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4th ODI, Kimberley, October 28, 2000, New Zealand tour of South Africa
(48.5/50 ov, T:288) 289/5

South Africa won by 5 wickets (with 7 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
101 (107)
New Zealand Innings
South Africa Innings
Match Details
New Zealand  (50 ovs maximum)
Chris Nevin  b Boje6869868198.55
Nathan Astle c †Boucher b Telemachus514191035.71
Stephen Fleming (c)run out (Dippenaar)851031305082.52
Roger Twose c Pollock b Kallis89911099197.80
Chris Cairns c Pollock b Kallis21162511131.25
Craig McMillan c Kirsten b Pollock1340033.33
Chris Harris not out 115720220.00
Adam Parore not out 00100-
Extras(b 2, lb 2, nb 1, w 2)7
TOTAL50 Ov (RR: 5.74)287/6
Fall of wickets: 1-20 (Nathan Astle, 5.1 ov), 2-113 (Chris Nevin, 22.3 ov), 3-223 (Stephen Fleming, 41.6 ov), 4-272 (Chris Cairns, 47.6 ov), 5-275 (Craig McMillan, 48.5 ov), 6-283 (Roger Twose, 49.5 ov)
Shaun Pollock1004014.00---10
Roger Telemachus906016.66---00
Allan Donald504609.20---00
Jacques Kallis804625.75---10
Nicky Boje1004214.20---00
Lance Klusener804906.12---01
South Africa  (T: 288 runs from 50 ovs)
Daryll Cullinan c Astle b Cairns1722233077.27
Gary Kirsten c †Parore b Cairns10110714410094.39
Jacques Kallis c Walker b Styris931111127283.78
Jonty Rhodes  b Harris25233020108.69
Lance Klusener c Fleming b Styris991600100.00
Nicky Boje not out 20111911181.81
Mark Boucher not out 18111321163.63
Extras(lb 2, nb 1, w 3)6
TOTAL48.5 Ov (RR: 5.91)289/5
Fall of wickets: 1-43 (Daryll Cullinan, 6.3 ov), 2-215 (Jacques Kallis, 39.1 ov), 3-221 (Gary Kirsten, 40.5 ov), 4-247 (Lance Klusener, 44.3 ov), 5-255 (Jonty Rhodes, 45.4 ov)
Chris Cairns9.526726.81---01
Shayne O'Connor804605.75---10
Scott Styris1005625.60---00
Chris Harris1005815.80---00
Brooke Walker704105.85---00
Nathan Astle401904.75---10
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De Beers Diamond Oval, Kimberley
TossSouth Africa, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
South Africa
Gary Kirsten
Series resultSouth Africa led the 6-match series 3-0
Match numberODI no. 1651
Match daysday (50-over match)
South Africa
Brian Jerling
South Africa
Rudi Koertzen
TV Umpire
South Africa
Wilf Diedricks
Match Referee
Talat Ali
  • Nevin's 50 off 46 balls in 67 mins, 6x4
  • New Zealand 100 off 115 balls in 80 mins
  • SP Fleming 50 off 70 balls in 94 mins, 4x4
  • 50 Partnership (Fleming/Twose) off 69 balls in 50 mins
  • New Zealand innings: ball changed after 40 overs
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South Africa Innings
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