2nd ODI (D/N), Napier, Jan 28 2016, Pakistan tour of New Zealand
Match abandoned without a ball bowled

6.25 pm Well, that's it. After a series of inspections the umpires have decided to call off the game because the outfield is simply too wet for play. New Zealand still lead the series 1-0 going into the final ODI in Auckland.

Ahsan Butt: "George, thanks for keeping the commentary alive anyway." Cheers Ahsan, and thank you all for all the emails today. And thank you for reading. See you Sunday.

5.40 pm There's still a lot water on the outfield, and there are covers on the pitch and the run-ups, but the groundstaff seem to be beginning to remove them. I think there's too much water on the field, to be honest, but we'll see. Player safety has to be absolute priority. Another inspection at 6.20 pm, and the cut-off for a 20-over game is 7.19 pm. Either way, I suspect that will be the final inspection.

Arslan: "Leopard claims a victim? Claim as in got his wicket or ate him?" Well if I have to spell it out ...

Ash: "I think Azhar is a good batsman, but not a great captain. He lacks killer instincts. Last one dayer New Zealand should have never gotten to a score they did, when they were 6 down for. 100 odd runs. He should have brought on Amir and Irfan to finish up."

Bilal Hashmi: "Can someone call the ground staff from Sri Lanka? They can make ground ready within half an hour."

Abdul: "I think the bowlers are gonna like these conditions: overcast sky, along with some wind, and a fairly damp outfield and moist pitch. "

Tim: "I feel that ODIs should not be shortened beyond 40 overs per side and still count as an ODI. Between 21 and 40 overs per side, it should count as an "exhibition" ODI, and not count towards the series - but count towards ODI stats, and rankings. If it gets down to the minimum 20 overs per side, it should count as a one off exhibition T20, counting only towards T20 stats and rankings, but not towards any series. "

5.25 pm Under-19 World Cup update. Ireland v India - Ireland doing really well, Pakistan v Afghanistan - Pakistan bowlers in control, Canada v Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka going smoothly, and New Zealand v Nepal - Leopard claims a victim.

AJ: "A 1 over match? Justin Green would declare." But then he could only tie.

Asfandyar: "No, even if JG declared first ball, he wouldn't tie. He has a magic delivery that actually subtracts runs." Massive applause.

Omer: "why no one ever made a movie on Javed Miandad last ball six ???"

5.05 pm Haseeb: "I'd say maybe Azhar should take a step back for this one if we play? Let some more aggressive batsmen open?"

Saad: "I agree with Faizan, Azhar Ali is a solid player and a good choice fot T20 Worldcup. he has shown his hitting skills in last ODI against Srilanka and can also prevent sudden as well as habitual collapse of Pakistani top order in T20"

David: "Weather radar at http://metservice.com/maps-radar/rain-radar/gisborne-hawkes-bay starting to look more promising, rain bands from ex TC Victor are now pulling away. Just a matter of how much drizzle is around (which might not show on radar), how wet the ground is, and will it dry in time."

Neil: "Leopard pounces on the ball.....leopard goes for the throat with a short pitched delivery."

Irfan: "Sarfaraz has to open!! We have to stop wasting his talent by chucking him with the tail enders."

Heno: "It's my understanding that Justin Green played at the Basin on Saturday in the guise of Mitch McClenaghan. As soon as he felt the game was back in control, he pretended to retire injured so Pakistan still had a chance. Good sportsmanship."

Cheema: "Hahhaha i fear if Azhar will play regularly for Lahore Qalandars and you guys are talking to take him to India :p"

Dickson: "@TPain, I'll see your Hairy Jav song and raise you the Corey Anderson Song!! http://www.hauraki.co.nz/video/random-funny/young-blackcaps-fan-sings-corey-corey-corey-corey-corey-corey-anderson-song/"

4.45 pm Sorry this is late, but the news is improving in Napier. The rain has stopped and there will be another inspection at 5.30 pm. We might be able to squeeze in a 20-over game. Apparently the cut-off time is around 7.15pm.

Neil: "The current bowler for New Zealand in that under 19 game is called Christian Leopard. Now that name is a commentators dream, imagine the puns!"

Ahsan Butt: "A T20 without Afridi would be quite interesting to watch."

Faiz: "I say we have a one over match. Pakistan and New Zealand vs. Justin Green. We all know there can only be one winner..."

Haris: "If it is a t20 can Pakistan allowed to drop Azhar Ali and call back Shahid Afridi to skipper just for the sake of the game?" Even JG might not be able to make it from Pakistan to Napier that quickly.

Mohammad: "A T20 match with these current ODI teams would be one-sided, New Zealand's current team is basically their T20 one and Pakistan's current team... it speaks for itself"

Adam: "You should see Christian Leopard dance! Contrary to what most people would think, he's got the moves like Jaguar."

Faizan Butt: "I know I am going to be hated by almost the whole of pakistan, but I actually believe azhar ali can adjust well to the t20 format and should be our regular opener in that format. If this game turns into a T20, this would be the perfect opportunity for him to prove his T20 appetite. "

Sebastian: "Oh, but you see, JG is in both places at once!"

Aazar: "Faizan, I think he would do well in building an innings, but that takes time, and in such a short format, the overs go by very fast. If he doesn't get off to a flying start, he doesn't have the slogging ability some of our T20 players have to increase the tempo in a short time."

Ben: "For the record, despite what that bizarre fan page about Justin Green says, he made his debut (on Cricinfo) in the second innings on the second test of NZ vs Pakistan on Dec 3-6, 2009."

4.10 pm While it continues to be wet in Napier, today's action from the Under-19 World Cup has begun. Ball-by-ball coverage for Ireland v India, Pakistan v Afghanistan, Canada v Sri Lanka and New Zealand v Nepal.

Scott: "I am at work right now, but does anyone know if that match is on NZ TV? Need to know if I head to the Pub after work or home to support our up and coming cricketers?"

TPain: "Seeing its raining I believe a rendition is on order. All together now: 'There's only one, Hairy Javelin...'"

4.00 pm The next inspection is in 30 minutes but I'm not optimistic about good news.

Alex: "wow Munro was batting at 10... he probably realized that he could hit the ball towards Justin Green..."

3.35 pm The umpires have inspected the conditions in Napier, where the outfield looks quite wet. I'll have news for you shortly ... and here it is: There will be another inspection at 4.30 pm.

Bruce: "I wish people would stop saying that every time an ODI is scheduled for Napier it rains. Statistics don't back that up. Cricinfo shows McLean Park has been the venue for 42 scheduled one-day internationals since the ground's first in 1983, with only six disrupted by rain in Napier - four in March and two in the last few days of December. By comparison, five of the last 12 ODI matches scheduled at Eden Park Auckland in the last six years have been disrupted by rain."

Neil: "Interesting having a look at the scorecard of the Nepal vs NZ under 19 match that Prashant linked to. There are plenty of good current domestic players and fringe black caps in there including Todd Astle, Hamish Bennett and Colin Munro. Strange that Munro was playing as a bowler and batting at number 10. It must have been before he realised that he could hit the ball out of the stratosphere."

Yashas: "Can't Justin Green just blow the clouds away from Napier?"

Bazza: "Justin Green? JUST INtellegent & GREat ENtertainer"

Phil Grey: "The weather is looking a bit brighter now so here hoping we can get some action today. We have had some classic rain shortened matches in the Bay in the past. 1992 Cricket World cup was a classic when MD Crowe hit 74* of 43 balls. On that note, Rod Latham bowled very well that day with bowling attributes similar to Grant Elliot."

3.10 pm Umar: "We used to play "maram-pitti" in Pakistan in rain, that's hitting each other with a taped tennis ball as hard as you can, how can these guys can't play cricket with so much protection in rain...?" Was that a fun game, maram-pitti? I've played Kings, where you have to hit people below the knee with a tennis ball. That wasn't painful at all unless people got angry and aimed higher.

Jakob : "Good to see that McCullum is back in the squad where has he been lately can someone please tell me." Nathan?

Arslan: "We used to play different version of King where you have to kick a person below the knee. Is that the same thing?" Certainly not. My version improved aim tremendously, trying to hit a pair of moving legs below the knee. Stumps were child's play after that.

CS Manish: "Blasphemy! Justin Green did not burnout! He simply collected an NOC from the Kiwi board to represent Earth in the MCL (Mars Cricket League). Much like Sparta, Planet Earth sent just one person to represent it. Naturally, the obvious choice was Justin. "

Prashant : "Justin Green Playing? Then the Minimum total Pakistan will face if there's atleast 22 overs .. 22*6*6 + Extras = ?"

Jakob : "Nah Brendon he hasn't played in the last couple of matches." Brendon will be back for the third ODI if his recovery goes as planned.

Dickson: "@Jakob, he has been taking mentoring from Justin Green, who was a better orator than the great Christopher Hitchens, in prep for his spirit of cricket lecture. He learned so much that he has had to re-learn cricket. Justin Green has since allowed Napier to rain so that Baz has a little more time to re-learn his approach to the game."

Nab: "Oh, yes the grand maram-pitti. The ball definitely stung like a bee given when a couple of us guys could throw 85+mph but was so much fun."

LNR: "Mccallum re-injured his back in a T20 against Sri Lanka trying to save a boundary. At best would have saved two runs now has missed 6, 7, 8 more? games. Enthusiasm and commitment is great but was it worth it? "

Praneeth: "We used to play a similar but no particular name for it. Two teams - One team tries to get the other team out by hitting them below their hip using a tennis ball. But they can defend using a bat. They players who get out can defend their team mates using their full body." That sounds truly bizarre.

Darryl: "The Hawkes Bay farmers just love it when an International ODI is scheduled for Napier....it is almost guaranteed to rain."

Prashant : "Our version of kings the running person could only hold the ball with slipper in his hands or with his fists in take. Btw could you tell how many comments are there till now asking who justin green is? Justin green hailed from NewZealand & mostly appears in a EspnCricinfo Commentary of a NZ match when it seems no match is possible. He makes it happen " The Entertainment." He is the hero a rainy day needs ...

Brad: "Umar, when it rains in NZ we usually play Rugby. That's why the season is ten months long and starts in summer."

Mustafa: "Another game like "Maram Pitti" is "Pitto Garam". In which one tem have to build 7-stones building without been hit by a ball. "

Dickson: "They say that the rules of the game were changed so that even if both batsmen are run out at each end, only one is out for that ball. This was because administrators wanted an innings to last more than one over, as Justin Green had a habit of throwing down the stumps at both ends and always running out both batsmen."

2.45 pm We are 45 minutes away from that scheduled inspection but the forecast is not good.

Prashant: "How is NZ U-19 side this time? We Nepalese have lots of hope from our boys. We still remember that match when Nepal won against mighty NZ side featuring Guptill and Southee http://www.espncricinfo.com/u19-worldcup/engine/current/match/237744.html"

Ben: "There is heaps on the internet regarding Justin Green. For example: https://whoisjustingreen.wordpress.com/" Oh wow, I had not seen that before.

muhib Ali: "I don't want to see a 20 over contest because nz opener is Guptill and ours is Azhar Ali. I want 40-overs contest, our players might play full 40 overs."

2.30 pm Still raining in Napier. There's supposed to be an inspection at 3.30 pm.

Khaqan Khan: "ESPNcricinfo, your preview said yesterday that the weather will ease in the afternoon and now everything suggests that it won't." Apologies, but if we could predict the weather perfectly, imagine what else we could do.

Shahrukh: "Oh these international cricketers are such divas. In Pakistan I have played cricket matches during thunderstorms in near darkness (and the captain never accepted that as an excuse for dropped catches) And believe me, stakes are higher in street cricket." Pride, honour, glory - we've been there.

Kashif: "On which sports channel this match is being telecast in India." No one is showing it. Poverty in an era of plenty (of TV channels).

Sammy McCool: "@Goat Maclean Park has proven to be a happy hunting ground for the Black Caps. Welcome to the jungle could be an appropriate song for local cult hero Doug Bracewell. I must admit my black jeans are a little wet from the walk up to the ground."

Matt: "Mohammad....Justin Green is one of those never in anyone's lifetime characters, was also pretty good at lawn bowls. True great in anything he wanted to do. Unfortunately we never saw how good he could have really been...."

Imran: "I remember when i didn't show up for a match (Street cricket) on a rainy day the captain wasn't talking to me at all and didn't let me play in next couple matches. Ahhh ... those old golden Street Cricket Days!!!"

Khaqan Khan: "Commentator, tell me honestly that when you sleep at night after a full match, your fingers hurt or not because you've typed so much and so fast?" A hand massage works wonders. A washout is an easy - but undesirable - gig.

2.15 pm

DanSyed: "Need to get plastic or fiber bats, to make cricket suitable for rainy weather. ICC needs to work here else the global warming and weather changes may make cricket a game of the past - God forbid." I've occasionally wondered what impact the proliferation of modern bats - ones that hit the ball a mile but break easily - has had on willow stocks and the environment.

Mohammad: "Who is this Justin Green? I tried looking him up but couldn't find anything." Like the ghost who walks, though there's plenty of literature on that.

Khaqan Khan: "You had lost your commentary posts and i was again and again checking my internet connection because whenever i updated, the commentary page would be empty. Its okay, it can happen. I would have not signed off, I love ESPNcricinfo." And we appreciate it immensely.

Chris: "Hows that for optimisim then eh? 'We'll come back in two hours for an inspection'. What happens if it suddenly becomes blaring hot and the pitch dries up (I know it wont, but), do the umpires have to abide by their two hours?" Probably not, unless they are all at one of Hawkes Bay's vineyards.

2.10 pm New Zealand Under-19s begin their World Cup campaign against Nepal Under-19s today. You can follow that game here. It begins in just under two hours.

Dickson: "Cult followings like the Phantom's are part of the kiwi tradition. Much like Justin Green. Had he opened the batting today, NZ would set a target of 750. Mark my words." Those were good times, before he faded away because of burnout.

Aqdas: "What a bad day start without cricket even if you specially woke up for cricket. Rain on one side PakvsNZ and wet ground at other HKvsSCOT. Yawnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!"

2 pm Right, I'm not quite sure how that happened, but I lost all my previous commentary posts. A disastrous copy-paste error? Maybe, but I don't remember doing it!. The update from Napier is that it is raining at the moment, and it has been raining for a while. The umpires will inspect the ground at 3.30 pm, weather permitting.

And then they all miraculously came back. Curiouser and curiouser. Bear with us if this happens again, I haven't abandoned you.

William: "I live in Napier and can tell you that the only time it rains here is when they schedule a cricket match!!!" Now they know what to do if there is ever a drought in the city.

Nick: "On my way to the ground and the weather looks fine?? Not sure what the concern is! Looking forward to a great day of play."

Nick: "Woops... Just got to Eden Park and realised today's game is actually in Napier!! Weather is fine in Auckland for what it's worth, but I can't speak for Napier..."

1.40 pm Burg: "Is it time to start building cricket stadiums with roof coverings???" With these modern bats, how high will they need it to be?

Greg: "Matt Henry to open and set a target of 500?" Is this the beginning of a Henry cult? Like the Phantom had. I can't believe how New Zealand keep dropping him. Most international sides would give an arm for Matt Henry at the moment.

Here's a cool video on Mike Hesson explaining the New Zealand team culture.

The Goat: "Ken Ring (the moon weather man) has predicted a 98% chance of further rain this afternoon in Napier. I dont fancy the chances of completing a game today. Maybe the ground announcer could include the song "Why does it always rain on me?" in his repertoire today....." They are sharp with the choice of music they play at the grounds in New Zealand, aren't they?

Scott: "The match against the West Indies was abandoned last time due to the wet outfield in front of the stand, that was on a Sunny day, Napier has had ran all day yesterday and this morning I believe, even if they can clear the rest of the outfield, that patch in front of the stand will be deemed unsafe, 99% sure that there will be no play today due to that portion of the field."

sheeraz: "Why dont we have a reserve day for all cricket matches?" Because that would be terrible for the planning of our cricket coverage at ESPNcricinfo!

1.20 pm Good afternoon, and welcome to ESPNcricinfo's ball-by-ball coverage of the second ODI between New Zealand and Pakistan in Napier. The hosts lead the series 1-0 after that thumping come-from-behind victory at Basin Reserve.

I'm afraid there's a bit of rain around in Napier, and more is forecast for the day. Parts of the ground have puddles on them, and it's said to have raining since morning.

Jack: "Sorry to break it to you but there is more of a chance of winning lotto, than to have play today in Napier."

Ali Wazir: "Can't help but think that the rain may not be such a bad thing for my mood. Don't really want to see another won game lost!!! "

Praneeth: "It's 6.00 am here in Sri lanka. Managed to get up to watch the match, and now it's raining :/" Surely the extra sleep on offer isn't a bad thing!

Marlon: "It is 1:30 am here in italy is there really no chance of watching a match?? If there isn't any i should have some sleep!" There's going to be an inspection in a couple of hours - around 3.30 pm if the rain eases - so set your alarm.