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West Indies vs Pakistan, 3rd T20I at Providence, WI v PAK, Aug 01 2021 - Match Result

3rd T20I, Providence, August 01, 2021, Pakistan tour of West Indies
(1.2/20 ov) 15/0

No result

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Scores: Venkat Raghav | Comms: Danyal Rasool
Scorecard summary
West Indies 15/0(1.2 overs)

So that's all we have here, folks. Bit of a damp squib, but it does mean Pakistan will maintain their unbeaten series record against West Indies. Let's see if the home side can at least share the trophy with a win on Tuesday, if the weather plays ball for a change. Until then, take care, and goodbye!

02.11pm:The game is off, folks. It turns out the umpires weren't satisfied with the state of the pitch, and not confident it was safe to start before the cut-off time. That's not great news, then, especially since it looked like we may be on for an exciting little game, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

qayyum bhinder: "A long wait, intrupted my movie about 15 times to switch on to Cricinfo to check when the game will start. Party spoiled in the end " Thanks for checking in, though, always great to have company here.

02.10pm Babar Azam and Kieron Pollard having a light-hearted chat with the umpires. No immediate urgency which might not be great news.

There's a buzz of activity around both camps as if they might be ready to play, but it all depends on the state of the pitch. The umpires are in active conversation, while Kieron Pollard's having a chat with his teammates on the ground.

Right, the umpires are out, it isn't raining and they're having a word as we speak. We may just have a chance for a very short game.

02.05pm:Another inspection to take place right now, we hear. That's from West Indies cricket's Twitter account.

Jeff: "Amazing drainageHow sweet the soundTha-at play, ma-a-ay commence.The match seemed lostTo H2OBut Badree came to the ground's defense."

Asad: "@Danyal Perfect chance for you to redeem yourself. Tell us that we have a game here." I wish I could, but I can't, because all we know is an inspection's ongoing. Why it's taking that long to make a decision either way I can't tell you

With that, Danyal is back.

1.47pm Babar and Pooran out in the middle, and discussing something with the umpires. The cover from the center wicket has been taken off, with some West Indies players standing near the track for a casual chat.

Sarvesh: "Lasith Malinga kissing the ball at the start of the run-up." --- Unfortunately, I am not sure if he can do that during the Covid times if he ever plays for Sri Lanka again, which is very unlikely now.

Saiyed: "This can be called a superstition i guess:"Mahela Jayawardene always completing a run even after scoring a four or six"" --- Perfect.

1.37pm The umpires are having a chat in the middle, with the covers still in place, although there is no rain at the moment. Remember, we can wait only until 2.22pm for a five-over match, which is 45 minutes away now

Mustaeen: "Sehwag's numberless shirt in 2011 WC"

Sajid Hussain: "Talk about superstitions, Gautam Gambhir definitely reminds us of having pads for the whole 20 overs in the dugout after getting out."

Leo: "Sanath Jaysuria is synonyms to superstition Knock Knock on the Guard. Thumb in the pocket. Touch on right pad Touch on left pad. Checking the thigh pad. Now you can bowl to Mr. sanath" --- Guess that is more of a habit than a superstition, like Steven Smith's.

hadi: "Daniyal makes me beleive in superstitions......sorry" --- That's sport after all. And with that, which of the cricketers' superstitions strike you immediately?

1.24pm No further update from the ground at the moment, but let us keep hoping for the best.

David: "@Ben Sadly not all of us are vaccinated but we're more than willing to help the mop up"

Ben: "Everyone with a sponge and a bucket who lives near the ground must get down there now! Cricket needs you!!" --- You've summed it all up, Ben!

"Any update?" --- None yet, Nasib. But we'll put one up the moment we have one.

1.09pm Thanks Danyal. Let's hope that at least a shortened game is around the corner.

Time to welcome Himanshu again.

12.53pm: The rain has indeed stopped and the covers on one side are being taken off. Umpires having a chat. Reminder that 2.22pm, about 90 minutes away, is the cut-off time for a five-over game.

Deepak : "The sodden covers are being carefully dragged off per my tv,now begins the mopping up I guess"

Mubashar iqbal: "Go Danyal Go, Go Danyal Go, Go Danyal Go..." Rain hasn't resumed, I promise!

Hasan: "You brought Danyal back as soon as the rain stopped it's like you guys don't want this game to happen "

Raza ali zardar: "Please tell me, will we get 5 over shootout." Might be fun, that.

With that, here's Danyal again.

12.46pm The rain has stopped, as we hear. But there's no other update from the ground at the moment.

Arbab: "Himanshu my Man!!!! Now bring that sun out to suck the water off, please. " --- I have just swung my magic wand besides asking the natural powers for some respite.

12.36pm Thanks Danyal. So what's going on with everyone then, as rain pours down at the Providence?

Mariam: "This tour started off with 5 t20s but now it looks like we will hardly finish with two..."

Right, so no news isn't good news in this case. I'm assuming there's been no substantial improvement to conditions, so I'm turning it back to Himanshu, who takes you through for the next little bit.

Syed Kafait Hus: "Pakistan is trying every player in middle order but all are failed.. We need a player which comes at 5 and 6 and make century easily..if top order 4 players falls on zero still 5 and 6 nos players make centuries in t20 and win the game"

Dhabih: "The funny thing is that the rainy seasons in Guyana are supposed to be May/June and December/January. August is the dry season..."

Zaim: "Lesson from this series , If Windies win the toss they shouldn't bat first"

Usman: "Why don't we have roofed stadiums? Most matches are D/N anyway and we have the technology available. " Because they cost truckloads of money. As you've noticed, most cricket boards aren't awash with cash.

Mohammad Nizam : "Why don't they cover up the whole area? " Are you Andrew Fidel Fernando in disguise?

12.05pm Live scenes don't paint a pretty picture, folks. There are puddles all along the ground, with water pooling on the covers and raining steadily. We're in for a lengthy delay it seems. A few optimistic fans have hung around, though, so why don't you do the same here?

Zahoor : "Let's have a swimming competition today." Was great fun at the Olympics but I think I've had enough of it now

Fiaz: ""Puddles" LOL! More like flooded!!"

Camper: "After those pics Badree posted, there's obviously not going to be a single delivery bowled here anymore today. This time of the year WICB shouldn't plan cricket here, this happens every year smh. "

USAMA HASSAAN T: "Considering weather update and facilities on ground it's looking difficult that match will start again.Bcz if rains stop, still the water on ground will be a new challenge to get dried." Yeah if it rains with the current intensity we could be in trouble

Cheers Himanshu. Yep, so the update is it's still raining heavily and very gloomy. We still have time before losing overs though, but it is getting to that stage

11.37am There is still no update from the ground, so we are safe to assume that the weather has yet to clear up.

And while you wait for the rain to stop, express your thoughts to Danyal now.

zack: "a little rain and then no rain made hungarian prix a race to remember today. wish cricket wouldn't have been so prone to the weather."

Kelvin: "I live a few meters from the Stadium here in Guyana, and I must say its not looking too good, it continues to rain very heavy here... "

Sankalp: "Gayle and Fletcher opening together in T20 international reminds of 2009 WC match vs Aus 12 years back!" --- Hope you didn't miss out when Gayle was repeatedly sending Lee out of the ground at The Oval.

Meanwhile, you can always head over to the Hundred, where the London Spirit play the Southern Brave in the women's fixture and the Trent Rockets host the Birmingham Phoenix among the men.

11.22am With that, the rains return. It looks pretty heavy, as the players rush back and the ground staff pulls the cover on to the pitch.

Andrew : "Looking gloom here. Not seeing a patch of clear sky" --- All you need is hope in the heart.

Talha: "Where is Thilak Rama the scoring machine" --- He's having a rare rest, just like Shaheen Afridi.

Azweer: "@Ehtisham: You Genius...!!!"

Hamid: "And it's raining, sixes? Yes, and it's literally raining as well..." --- It's all happening at the moment, Hamid.

Mohammad Wasim to Fletcher, SIX runs

lofted over the long-off fence! Steps forward a touch to this full ball in the slot on off, and simply lifts that for another six

Mohammad Wasim to Fletcher, no run

full delivery on off, and angles away just a tad as the batter defends close to his body and off his front foot

Wasim from the other end. Over the wicket

end of over 19 runs
WI: 9/0CRR: 9.00 
Andre Fletcher8 (4b 1x6)
Chris Gayle1 (2b)
Mohammad Hafeez 1-0-9-0
Hafeez to Fletcher, 1 run

good length ball on off, and flicked to deep square leg with the hint of turn into him

Hafeez to Gayle, 1 run

takes a slight step forward to push this full ball on middle and leg toward midwicket to get off the mark

Hafeez to Gayle, no run

full ball on middle again, pushed back to the left of the bowler with the closed face of the bat

Around the wicket to Gayle, who has a cap on his head. A slip in place

Hafeez to Fletcher, 1 run

skips down to this full ball on middle, and clips to deep square leg for a single

The ball is being sanitised, as the batters have a word

Hafeez to Fletcher, SIX runs

cracked over wide long-on! Another slower ball on a full length and given some air on off, and he swings his bat for the maximum. Excellent start for West Indies

Hafeez to Fletcher, no run

slow and full on off, he's right forward to block that to the off side

Over the wicket to Fletcher. It's dark and cloudy around, mind you.

11.14am The teams take a knee in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, with Hafeez having the new ball.

Ehtisham: "Last time WI batted first and the game resulted in NR. Fingers crossed for this one."

Mariam: "Good decision to rest Shaheen here. Although Hasnain should have been given a chance over Rauf here. He performed well against Eng and has CPL experience too"

11.12am Thanks Danyal. Who's in for a Gayle masterclass today? He'll be opening the innings after all.

Right, we're moments away from play. Himanshu comes in to take you through the first half.

West Indies have won the toss, and will bat first. "Let's have a crack first and see what happens, he says. We need consistency in everything we do. Evin Lewis misses out and Andre Russell's back."

One change to Pakistan, with Shaheen Afridi sitting out for Haris Rauf. Rare rest for Afridi, that.

West Indies: 1 Andre Fletcher 2 Chris Gayle 3 Shimron Hetmyer 4 Nicholas Pooran (wk) 5 Andre Russell 6 Kieron Pollard (capt) 7 Jason Holder 8 Romario Shepherd 9 Dwayne Bravo 10 Haydn Walsh 11 Akeal Hosein

Pakistan: : 1 Mohammad Rizwan (wk) 2 Sharjeel Khan 3 Babar Azam (capt) 4 Fakhar Zaman 5 Mohammad Hafeez 6 Sohaib Maqsood 7 Shadab Khan 8 Hasan Ali 9 Mohammad Wasim 10 Usman Qadir 11 Haris Rauf

Syed Shaaf: "Is Pakistan kidding us? bringing rauf back for shaheen?rauf shouldn't be even included in the world cup plans..this guy needs alot of cricket to match the international standards... really frustrated with the decision" It's a rest for Afridi, whether Rauf should have replaced him is a different matter, though

10:50am: The groundstaff are using ropes to remove water from the ground, and the Super sopper's out, too. The toss will take place in 10 minutes if no further rain, with the game to begin in 25

Earl Horatio Ma: "tired to hear the moniker, 'West Indies is a powerhouse batting team', yet in the previous series- SA, Aust now Pakistan they, are yet to pass 250 in any of the matches. Is this an indication for the test series?" 250?!! You've been watching the high jump at the Olympics too much judging by how high you've set the bar.

Mridul: "WI batting order should be likeHetmyer Lewis Gayle Pollard pooran ....this should be top 5....all are great strikers of the ball"

Osman Mazhar: "I am hoping Pakistan tries out something different with the batting order today, should try sending Sohaib "

Evin Lewis, who retired hurt yesterday with what was initially put down to cramps and later heat exhaustion, is practicing at the moment.

10.40am: The rain has stopped and the covers should come off momentarily

Mossy: "Sometimes previews are the best part of the game. Especially in rained out matches." That sounds like a back-handed compliment but I will very much take it

Ehtisham: "A passing shower or a heavy one?" Guyanese people on here, what do you think? (And please, please, if you're not in Guyana don't pretend to be!)

Fawad Tariq: "Danyal, can you please do anything other than commentary? Every time when you do commentary, rain starts to pouring. Ah Danyal. " It's raining in Lahore, too, though, which I don't mind.

Noushad: "Match without preview.. just like cup without tea..!!" Better than tea without a cup though isn't it..

Mohammad Rizwan's talking about becoming the leading T20I runscorer in a single year. Talks about his mentality, ensuring he focuses on each game with the same intensity and understanding what the easiest scoring options are. It's been a remarkable few months for him

10.30 am: The toss has been delayed because it's just started to rain. The covers are being rushed on

Josh: "Today is the day for the spiceman" I suspect you'd get very, very good odds on that

Rovaid Khan: "Now please don't omit commentary feedbacks because it is back to back games..." Perish the thought..

Amit Sindhu: "Previews are important, helps in making dream 11 teams :)"

Awais Iqbal: "I love previews... I actually did my IELTS reading part preparation by reading previews, match reports and articles on Cricinfo... My favorite writer on Cricinfo is Anantha Narayanan... Please convey my greetings to him if possible.. A big fan of him! " How fascinating. I love this little preview admiration fan club we've found ourselves in.

Colin Croft, doing the pitch report, expects the chasing side to do well today. Talks about cracks opening up on the pitch.

Naresh: "Almost everyone who visits the site, do read the preview. At least I do so. Well, hoping for a good contest today, weather permitting! " Always appreciated, they take effort to write!

10.05am Hello! Welcome to ESPNcricinfo's coverage of the third T20I between West Indies and Pakistan as the hosts try to keep the series alive.

Rizwan Shahid: "Where is today preview" Good question! I know why you'd think I didn't write it out of sheer laziness, but when we have back-to-back games, we don't do previews. Good to know someone reads them, though

For what it's worth, there is rain forecast at some point, but we don't have live pictures yet.

Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
ADS Fletcher
14 runs (6)
0 four2 sixes
Productive shot
off drive
6 runs
0 four1 six
CH Gayle
1 run (2)
0 four0 six
Productive shot
on drive
1 run
0 four0 six
Best performances - bowlers
Mohammad Hafeez
Mohammad Wasim
Match details
Providence Stadium, Guyana
TossWest Indies, elected to bat first
Series resultPakistan led the 4-match series 1-0
Match numberT20I no. 1209
Match days01 August 2021 - day (20-over match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
Win Probability
WI 61.44%
100%50%100%WI InningsPAK Innings

Over 2 • WI 15/0

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