4th ODI, Bulawayo, Jul 20 2018, Pakistan tour of Zimbabwe
(42.4/50 ov, target 400)155
Pakistan won by 244 runs
player of the match
Fakhar Zaman

Who else but Fakhar Zaman, for Man of the Match.

Another day, another meek surrender. After every game, you think it can't get worse for Zimbabwe, but they continue to defy that theory by coming up with one shock performance after another. This one will hurt them even more than the other night, perhaps, where they were rolled over for 67. First, they saw Fakhar Zaman whack Pakistan's first ODI double ton, nearly conceded 400 and then batted so poorly that just two batsmen even managed to cross 30. About intent, less said the better. Not for an over did they show any urgency to allow the bowlers to even think about altering their strategy. Not ideal preparation for Pakistan, but you can only play the opponents that are listed. This is Pakistan's second biggest win in ODIs, behind the 255-run win over Ireland in 2015.

Shadab to Ngarava, OUT

that's the end of that. Sharp turn back in from middle, he plays all around this delivery, misses a work to the on side, trapped plumb in front. This would've smashed legstump. Pakistan 4-0 up

Richard Ngarava lbw b Shadab Khan 1 (4m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 12.5
Shadab to Ngarava, no run

sharp turn back in from outside off, defended back.

Shadab to Ngarava, no run

tossed up on leg stump, padded away.

Shadab to Ngarava, no run

slider at length on off, defended back

end of over 422 runs • 1 wicket
ZIM: 155/9CRR: 3.69 • RRR: 30.63 • Need 245 runs from 48b
Richard Ngarava1 (4)
Blessing Muzarabani1 (1)
Shoaib Malik6-0-19-1
Shadab Khan8-0-28-3
Malik to Ngarava, 1 run

lunges forward and eases this to long-off.

Malik to Ngarava, no run

punches this length ball to cover.

Malik to Ngarava, no run

sharp turn as this drifts in and deviates, beaten.

Malik to Ngarava, no run

turns this length ball back to the bowler.

Malik to Muzarabani, 1 run

punches this to long-on as they jog the single.

Malik to Chisoro, OUT

top-edge and this is safely taken at long-off. Goes for a wild heave across the line, this spun away a touch and easily pouched.

Tendai Chisoro c Usman Shinwari b Shoaib Malik 1 (8m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33
end of over 415 runs • 1 wicket
ZIM: 153/8CRR: 3.73 • RRR: 27.44 • Need 247 runs from 54b
Tendai Chisoro1 (2)
Shadab Khan8-0-28-3
Shoaib Malik5-0-17-0
Shadab to Tiripano, OUT

chopped on! Shaped to cut, but this one skidded through to take the inside edge onto the stumps.

Donald Tiripano b Shadab Khan 44 (73m 71b 5x4 0x6) SR: 61.97
Shadab to Tiripano, no run

driven with the spin to cover.

Shadab to Tiripano, no run

eased with the spin to point.

Shadab to Tiripano, FOUR runs

rocks back and pulls imperiously to the midwicket fence. Too easy

Shadab to Chisoro, 1 run

flicks with the spin to deep square leg

Shadab to Chisoro, no run

fired on the stumps, defended.