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15th Match, Division A, Cape Town, Mar 15 2020, Over-50s Cricket World Cup
No result
Zimbabwe Over-50s INNINGS (45 overs maximum)
John Jameson retired hurt 326-0011.53
Eddo Brandes (c)†lbw b Askew16-0016.66
Mark Burmester c Hewson b White1922-1286.36
Andrew Walton lbw b Dale2038-3052.63
Craig Evans lbw b Ronaldson05-000.00
Darrell Goodwin lbw b Dale1937-4051.35
Mike Van Staden  b Petrie1133-1033.33
Rory McWade lbw b Petrie730-0023.33
Sean Edwards c & b Hewson04-000.00
Timothy Bartlett not out 2539-3064.10
Brian Goodwin not out 2231-1170.96
Extras(b 4, lb 5, w 8)17
TOTAL(45 Ov, RR: 3.20)144/8
Dean Askew611712.83---00
Glen White932212.44---00
Richard Petrie911922.11---00
Neil Ronaldson604016.66---00
Adrian Dale501222.40---00
Stephen Hewson72911.28---00
Dean Busch301605.33---00
New Zealand Over-50s Team
Dean Askew -
Glen White -
Richard Petrie -
Neil Ronaldson -
Adrian Dale † (c)-
Stephen Hewson -
Dean Busch -
John Garry -
Andrew Hore -
David Leonard -
Andrew Nuttall -
Cape Town
TossZimbabwe Over-50s, elected to bat first
SeriesOver-50s Cricket World Cup
Hours of play (local time)10.15 start, First Session 10.15-11.45, Interval 11.45-12.05, Second Session 12.05-13.35
Match days15 March 2020 - day (45-over match)
  • Match cancelled due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak