2nd ODI, Worcester, September 19, 2021, New Zealand Women tour of England
(39/42 ov, T:183) 169

England (W) won by 13 runs (D/L method)

Player Of The Match
63* (72)
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Comms: Andrew Miller
Scorecard summary
England Women 197/10(43.3 overs)
New Zealand Women 169/10(39 overs)
28 (34)
3/43 (8)
end of over 397 runs • 1 wicket
NZ-W: 169/10CRR: 4.33 RRR: 4.66 • Need 14 from 18b
Jess Kerr6 (5b 1x4)
Tash Farrant 7-0-23-1
Charlie Dean 8-0-36-4

6.25pm So that's the end of that. Another gripping encounter. From Miller and Valkerie, thanks and goodnight!

The Player of the Match is Danni Wyatt: "What a win, showed a lot of fight with the bat and Charlie Dean exceptional with the ball. I had 35 overs to bat, so get my head down, take low risks, enjoyed batting out there. I went and gave Lauren a hug for the run-out, I'm really sorry!"

Sophie Devine: "We're extremely disappointed, bowled England out for a sub-par total, we back ourselves to win those, rain-break or not, it was never run-rate pressure that would get us, it was wickets. You can't lose them in clumps against a strong English side. Got to go back to the drawing board, we tried too hard to get the lower-order out. Have another crack on Tuesday. Got to have a bit of mongrel about us, winning is a habit and we haven't won much of late. Got to back ourselves, and tip it over the line."

Heather Knight: "A bit of a steal wasn't it? What character, Danni and Tash Farrant played a brilliant hand, they were on top until the rain-break then Charlie Dean came in and bowled like that, my plans for the bowlers changed about 20 times. I'm really chuffed for Danni in her 200th game. We won a game we shouldn't really win. In tournament cricket, like Ashes and World Cup, we might have to defend 200 in the World Cup, they are the worst to lose and the best to win. We've been tested, which is really pleasing."

6.11pm That's a gutsy effort from England. They were undoubtedly helped by the rain break, but they needed to make their regroup count as they picked off the remaining six wickets for victory. Charlie Dean takes the plaudits for her four wickets, in only her second ODI, but fittingly it is Farrant who claims the final wicket, seeing as her defiant 22 at No.11 was instrumental in England's revival. Without that, Danni Wyatt would have run out of partners before she could compile a matchwinning half-century.

As for New Zealand, another tale of what might have been. They had England at their mercy at 118 for 6, following the run out of Winfield-Hill, and even at 145 for 9. And they were in control of the chase too at 61 for 1. But Kate Cross and Sophie Ecclestone broke through before the rain, and then after the DLS readjustment, they never got going.

Celine : "With due credit to Eng-W, it's the NZ-W batters who did not deliver. The NZ-W bowlers had done a good job!"

Farrant to Tahuhu, OUT

punched to cover, and England have won! Fuller length, Tahuhu slid back and across, trying to open up the boundary option, but was cramped on the stroke, and Knight made no mistake!

Lea Tahuhu c Knight b Farrant 4 (6b 0x4 0x6 13m) SR: 66.66
Farrant to Jess Kerr, 1 leg bye

fired into the pads, from round the wicket, flicked into space for another single

Farrant to Tahuhu, 1 run

hauled into space on the leg side, but they settle for one as Dunkley gathers with her bullet arm

Farrant to Tahuhu, no run

fires in the yorker from round the wicket, clipped to short midwicket. The dot is applauded by the crowd

Farrant to Jess Kerr, 1 run

cross-batted wipe to wide long-on

Farrant to Jess Kerr, FOUR runs

edged past the gloves! wide on the crease, a slash past the keeper. Can't cut that off... precious runs to take the requirement into the teens

Back comes Farrant with a game to win

end of over 381 run • 1 wicket
NZ-W: 162/9CRR: 4.26 RRR: 5.25 • Need 21 from 24b
Jess Kerr1 (2b)
Lea Tahuhu3 (3b)
Charlie Dean 8-0-36-4
Sophie Ecclestone 9-1-30-1

Stunning work from Dean, tight lines, lovely flight, good composure

Dean to Jess Kerr, 1 run

opens the face on the drive, into the covers

Dean to Jess Kerr, no run

leaning forward, and pushed to the off-side

Ben: ""Eurythmics - Here Comes The Rain Again" is well known to be the song that Duckworth, Lewis and the new guy play before they open their meetings in which they discuss their 'systems'"

Dean to Kasperek, OUT

that's plumb! Charlie Dean is seizing the contest! No point in reviewing that one, much fuller, Kasperek lines up the sweep, but the ball kept coming, pinning the knee as she dropped into position, right in front of middle. Smashing middle-and-leg says HawkEye

Leigh Kasperek lbw b Dean 10 (24b 0x4 0x6 22m) SR: 41.66
Dean to Kasperek, no run

good areas, nudged into the covers

Dean to Kasperek, no run

a hack to the off side, can't connect

Dean to Kasperek, no run

leg-sided, but no wide, potentially a tickle off the glove but Jones can't gather

end of over 376 runs
NZ-W: 161/8CRR: 4.35 RRR: 4.40 • Need 22 from 30b
Lea Tahuhu3 (3b)
Leigh Kasperek10 (20b)
Sophie Ecclestone 9-1-30-1
Charlie Dean 7-0-35-3

Michael Rutter: "England lost eight overs that they could have used to bowl out New Zealand. DLS tries to account for this as well. Since it is impossible to randomly give a NZ batter out, you have to compensate by making the run rate higher." This is also true, the shorter the game, the more licence to swing for glory

Ecclestone to Tahuhu, no run

up on the toes, eased to cover, a smart stop to good acclaim from an enthused crowd

Ecclestone to Kasperek, 1 run

pressed to the on-side

Ecclestone to Kasperek, 1 wide

fired past the legs

Ecclestone to Kasperek, 2 runs

opens the face, guided out past backward point

Ecclestone to Kasperek, 2 runs

Eased out to deep cover

Ecclestone to Kasperek, no run

Solidly onto the front foot

Ecclestone to Kasperek, no run
end of over 365 runs • 1 wicket
NZ-W: 155/8CRR: 4.30 RRR: 4.66 • Need 28 from 36b
Leigh Kasperek5 (15b)
Lea Tahuhu3 (2b)
Charlie Dean 7-0-35-3
Sophie Ecclestone 8-1-24-1
Dean to Kasperek, 1 run

Nudged off the pads for the single

Match details
County Ground, New Road, Worcester
TossNew Zealand Women, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Series resultEngland Women led the 5-match series 2-0
Match numberWODI no. 1211
Match days19 September 2021 - day (50-over match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
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