3rd Test, Bridgetown, Jun 26 - 30 2014, New Zealand tour of West Indies
293 & 331/7d
(82.2 ov, target 308)317 & 254
New Zealand won by 53 runs
player of the match
Kane Williamson
New Zealand

Here's the presentation:

Williamson is the Man of the Match: "The game was in the balance, great to have some support. It was nice it all came together in this game.

Ramdin: "Credit to Brendon, lots of positives. We didn't put up the kind of fight we wanted to. The NZ lower order kept pushing us. In the first innings we could have pushed on but that's Test cricket and we could have pushed on. Hopefully we can get it right in the next couple of matches."

McCullum: "Played by two very good teams and I thought they put us under a lot of pressure, today was a testament to how good a series it has been. Tom Latham and Craig have really stood up and Neesham is very valuable to our side. Our fast bowlers have been great overseas, taking wickets on these pitches. You obviously want to score runs but you also enjoy other people's success. This series is ground-breaking for this group."

Williamson is the Man of the Series: "Anytime you get a chance to contribute it's pleasing. Craig McMillan has been a really good help. T20 is good fun and I think it is important to adapt to all formats."

They might as well have had one solid interview with Williamson. Man of few words but an amazing talent for New Zealand. Joel Garner hands the winning trophy to McCullum. Very subdued celebration but the guys must be thrilled. They were thrashed 2-0 here two years back.

Dan sums it up: "A lot to like about this NZ team now. From McCullum's captaincy, Williamson's solid reliability at first drop, a dynamic new-ball pairing, the contributions of Neesham and the revelation that has been Mark Craig, with of course Wagner's unfailing efforts as well. If they can solve the opening conundrum they will be a real force."

Thanks for joining us through this Test. Back to back T20s in Dominica to round off this tour on July 5 and 6. The games begin at 1800 GMT. Thanks for your company. On behalf of Alagappan, Raju, Thilak and Chandan, this is Kanishkaa signing off.

End of match, 4.50pm: New Zealand take the series 2-1 but not after they were run close by West Indies' lower order. West Indies were beaten but not disgraced in the end thanks to the resistance shown by Holder and Shillingford.

New Zealand will celebrate their second series win in the West Indies, their first was in 2002. For New Zealand this is significant because since then, they have won the odd Test abroad but never won a Test series away from him against sides other than Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. Hobart and Colombo were special wins in their own right, but Barbados 2014 is an addition to that list. Caps a refreshing season of Tests for New Zealand, having beaten India 1-0 at home.

Just to clear the confusion - I was talking about series since that win in 2002. Not before.

West Indies will have to answer for their puzzling team combination. The 5 batsman-5 bowler theory will have to be revisited. They need an allrounder in there. Dwayne Bravo's fitness will be crucial to their plans, with Sammy retired.

Boult to Taylor, OUT

Given out lbw and Taylor wants to review it, it looked plumb! This was a fairly unplayable inswinging yorker from Boult, too good for Taylor, he played all around it and was struck on the base of the pad in front of middle stump, the review was a mere formality, it looked obvious in normal speed

Jerome Taylor lbw b Boult 12 (28m 21b 3x4 0x6) SR: 57.14
Boult to Shilling, 1 leg bye

had to hurry the single, this was tucked to the on side and he set off and the fielder picked up and had a shy at the stumps but missed

end of over 82Maiden
WI: 253/9CRR: 3.08 
Jerome Taylor12 (20)
Shane Shillingford30 (100)
Tim Southee 16-4-28-3
Trent Boult 16-1-48-2
Southee to Taylor, no run

very nearly had him there! This was pitched up and moving away and he poked at it, that's the line and length

Southee to Taylor, no run

Taylor pokes his bat out and the ball takes the edge and rolls quickly towards Williamson at gully, good save

Southee to Taylor, no run

this was fired on a yorker length and it really took off after pitching, well taken again by Watling!

Southee to Taylor, no run

and Taylor nearly gave it away by swinging at a full ball moving away, very close to the edge

Southee to Taylor, no run

gets a nice angle across and lands it a shade outside off, he safely leaves it alone

Southee to Taylor, no run

he lands this outside off and it moves away, has Taylor poking at it

15 overs remaining, one hour left. Southee to bowl

end of over 814 runs
WI: 253/9CRR: 3.12 
Shane Shillingford30 (100)
Jerome Taylor12 (14)
Trent Boult 16-1-48-2
Mark Craig 28-7-84-3

Drinks now

Freddie Wilde: "Since SA-Australia began in February we've had eight Test matches. Each of them have been superb in their own way"

kuldeep: "odds for WI winning has come down to 18-1 from 150-1 earlier..amazing"

Boult to Shilling, FOUR runs

and Boult once again strays wide down the leg side and an easy leg glance for Shillingford who eases it past a diving Watling

Boult to Shilling, no run

and once again, this time he was far too wide even for the batsman to chase it and more work for Watling

Boult to Shilling, no run

Boult's not getting his angle right, still straying down the leg side and he nearly edges it

Boult to Shilling, no run

this was angling across and nearly took the outside edge

Boult to Shilling, no run

swings in on the stumps and this one just stopped on, nearly stabbed it on the full back to Boult

Boult to Shilling, no run

Boult swings it in and it's down the leg side, tries to flick it and well taken by Watling

New Zealand have taken the new ball. Boult's got it