1st ODI (D/N), Bridgetown, August 17, 2022, New Zealand tour of West Indies
(39/50 ov, T:191) 193/5

West Indies won by 5 wickets (with 66 balls remaining)

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79 (91)
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end of over 394 runs
WI: 193/5CRR: 4.94 
Jason Holder13 (25b 1x4)
Jermaine Blackwood12 (18b 1x4)
Mitchell Santner 7-0-25-1
Trent Boult 10-0-49-2

West Indies were clinical with the ball and were shepherded with skill by Shamarh Brooks. New Zealand will have a few more things to polish in a couple of days, when these two teams take on each other again. You can follow the live action here on ESPNcricinfo. Himanshu Agrawal and I will be here. On behalf of him and our scorer, Chandan, it's goodbye for now.

Nicholas Pooran, West Indies Captain: (On choosing 3 spinners) We looked at the surface and felt it was dry. It was similar to that against Australia last year. We thought it was good to give three spinners opportunities and it worked out. The debutants handled pressure really well. We have been looking for legspinners, being economical and contributing was important. We knew batting was tricky with Boult and Southee swinging the ball. But our thinking going in was that we were one partnership away from getting a win. We put in a lot of hard work and are pleased with winning the ten points today.

Kane Williamson, New Zealand Captain: There was a big effort with the bat from us, the conditions were challenging. Credit to West Indies for playing well, we need to take learnings and move on. (On the scorer) You want more, but I thought our score was competitive. They didn't give much with the ball. Rolling up the sleeves and adapting to conditions is what we need to do. During the chase, we put in the effort. It did not come off, but it's good that the bowlers got a few overs under their belt.

Shamarh Brooks, POTM: We realised it was early beginning. Credit to our bowlers for restricting them. Getting a start was ideal on this tough wicket. Things got easier with time. This win is significant, we're improving in batting since India. We want to go from strength to strength.

Join Ekanth for the presentations, which are about to begin soon.

9.59pm Who remembers the last time West Indies beat New Zealand in an ODI? That was back in Hamilton in January 2014. Today in Bridgetown, the hosts dominated with ball and bat to set up this five-wicket win after limiting the visitors to 190. Hosein and Joseph got three wickets each, before Brooks' 79 ensured there was no drama and hiccups on his side's way to a win.

Santner to Holder, FOUR runs

finally gets it away! West Indies take a 1-0 lead in the series, and more importantly, ten Super League points. Holder leans forward to play an aerial drive to a full ball outside off. Four to deep extra cover.

Will this ever get over? Holder on 9 off 24.

Santner to Holder, no run

full and flat on middle and leg. Defended down

Santner to Holder, no run

defends this full and slower ball on off. Another few dots in a row now

Santner to Holder, no run

tossed up full on middle, and driven back to the bowler

Santner to Holder, no run

good length again, but this time on middle. Clipped to midwicket

Santner to Holder, no run

good length outside off, and turning away. Poked to point

Two more... Here comes Santner.

end of over 381 run
WI: 189/5CRR: 4.97 RRR: 0.16 • Need 2 runs from 12 overs
Jason Holder9 (19b)
Jermaine Blackwood12 (18b 1x4)
Trent Boult 10-0-49-2
Tim Southee 10-0-39-2
Boult to Holder, 1 run

pulls this short delivery on middle and off to deep square leg, who chases to his right

Over the wicket now

Boult to Holder, no run

still can't get it away, as he finds point with his cut off this good length ball outside off

Boult to Holder, no run

a near yorker length ball on off, and driven to mid-off with the full face of the bat

Boult to Holder, no run

nudges this good length ball outside off to point

Boult to Holder, no run

the ball seemed to have stopped on the pitch there. On a back of a length around sixth stump, as Holder pushed forward but got that off the higher side of the bat

Boult to Holder, no run

short delivery outside off, and he lets that go

Three to get

end of over 377 runs
WI: 188/5CRR: 5.08 RRR: 0.23 • Need 3 runs from 13 overs
Jermaine Blackwood12 (18b 1x4)
Jason Holder8 (13b)
Tim Southee 10-0-39-2
Trent Boult 9-0-48-2
Southee to Blackwood, FOUR runs

slashes this short and wide ball outside off, and bags four to deep backward point. That was hit hard, as he waited for the ball to come, before beating point, who was diving to his right. Bracewell, despite getting a hand, couldn't stop that

Southee to Holder, 1 run

fuller delivery on off. He goes deep in the crease to flick to deep square again

Southee to Blackwood, 1 run

another good length ball on middle. Turned to deep square leg to keep ticking

Southee to Holder, 1 run

good length ball on off, and clipped to deep square leg

Southee to Holder, no run

fuller length, but again around fourth stump. Blocked down

Southee to Holder, no run

back of a length just outside off. Pushed back to the bowler

end of over 362 runs
WI: 181/5CRR: 5.02 RRR: 0.71 • Need 10 runs from 14 overs
Jermaine Blackwood7 (16b)
Jason Holder6 (9b)
Trent Boult 9-0-48-2
Tim Southee 9-0-32-2
Boult to Blackwood, no run

good length ball outside off, and he finds cover with his slash

Boult to Blackwood, no run

caught in surprise by the extra bounce there. Short ball outside off, and angling in a touch, as Blackwood sways out after trying to poke at that

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