2nd Test, Colombo (PSS), Jun 25 - 29 2015, Pakistan tour of Sri Lanka
138 & 329
(target 153)315 & 153/3
Sri Lanka won by 7 wickets
Player Of The Match
3/43, 35 & 4/92

Superb win for Sri Lanka here. The circus moves on to Pallekele where Sri Lanka will be without Sangakkara and Pakistan will be without Wahab Riaz. This series is shaping up really well for the finale. Thanks for all the comments and feedback. Please also keep an eye on all the analysis and reports from Andrew Fernando and Umar Farooq. This is Devashish Fuloria signing off, ciao ciao.

"The boys showed a lot of character after the defeat in Galle," says Angelo Mathews. "We wanted to bat positively because we were not sure about the rain. So we gave green signal to play positively. It's easy to get bogged down. The conditions were helpful, I liked bowling here. Kushal Silva is playing the anchor role and others are playing around him."

Dhammika Prasad is the 'Smart player of the Match' and the Man of the Match. "It was a great match because we came as underdogs," he says. "I am really happy with the way we played. I tried to bowl in good areas. We had a plan before this game and I executed it very well. "

"The session from lunch to tea really dented as on the first day," says Misbah. "We lost all our best batsmen during that period. That was I think the main difference in the Test match. It's really big worry for us that we put up really big scores in the first Test but in the second Test we were dismissed from 70 for 2 to 138. We really need to play the first innings well. Azhar Ali is improving every game, and Yasir Shah, nine matches, 50 wickets, and he is making a difference too. The injury to Wahab Riaz is a big blow."

DanielAlexander: "This is Sri Lanka's 50th Test win at home, Congratulations "

Pranay: "@Fullo: Any guesses for MOM. My bet is on Prasad." --- Mausi, definitely Prasad for me. It was set up by him.

12.13 pm Sri Lanka break the P Sara jinx. This is their first win here after three straight losses and it was important after they had lost the first Test of the series. In the end, that first day still proved to be the difference in the match. Pakistan had won the toss but were bowled out for just 138, failing against the spin of Tharindu Kaushal. Sri Lanka took a handy lead and Azhar Ali responded with a solid century but Pakistan were just not able to put enough pressure with that target of 153. The star of the second innings for Sri Lanka was easily Dhammika Prasad, who consistently tested the batsmen in conditions that did not offer much. Rain washed out an entire session on the fourth day and threatened to play a part on the final day, but luckily for Sri Lanka, there wasn't an interruption once the play started.

Sangakkara, playing his last Test against Pakistan, walks out from the dressing room and he is greeted by the Pakistani team.

Allu Arjun: "I am confused...How is Sangakkara playing his last test match in Sri Lanka when there is still one more test match left in this series?" --- He is opting out of the last Test, Allu.

Mark: "Sri Lanka have chased this down so comfortably that you would think that even 100 more would not have fazed them as a time/runs equation. A utterly dominant win."

Roshan: "So SL lose where they are known for winning, and win where they are known to lose. Anyways, congrats to SL. they won cause they did better!"

Damian: "Good to see this test win was achieved by the Sri Lankan youngsters without contribution from great Sanga!!!1 who says SL cricket is over when Mahela,Sanga and Dili goes????? the same wa said when Sanath, Murali and Vass left!!! SL will go on!!! "

Yasir Shah to Thirimanne, FOUR runs

he squeezes that one down through backward point. The ball keeps on rolling, rolling.. reaches the boundary and that is win for Sri Lanka

Yasir Shah to Thirimanne, no run

comes forward and pushes it to cover

Yasir Shah to Thirimanne, no run

flatter and shorter, the batsman defends it from the back foot

end of over 264 runs
SL: 149/3CRR: 5.73 
Angelo Mathews43 (57)
Lahiru Thirimanne16 (18)
Mohammad Hafeez 4-0-20-0
Yasir Shah 10-0-51-2
Hafeez to Angelo Mathews, no run

he is not going for the glory hit, defends it down the pitch

Hafeez to Angelo Mathews, 2 runs

tickles this fine on the leg side, past the diving leg-slip fielder for a couple more

Hafeez to Angelo Mathews, no run

goes for the reverse sweep but hits it straight to the man at point

Hafeez to Angelo Mathews, no run

comes forward and defends the tossed up delivery to the leg side

Can they finish it in one hit?

Hafeez to Thirimanne, 1 run

comes forward and dabs this one to backward point for an easy single

Hafeez to Angelo Mathews, 1 run

tossed up from round the wicket, nudges away to short fine leg for an easy single

end of over 256 runs
SL: 145/3CRR: 5.80 
Angelo Mathews40 (52)
Lahiru Thirimanne15 (17)
Yasir Shah 10-0-51-2
Mohammad Hafeez 3-0-16-0
Yasir Shah to Angelo Mathews, 1 run

tossed up delivery on off, the batsman comes forward and pushes it to mid-off

Yasir Shah to Angelo Mathews, no run

looks to punch it off the back foot but gets a bottom edge to the slip fielder

Yasir Shah to Angelo Mathews, no run

outside edge but this falls short of Younis. 100 more runs and this chase would have been so much more interesting

Yasir Shah to Angelo Mathews, FOUR runs

he comes forward and smashes this tossed up delivery down to long on, easily done. There was spin on that but he picked it up beautifully

Yasir Shah to Angelo Mathews, no run

leans into this defensive shot, pushed back to the bowler

Yasir Shah to Thirimanne, 1 run

tucks this one down to short fine leg, playing that with the turn