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1st Test, Galle, July 16 - 20, 2022, Pakistan tour of Sri Lanka
222 & 337
(T:342) 218 & 344/6

Pakistan won by 4 wickets

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Right, folks. It's been a memorable, thrilling Test. Sri Lanka and Pakistan have continued the tradition of producing compelling cricket whenever they meet. But that's all from our coverage. The next Test starts in just four days time. Do join us for that. Until then, it's goodbye

Babar Azam: I am thankful to the tailenders Yasir Shah and Naseem Shah to have helped me in the first innings. When I was batting with Abdullah Shafique we were just trying to build a partnership. He has shown his class.

Dimuth Karunaratne: The bowlers bowled well in the first innings and we batted well in the second. 300 is a big score in the fourth innings but as a bowling unit we need to give more support to Prabath Jayasuriya. He did a great job, he's bowled really good areas. Playing hundred Tests (on Mathews' upcoming 100th Test) is a remarkable thing. We need to correct the mistakes come the second Test.

Abdullah Shafique is the player of the match: I'm quite happy that we chased the target on the last day. Plan was simple that we have to go for the runs. The pitch was difficult but as you spent more time, it got easier. When the spinners were bowling with the new ball, they were getting help.

Pakistan finally get there but not without a few scares. Those last 44 runs after lunch felt like they took forever to come - then there was the rain break with 11 needed. With that, Pakistan have chased down their second-highest target in Tests, and a record total at Galle. What a remarkable turnaround this has been for them. To think they were 112 for 8 at one stage in the first innings. But Babar Azam made that brilliant hundred and took them within touching distance of Sri Lanka's score. But the man of the moment is Abdullah Shafique. For someone so new to Test cricket, he showed the maturity of a veteran. He made his highest Test score of 160, to remain unbeaten as he took his side home. Pakistan endured a nervous period of play just before and after lunch, but Shafique made sure he held one end up. They lost three wickets in a hurry, including the crucial one of Mohammad Rizwan during that period. Prabath Jayasuriya did the bulk of the damage taking two of them. Overall, Sri Lanka just didn't create enough chances, and when they did, they didn't take them. Shafique was dropped twice this morning, once a return catch by Dhananjaya de Silva, but the easier one of them later at deep square leg by Kasun Rajitha when the game was on a knife edge with Pakistan requiring 19. Jayasuriya toiled tirelessly and picked up another four-wicket haul, but he didn't have enough support from the other spinners. So Pakistan take a one-nil lead with one Test to go. Stay tuned for the presentation.

Jayasuriya to Abdullah Shafique, FOUR runs

short outside off, gently pushed into the covers but he has timed that well enough to take it to the rope as Pakistan complete a historic win

Jayasuriya to Abdullah Shafique, no run

full outside off, goes for the sweep but misses

end of over 1276 runs
PAK: 340/6CRR: 2.67 
Mohammad Nawaz19 (34b 1x4)
Abdullah Shafique156 (406b 6x4 1x6)
Maheesh Theekshana 14-2-44-0
Prabath Jayasuriya 56-10-131-4
Theekshana to Nawaz, no run

length outside off, he goes for the slog sweep but misses

Theekshana to Nawaz, FOUR runs

length and down the leg side, Nawaz helps it along fine on the leg side and finds the boundary. Pakistan are almost there

Theekshana to Nawaz, no run

full on middle, defended

Theekshana to Nawaz, no run

length on off, defended

Theekshana to Abdullah Shafique, 1 run

length outside off, pushed into the off side for one

Theekshana to Nawaz, 1 run

full on the pads, nudged leg side for one

end of over 1263 runs
PAK: 334/6CRR: 2.65 
Mohammad Nawaz14 (29b)
Abdullah Shafique155 (405b 6x4 1x6)
Prabath Jayasuriya 56-10-131-4
Dhananjaya de Silva 15-1-33-1
Jayasuriya to Nawaz, 1 run

length outside off, pushed square on the off side for one

Jayasuriya to Nawaz, no run

length outside off, gets outside the line and kicks it away

Jayasuriya to Nawaz, no run

full outside off, defended

Jayasuriya to Nawaz, no run

full on off, pushed back to the bowler

Jayasuriya to Abdullah Shafique, 1 run

full outside off, opens the face and runs it towards point. Under 10 needed now

Jayasuriya to Nawaz, 1 run

length on middle, tucked away through midwicket

Prabath Jayasuriya with the ball

UmairJamilAhmad: "Pakistan has an ugly history of losing the plot in tense chases and rain interruptions are seldom forgiving. Lets hope AbdShf and MhdNwz can help the team cross the line. I'd be doomed if we end up seeing a hattrick after rain and Pakistan loses a close one."

end of over 1253 runs
PAK: 331/6CRR: 2.64 
Abdullah Shafique154 (404b 6x4 1x6)
Mohammad Nawaz12 (24b)
Dhananjaya de Silva 15-1-33-1
Prabath Jayasuriya 55-10-128-4
Dhananjaya to Abdullah Shafique, no run

length on the pads, nudged to leg gully

Dhananjaya to Abdullah Shafique, no run

length on the pads, defended to short-leg

The players are back on the field. And we're about to get underway.

Ahsan R: "Why should Pakistani fans be tense at the moment? They've already outplayed themselves. They've scored the highest ever 4th innings total, they've shown that they are young but talented, they've shown that if Babar somehow fails somewhere, they can still take the game onwards… they have a lot to take out of this game even if (God forbid) they dont win from here"

Adnan Kauser: "@umer as a Pakistani fan we are not tensed at all now we are just busy with praying that please clear the weather so that we can win this match easily :)"

Muhammad Moeem: "I think this break should help Pakistan. They were starting to get a bit wobbly and the nerves got the best of Abdullah when he skied it into the air. Now having sat in the dressing room they'll realise how close they are with 11 to get and 4 wickets in hand. Just need to provide the finishing touches."

Fahad: "Abdullah hit 4 fours before reaching 50. Since then, he has hit only 2 fours and 1 six for next 100 runs. Talk about discipline, stamina and focus. This is test cricket !!"

Umar: "The deafening silence in comments section shows how everybody is tensed at the moment especially the pakistani fan"

Akbar Khan : "I think the only reason SL is going to lose this test match is because of their defensive mindset. I've seen 5 guys on the boundary most part of the innings. A clear indication is a batter scoring 150 with only 7 boundaries shows how easy it has been taking singles throughout the innings. "

Nasser: "Dropping catches in crucial stages of a game is the norm in Asia. As players from the sub continent will never reach the fielding excellence you see from western countries and Australia. "

Which team will this break in play help? My guess is Sri Lanka as Pakistan would be quite eager to get this over with. The momentum, too, was with Pakistan as they got the last few runs quickly.

Update from Andrew Fidel Fernando: Think the weather has eased enough for covers to come back off. It's about 90% covered, so will take at least 20 mins, and it's looking a little clearer from the direction the weather is coming from.

John: "Sri Lanka could have been in a much stronger position if they didn't keep dropping catches. In fact it could be the deciding factor in determining the result. One wonders how seriously fielding skills are taken and whether stats are kept when putting together a team. Doesn't matter how good your bowlers are of what field you set if players can't take the catch."

Bit of an anti-climax. It's started to rain and the covers are coming on with 11 needed by Pakistan.

Dhananjaya to Nawaz, 1 run

short outside off, cut away to deep cover

Dhananjaya to Nawaz, no run

length on middle and leg, skids on and taken the thigh pad

Dhananjaya to Abdullah Shafique, 1 run

length on the pads, nudged into the leg side for one

Dhananjaya to Nawaz, 1 run

length on the pads, nudged into the leg side for one

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