 1-20 (Andrew Hudson), 2-117 (John Commins)
Simon Doull1552611.73---00
Danny Morrison1515603.73---01
Matthew Hart13.425213.80---00
Shane Thomson211005.00---01
Kingsmead, Durban
TossNew Zealand, elected to bat first
SeriesNew Zealand tour of South Africa
Player Of The Match
Fanie de Villiers
Fanie de Villiers
Series result3-match series level 1-1
Match numberTest no. 1280
Match daysday (5-day match)
Test debut
John Commins
John Commins
Steven Jack
Steven Jack
South Africa Image
Cyril Mitchley
Pakistan Image
Khizer Hayat
TV Umpire
South Africa Image
David Orchard
Match Referee
Australia Image
Peter Burge
Mon, 26 Dec - day 1 - New Zealand 1st innings 130/8 (Shane Thomson 53*, Danny Morrison 0*)
Tue, 27 Dec - day 2 - South Africa 1st innings 122/5 (Hansie Cronje 10*, Brian McMillan 0*)
Wed, 28 Dec - day 3 - New Zealand 2nd innings 48/3 (Bryan Young 18*, Stephen Fleming 10*)
Thu, 29 Dec - day 4 - South Africa 2nd innings 41/1 (Gary Kirsten 19*, John Commins 10*)
Fri, 30 Dec - day 5 - South Africa 2nd innings 153/2 (45.4 ov) - end of match
  • ~71 overs have been lost due to bad light.
Day 1
  • Thomson-Morrison put on 66 runs for the 9th wkt.
  • Bad light stopped play just before Tea.
Day 2
  • Richardson-de Villiers put on 44 runs for the 10th wkt.
  • Bad light stopped play just after 5.00pm local time.
Day 3
  • Bad light stopped play just after 5.00pm local time.
Day 4
  • With his 4th run, Crowe became the top NZ rungetter, surpassing Wright (5334 runs).
  • Young took 333 mins to get to his 50. Only Trevor "Barnacle" Bailey (357 mins in 1958-59) and Chris "Rowdy" Tavare (350 mins in 1982) have taken longer to get to the half century mark in a Test.