Group A (D/N), Chennai, Oct 4 2011, Nokia Champions League T20
(19.4/20 ov)138/8
Trinidad & T won by 2 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)
player of the match
Kevon Cooper
Trinidad & Tobago

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Kevon Cooper is the MoM. He says: "When I went out to bat, I believed I could do it. You have to bowl slower balls and take your pace off, which I have done to the best of my ability. It's a good feeling to win the game for Trinidad & Tobago."

Daren Ganga: "It's amazing, our first two games didn't go well in the end, but Kevon Cooper has fantastically pulled off these two in the end. If we set a good foundation, it's easy, but if we keep losing wickets, it is not. Again it was a small total, and Kevon's was just the cameo we needed. Now we go and put on our yellow t-shirts and hope Chennai win."

Justin Kemp: "We had enough runs, we bowled pretty well middle ad up front, but we need to end well. We were not good enough in the field again. When it comes down to 10 an over, you can't get too funky. Pick a hole and bowl. But we couldn't execute the yorkers."

A sea of red invades the field, and they are running away with the stumps. They have knocked Cobras out, who have choked twice in two matches now. T7T will have to wait for the next match's result, but that can wait. Kevon Cooper is the man of the moment right now. He has won them two matches they had no business winning. Move over Kieron Pollard, T&T have found a new heist man. Ironically, though, Cooper has made sure his Trini compatriot Pollard and his Mumbai Indians side is safely through to the semi-finals. And what of the Cobras? Dale Steyn comes in to bowl with figures of 3-1-3-1, and in a full toss-infested over concedes 15 runs to leave T&T only nine to get in the last. Langeveldt then starts off with a wicket first ball, but he too bowls a full toss and a no-ball - in all the fifth free hit conceded by the Cobras. That's a massive massive choke. Steyn at death has lost his side two matches they had in the bank for 38 overs

Langeveldt to Cooper, 2 runs

Cooper has finished this game. He is so excited he is raising his bat even as he is finishing the first. This is pulled wide of long-on, he thinks it's going for four, but sees a diving save and then comes back for the second

Langeveldt to Narine, 1 run

slower ball, hit to long-on for one

Langeveldt to Cooper, (no ball) 1 run

All over. Langeveldt has bowled a no-ball. Can I use the word choke now? Massive no-ball. I can't believe how you can bowl those. Driven to deep cover for one

Langeveldt to Cooper, FOUR runs

Kevon Cooper is ripping into Cobras here. Langeveldt goes for a wide yorker, ends up being a low full toss, he plays with an open face, over point. Four more. Cooper, you beauty

Langeveldt to Rampaul, OUT

Another twist. The slower ball. Rampaul slog-seeps, gets a meaty top edge. Caught by Puttick at long-on, but he has brought Cooper on strike

Ravi Rampaul c sub (AG Puttick) b Langeveldt 7 (5b 1x4 0x6) SR: 140

Langeveldt to bowl. Eight runs to defend. Worried Cobras faces all around. Round the wicket he goes

end of over 1915 runs
T&T: 129/7CRR: 6.78 RRR: 9.00 • Need 9 runs from 6b
Kevon Cooper18 (8)
Ravi Rampaul7 (4)
Dale Steyn4-1-18-1
Robin Peterson4-0-30-1
Steyn to Cooper, SIX runs

Cooper you beauty. Has Steyn lost Cobras a second match in a row? The over of the devil, remember? It's a high full toss on leg, Cooper swings, Copper strikes, Cooper strikes cleanly, Cooper clears long-off. The T&T dugout on its feet

Steyn to Cooper, 2 runs

yorker on leg stump, this is dug out weakly, but high enough to lob Steyn. It goes slowly towards Gibbs at long-off and they steal the second

Steyn to Cooper, no run

full, fast, wide outside off, risky ball, because this can easily go for four over point. This time, though, he beats him with the extra pace

Steyn to Cooper, 2 runs

length ball on middle and off, sliced away wide of third man, they get two for it. This is game on

Steyn to Rampaul, 1 run

slower ball, on the pads, flicked to fine leg for one where Rory fields

Steyn to Rampaul, FOUR runs

looks for the yorker outside off, Rampaul likes the room, opens the face late, steers it wide of backward point

Two per ball now. Steyn is back to bowl the over of the devil