2nd Test, Wellington, Mar 15 - 19 2017, South Africa tour of New Zealand
268 & 171
(24.3 ov, target 81)359 & 83/2
South Africa won by 8 wickets
player of the match
Keshav Maharaj
South Africa

6.59pm South Africa were mired at 94 for 6 just before lunch on the second day. They have now sewed up the match just before stumps on the third. What a turnaround! De Kock and Bavuma (counter) punched half-centuries each, before Philander and Morne Morkel combined for a 57-run stand - the highest for the last wicket for South Africa against New Zealand in Test cricket. After earning a 91-run first-innings lead, South Africa, headed up by Maharaj's career-best 6 for 40, the second-best figures for a spinner at the Basin Reserve, skittled the hosts for 171 in their second innings, and knocked off 81 in 24.3 overs. That is all we have for you from this match. Do come back for the third Test, starting March 25. Night.

Maharaj is the Man of the Match

rickyg: "NZ also sorely missing a fit Corey Anderson at No 6 as a proven all rounder. Too many supposed allrounders only delivering with one suit at present - that said the Top 5 need to deliver the runs and aren't. Big decisions to make for Hamilton."

Neesham to Duminy, FOUR runs

South Africa wrap up the Wellington Test in three days and secure a 1-0 lead. Duminy finishes it off in style. Neesham goes short and wide outside off, hip-high ball, Duminy skips back and nails a pull over square leg

Mark: "For me these last few overs have summed up the NZ side. Neesham is bowling rubbish and getting carted while Wagner is running in with intent and still bowling his heart out even though the game is lost."

Neesham to Duminy, 2 runs

short and outside off, Duminy sits back and swats away between midwicket and mid-on for a double

Neesham to Duminy, no run

back of a length and drifting outside leg, Duminy can't put bat on ball

end of over 242 runs
SA: 77/2CRR: 3.20 
Hashim Amla38 (61)
Jean-Paul Duminy9 (13)
Neil Wagner8-2-18-1
James Neesham2-0-22-0
Wagner to Amla, no run

short and slanting away outside off, Amla has his eyes locked on the ball before swaying his upper body out of the way

Wagner to Amla, no run

head-hunting bouncer, Amla ducks out of the way

Wagner to Amla, no run

back of a length and jumps on middle, Amla quells it to leg

Wagner to Duminy, 1 run

short on leg stump, glanced to short fine leg

Wagner to Duminy, no run

back of a length and down leg, left alone

Wagner to Amla, 1 run

Amla shuffles across off and stylishly whips an off-stump ball through square leg

end of over 2310 runs
SA: 75/2CRR: 3.26 
Hashim Amla37 (57)
Jean-Paul Duminy8 (11)
James Neesham2-0-22-0
Neil Wagner7-2-16-1
Neesham to Amla, 1 run

pitched up and outside off, drilled to point, who makes a half save

Neesham to Amla, FOUR runs

half-tracker outside off, duly dispatched to the square boundary with a powerful cut

Neesham to Amla, 1 wide

proper bouncer outside off, sails through to the keeper, as Amla bails out of the hook and leaves. Wide called for height

Rigor: "Totally agree with comment re: Ryder. It is a testament to the ability of the guy that his name keeps coming up after all this time. What an amazing player. A real pity, as he can definitely make a difference. A game changer "

Neesham to Amla, no run

banged in short, angled in at off, Amla rocks his head out of the way

Neesham to Amla, no run

overpitched and outside off, Amla thumps another drive, but can't beat cover this time

Neesham to Amla, no run

back of a length, veers away outside off, Amla simply watches it through to the keeper

Neesham to Amla, FOUR runs

crrrrrrrunched! Really full and outside off, Amla shimmies out and drives it on the up through extra cover. The ball purrs away to the boundary