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2nd ODI, Johannesburg, April 04, 2021, Pakistan tour of South Africa
(50 ov, T:342) 324/9

South Africa won by 17 runs

Player Of The Match
193 (155)
Full commentary
end of over 5013 runs • 1 wicket
PAK: 324/9CRR: 6.48 
Mohammad Hasnain12 (5)
Haris Rauf1 (5)
Lungi Ngidi 9-0-66-1
Andile Phehlukwayo 10-0-67-2

Well, that's all from us at ESPNcricinfo. An incredible day of cricket - one for everyone to remember. We'll see you in the series finale after a day's break tomorrow. See you then. But before we go, a thank you on behalf of Binoy George, Ranjith P, Shashank Kishore and myself Sreshth Shah for joining us today.

Fakhar Zaman is the Man of the Match for his 193 - a rare award for someone in the losing team. "Feels great but you know it would be much better if we won the game. Tried my level best, but good thing was that we fought till the end...that was the good thing. I was talking to every guy at the crease that if you take 15-20 balls, the wicket is good. But it wasn't easy for newcomers. One side boundary was short, and that was my plan - to target it. I was just waiting for the message, looking for partnership, but that wasn't in our hands. When the run-rate was going over 11, I was just hitting. I was trying, but you know, it's a funny game. Good thing for us was we got close. I can't say if it's my best innings. I enjoyed it, but if we had won I would've said this is my best. But since we didn't, I can't say that."

Babar Azam "Fakhar's innings was one of the best I've seen. Fantastic, unfortunate he couldn't finish it. Till Fakhar was playing, I had hope. I think if he had a few other batsmen stood by with him, we would've won. Fakhar was doing all alone. The mistakes we have done, we will try to fix them next game."

Temba Bavuma "Super happy. That's what we came here to do - knew we had to win to stay in the series. The innings he played, probably the best I have come across. The bowlers were trying to be clear. Unfortunately, everything he was trying came off. Credit to him. There's an opportunity for us as a fielding team to dissect what happened in that period and what areas we can improve on. I was thinking about taking wickets when they were seven down, that's why we got Shamsi in, but got to give him credit when it's due. In terms of our batting, I felt batting was tough up front when I came in. In the morning, there is something for the bowlers. When I came in with Quinny, it was about building a partnership and inject some momentum. Allowed one of our first three batsmen play deep allowed Rassie and David to play their cameos. We'll be trying to clear our minds and rest our bodies before the final game. Two games with one day's rest isn't easy. Make sure when we come back for the next ODI, we want to cover our bases. There's that dynamic also, that our IPL boys are going to represent us there, so we'll have some discussions between the coach and the selectors. And hopefully the guys who come in are mentally ready to do it for the team."

Stick around for the presentation.

6.13pm Another cracking ODI, just like the first one. Although Fakhar Zaman did his best to pull off the impossible, it was the three-wicket haul at the top from Anrich Nortje that set up South Africa's win after they scored 341. Don't forget the blistering half-century from David Miller, the cameo from Rassie van der Dussen and the two anchoring knocks from Quinton de Kock and Temba Bavuma. It's also Bavuma's first win as ODI captain.

Stat alert: Highest % of team's tally in a completed ODI innings for Pakistan:

59.57 - Fakhar Zaman (193 out of 324/9)

59.32 - Saeed Anwar (194 out of 327/5)

Sanad Kheshgi: "Clapping from South african dressing room for fakhar show that it is the game of gentlemen. Great stuff!"

Koustav: "Why did Hasnain not come at number 9? He can clobber them at will"

Ngidi to Mohammad Hasnain, FOUR runs

And South Africa win by 17 runs although Hasnain cuts this over point for four. The series is tied 1-1.

Arun: "22 off 1 ball... SA is happy this time"

Ngidi to Mohammad Hasnain, FOUR runs

good length, on middle. Drags a shot over deep midwicket, where the fielder was too inside! If he was on the boundary that was out

Ngidi to Mohammad Hasnain, no run

full outside off stump. Misses the slog

Ngidi to Mohammad Hasnain, no run

slower ball, full outside off stump. Goes for a wild swing, and misses

Kapil Baldawa: "Only if 2 players, Shadab and Asif Ali had played sensibly and shown some intent, Pakistan might have pulled it off easily. Just can't see how Asif Ali gets games for Pakistan. Haider Ali and Sarfaraz have to play for Aziz n Asif Ali"

Ngidi to Mohammad Hasnain, FOUR runs

full, on off. Backs away, and clobbers it inside out over cover! Stylish.

Ngidi to Zaman, 1 run, OUT

oh dear! Fakhar has been run out! How anti-climactic, this is a direct hit from long off! Drilled this to the fielder on the boundary, and Fakhar thought the throw was going to the bowler's end. But the throw was at the keeper's...and Fakhar is caught napping! The way he was playing, probably apt that no bowler can claim Fakhar's wicket today. Both teams applauding him for the effort. Smart work from de Kock too, who "faked" a bit by pointing at the bowler as if the ball was going to him. That made Fakhar slow down in his second run while the throw was coming to the keeper!

Fakhar Zaman run out (Markram) 193 (224m 155b 18x4 10x6) SR: 124.51

Ngidi to bowl the final over. Pakistan need 30 to force a Super Over, 31 to win. But Fakhar needs eight for a double ton!

end of over 497 runs
PAK: 311/8CRR: 6.34 RRR: 31.00
Haris Rauf1 (5)
Fakhar Zaman192 (154)
Andile Phehlukwayo 10-0-67-2
Anrich Nortje 10-1-63-3
Phehlukwayo to Haris Rauf, no run

good length, on middle. Tries to slog leg side. No connection.

Phehlukwayo to Zaman, 1 run

full and wide outside off. Slapped to deep extra cover. Only one this time though

Phehlukwayo to Zaman, 2 runs

full, outside off. Slapped inside out to wide long off. Poor throw, allows him to take two. Into the 190s

Phehlukwayo to Zaman, no run

full outside off. Tried to send this to Sandton, that's how hard he swung the bat. Misses

Phehlukwayo pulls out on his delivery stride.

Phehlukwayo to Zaman, no run

slower ball, full toss wide outside off. Awkward bounce, hits de Kock on the finger, and rolls away. But they don't steal a bye

Phehlukwayo to Zaman, FOUR runs

good length, just outside off, and flat-batted over the bowler! Highest score in an ODI chase! Beats Watson's 185* against Bangladesh

end of over 4813 runs
PAK: 304/8CRR: 6.33 RRR: 19.00
Haris Rauf1 (4)
Fakhar Zaman185 (149)
Anrich Nortje 10-1-63-3
Andile Phehlukwayo 9-0-60-2

DWolfman: "Looks like RSA got away with five penalty runs on the dropped catch. The floppy hat fell off of Bavuma and the ball then hit the hat. Both teams with a let off. "

Nortje to Haris Rauf, no run

full, just outside off. Backs away to play a late cut. No connection. Nortje finishes with 3/63

Nortje to Zaman, 1 run

full outside leg again. Wants to muscle it to deep midwicket but another leading edge to deep extra cover

Faisal Hanif: "I want Fakhars double hundred. A passionate Pakistani doctor writing, while preparing for Covid duty."

Nortje to Zaman, FOUR runs

full, outside leg. And he absolutely hammers a flick to the gap between deep midwicket and deep backward square leg. Team 300

Nortje to Zaman, FOUR runs

full on middle and leg. Tries to flick to deep midwicket, but a leading edge takes it over short third man instead!

This is the highest score at the Wanderers, going past the legendary 175 scored by Gibbs in the 434/438 game

Nortje to Zaman, 2 leg byes

full outside leg stump. Misses the flick. Hits the pad. And he gets two leg byes

Nortje to Zaman, 2 runs

full toss, on leg stump. Drilled to deep midwicket. Got four written all over it, but Rabada dives, stops the boundary and then gets a flat throw in. Fakhar may be struggling and could be run out since de Kock whips the bails off swiftly, but Fakhar was in

Nortje returns with the asking rate 17

end of over 475 runs
PAK: 291/8CRR: 6.19 RRR: 17.00
Haris Rauf1 (3)
Fakhar Zaman174 (144)
Andile Phehlukwayo 9-0-60-2
Lungi Ngidi 8-0-53-1

Stat alert: Fakhar now has the highest individual ODI score by a visiting player in South Africa. Previous: 173 by David Warner in 2016.

Noman Ikram: "Jagpreet Singh. You mean scoring a 100 on a loosing cause lol"

Phehlukwayo to Haris Rauf, no run

length ball, on middle and angling into leg. Misses the slog, hits his pad

Areeb Urooj: "Can't compare Fakhar with the Great Sachin but yes can agree with the way he has carried his bat today, Remember Sachin's 200 against SA! "

Phehlukwayo to Zaman, 1 run

full outside off, and he drags this flat-batted shot to long on

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