4th ODI (D/N), Gwalior, Nov 15 2007, Pakistan tour of India
(46.3/50 ov, target 256)260/4
India won by 6 wickets (with 21 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
97 (102)

It was Tendulkar's night at Gwalior. Exactly 18 years after making his debut on November 15, 1989, he lit up the arena with a stunning array of strokes and propelled India towards the series win. He drove, cut, whipped, walked down the track and moved outside leg stump and enjoyed himself in the middle. By the time he exited, for the sixth time this year on nineties, the game was sealed.

Malik: It [the loss] hurts but we are professional and we have to live with it.

Man of the Match Yeah, its him. Sachin Tendulkar.

"I think the most satisfying thing is we have won the match and the series. It [getting out in 90s] doesn't really matter. What matters and counts for me is winning for India.

"I thought that when the ball was coming on to the bat initially, it was important to stay there. We acheived it and I am glad to have contributed."

On Yuvraj and Dhoni: "They have played consistently in the series; today too they were very good.."

Dhoni: "It was a good team effort. The bowlers too bowled really well." They got a good start but in the end the bowlers bowled well, to the field." He praises Yuvraj for his contribution in the series and thanks the crowd for their support.

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Salman Butt to Dhoni, SIX runs

Dhoni has had enough of these singles and murders one over long-on to bring up the series victory. Dhoni walks across, shakes hand with Yuvraj, then collects one stump before shaking hands with Afridi who walks over to him. Jason chimes in: "It has taken 24 years for India to win a home series versus Pakistan." The last one was achieved on October 2 1983.

Salman Butt to Yuvraj, 1 run

on the pads, tucked to fine leg

Salman Butt to Yuvraj, no run

on the stumps, tapped to midwicket

end of over 463 runs
INDIA: 253/4CRR: 5.50 RRR: 0.75
Yuvraj Singh52 (63)
MS Dhoni39 (44)
Shahid Afridi 10-0-67-0
Salman Butt 1-0-9-0
Afridi to Yuvraj, 1 run

retains the strike with a push to cover point

Afridi to Yuvraj, no run

Yuvraj continues to tease the crowd; just leans forward to turn it to midwicket

Afridi to Yuvraj, no run

on the stumps, pushed back to the bowler

Afridi to Yuvraj, no run
Afridi to Dhoni, 1 run

drives to sweeper cover for another single

Afridi to Yuvraj, 1 run

leans forward to drive to long-on

end of over 459 runs
INDIA: 250/4CRR: 5.55 RRR: 1.20
MS Dhoni38 (43)
Yuvraj Singh50 (58)
Salman Butt 1-0-9-0
Shahid Afridi 9-0-64-0
Salman Butt to Dhoni, no run

goes down the track, too early and Salman sends it just outside leg stump, Dhoni arrests his forward movement and drags back his back foot in. Meanwhile, the ball runs off the pad

Salman Butt to Yuvraj, 1 run

floated on the off stump, driven to long-off and that brings up his fifty.

Salman Butt to Dhoni, 1 run

fullish, just outside off stump, driven to sweeper cover

Salman Butt to Yuvraj, 1 run

on the legs, Yuvraj tickles it behind square leg for a single. Over to you, Dhoni

Salman Butt to Yuvraj, no run

fuller, on the stumps, defended on the front foot

Salman Butt to Yuvraj, SIX runs

Yuvraj hastens the end with a pull over deep midwicket. A long hop from Salman, who is bowling off spin, is pulled over the boundary