2nd Test, Wellington, Feb 16 - 20 1994, Pakistan tour of New Zealand
(95.2 ov)175 & 361
Pakistan won by an innings and 12 runs
player of the match
Wasim Akram
New Zealand 1st INNINGS
Bryan Young lbw b Wasim Akram042000.00
Blair Pocock  b Ata-ur-Rehman16731011021.91
Andrew Jones lbw b Ata-ur-Rehman431261674034.12
Ken Rutherford (c)c Akram Raza b Ata-ur-Rehman714211050.00
Mark Greatbatch c †Rashid Latif b Waqar Younis4556946180.35
Shane Thomson  b Wasim Akram739621017.94
Tony Blain c Saeed Anwar b Waqar Younis823392034.78
Matthew Hart not out 1243660027.90
Danny Morrison c †Rashid Latif b Wasim Akram59190055.55
Simon Doull c Basit Ali b Waqar Younis17121530141.66
Richard de Groen  b Wasim Akram4851050.00
Extras(lb 7, nb 4)11
TOTAL(67 Ov, RR: 2.61)175
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Bryan Young), 2-40 (Blair Pocock), 3-49 (Ken Rutherford), 4-100 (Andrew Jones), 5-126 (Mark Greatbatch), 6-128 (Shane Thomson), 7-140 (Tony Blain), 8-149 (Danny Morrison), 9-170 (Simon Doull), 10-175 (Richard de Groen)
Wasim Akram24106042.50---00
Waqar Younis2255132.31---00
Akram Raza64701.16---00
Pakistan 1st INNINGS
Saeed Anwar run out 16924830727068.14
Aamer Sohail lbw b Morrison22747007.40
Akram Raza c †Blain b Morrison0914000.00
Basit Ali  b Thomson8515420913055.19
Saleem Malik (c)c & b Hart14020028520070.00
Inzamam-ul-Haq not out 13519525119169.23
Extras(b 5, lb 6, nb 6)17
TOTAL(137.2 Ov, RR: 3.99)548/5d
Fall of wickets: 1-34 (Aamer Sohail), 2-36 (Akram Raza), 3-233 (Basit Ali), 4-290 (Saeed Anwar), 5-548 (Saleem Malik)
Danny Morrison31413924.48---00
Richard de Groen31810403.35---00
Simon Doull27611204.14---00
Matthew Hart31.2910213.25---00
Shane Thomson1738014.70---00
New Zealand 2nd INNINGS
Blair Pocock  b Waqar Younis067000.00
Bryan Young  b Wasim Akram48130050.00
Andrew Jones  b Wasim Akram7615422410049.35
Ken Rutherford (c)c Akram Raza b Ata-ur-Rehman639711911064.94
Mark Greatbatch c †Rashid Latif b Wasim Akram1018292055.55
Shane Thomson c Ata-ur-Rehman b Wasim Akram4768796069.11
Tony Blain c Basit Ali b Wasim Akram789915413178.78
Matthew Hart  b Wasim Akram720341035.00
Simon Doull c Saleem Malik b Wasim Akram1540462037.50
Danny Morrison lbw b Waqar Younis4267765062.68
Richard de Groen not out 16140016.66
Extras(b 1, lb 5, nb 12)18
TOTAL(95.2 Ov, RR: 3.78)361
Fall of wickets: 1-3 (Blair Pocock), 2-6 (Bryan Young), 3-120 (Ken Rutherford), 4-143 (Mark Greatbatch), 5-209 (Andrew Jones), 6-216 (Shane Thomson), 7-244 (Matthew Hart), 8-276 (Simon Doull), 9-350 (Tony Blain), 10-361 (Danny Morrison)
Wasim Akram37711973.21---010
Waqar Younis25.2411124.38---00
Akram Raza1242502.08---00
Aamer Sohail10101.00---00
Saleem Malik201306.50---00
Basin Reserve, Wellington
TossNew Zealand, elected to bat first
SeriesPakistan tour of New Zealand
Player Of The Match
Wasim Akram
Wasim Akram
Series resultPakistan led the 3-match series 2-0
Match numberTest no. 1249
Match daysday(5-day match)
Test debut
Matthew Hart
Matthew Hart
New Zealand Image
Brian Aldridge
England Image
Dickie Bird
TV Umpire
New Zealand Image
Evan Watkin
Match Referee
England Image
Raman Subba Row
Thu, 17 Feb - day 1 -Pakistan 1st innings 35/1 (Saeed Anwar 30*, Akram Raza 0*, null ov)
Fri, 18 Feb - day 2 -Pakistan 1st innings 398/4 (Saleem Malik 62*, Inzamam-ul-Haq 63*, null ov)
Sat, 19 Feb - day 3 -New Zealand 2nd innings 189/4 (Andrew Jones 66*, Shane Thomson 37*, null ov)
Sun, 20 Feb - day 4 -New Zealand 2nd innings 361/10 (95.2 ov) - end of match
  • NZ 1st inn:
  • Jones' 43 in 168 min., Greatbatch's 45 in 56 balls
  • Pak 1st inn:
  • Saeed Anwar's maiden Test century.
  • NZ 2nd inn:
  • Wasim Akram's best bowling figures
  • This was the last Test for Wellington groundsman Wes Armstrong after a 22 years career. It was also the 1st Test he witnessed NZ lose at this ground