2nd Test, Harare, Sep 10 - 14 2013, Pakistan tour of Zimbabwe
294 & 199
(81 ov, target 264)230 & 239
Zimbabwe won by 24 runs
player of the match
end of over 811 run • 2 wickets
PAK: 239/10CRR: 2.95 
Misbah-ul-Haq79 (181)
Tendai Chatara 23-2-61-5
Brian Vitori 22-5-69-1

The Zimbabwe players and support staff are taking a victory lap around the ground with some jigs and they are taking pictures with fans near the boundary. That's all we have from this Test series, thank you for tuning in and for all the comments, it's Vishal Dikshit signing off along with our scorer Sanjay Murari. Goodbye and good luck!

The loss means Pakistan have dropped from fourth to sixth place in the ICC Test rankings and Zimbabwe are at No. 9, 24 rating points ahead of Bangladesh. It's time for the presentation:

Tendai Chatara is the Man of the Match: "Feels nice. After we didn't get a great start, I just told myself to hit the right line and lengths when I got the ball."

Younis Khan is the Man of the Series: "All credit goes to Zimbabwe, especially the management and the captain. A lot of things have been going wrong for them, especially off the field. Misbah is a cool customer but unfortunately he didn't have enough support. I wish I had spent more time at the crease but all credit goes to their bowlers who put their heart into the game."

Misbah-ul-Haq: "Zimbabwe really deserve that victory, they played very well in both the Tests and maintained pressure throughout the game. If I was going to get something in my area, I was just thinking of making runs. Our bowlers did really well in these conditions but our batting is a bit of a worry and we need a bit of work there. We needed big efforts like what Younis Khan did in the first Test."

Brendan Taylor: "Beating a world-class team is a great feeling. We haven't had a bowling coach in six months so all the credit goes to the bowlers. There's still room for improvement. We wanted to give our seamers a bit of a break before the new ball. Test cricket is about winning sessions and we might have done that. After the first Test, it's great to come back after a big loss and credit goes to all our players."

Ajay Gour: "Chatara and Vitori both finished the match with best bowling performance and that too 5/61 :)"

suleman: "as someone mentioned that the last wicket stand for zim in first innings could b the difference between winning or losing the match"

Tendai Chatara leads the team off with the ball as they shake hands with a disappointed Misbah. The crowd is on its feet and celebrations all round the ground, including the dressing room with celebratory drinks. 24 runs is the margin, the last time they beat Pakistan was long back in 1998.

Prosper Utseya is doing push-ups in the dressing rooms to celebrate. Tino Mawoyo: "Wonderful feeling, finishing it today like this was fantastic. We kept our heads cool and its a fantastic victory."

Hamilton Masakadza who threw the ball from cover for the run-out says: "I was thinking of the direct hit but Choki came back in time to take the bails off or it could have gone anywhere. This is a big win especially after losing the first Test."

Daniel Alexander: "Epic game of test cricket, who said test cricket is boring. Congratulations to Zimbabwe from"

Chatara to Misbah, OUT

it's all over! A run-out has ended things for Pakistan here. Misbah pushed a length delivery towards cover and Rahat went for the single but Misbah denied it and it was too late. The bails are taken of easily and Zimbabwe exult. The players are celebrating and are joined by their team-mates running out with the country flag

Rahat Ali run out (Masakadza/Panyangara) 1 (3m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100
Chatara to Rahat Ali, 1 run

on length outside off, Rahat pokes his bat and another edge but it falls well short of Waller at gully and Misbah calls a single

Rahat Ali is the last man

Chatara to Junaid, OUT

the new ball has done it and so has Chatara! It was straighter this time and on length, Junaid defended it, covering his stumps and a thick outside edge goes straight to Malcolm Waller at gully

Junaid Khan c Waller b Chatara 1 (32m 18b 0x4 0x6) SR: 5.55

Misbah is having a word with Junaid

Chatara to Junaid, no run

full and inviting for the drive outside off, Junaid accepts the invitation and it goes just past the outside edge

Chatara to Junaid, no run

short of length outside off, he lets it go

Chatara to Junaid, no run

full and outside off, Junaid drives and misses. A lot of 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' around the ground

The new ball has been taken straightaway

end of over 808 runs
PAK: 238/8CRR: 2.97 
Misbah-ul-Haq79 (180)
Junaid Khan1 (14)
Brian Vitori 22-5-69-1
Tendai Chatara 22-2-60-4
Vitori to Misbah, FOUR runs

it was full outside off again, Misbah drove it square as he wanted a single but it's gone through the gap and has enough to go all the way for four. The outfield is pretty fast

Vitori to Misbah, no run

pitches a bouncer on middle and Misbah ducks

Vitori to Misbah, FOUR runs

beautifully driven for four, again through the covers. It was pitched up well outside off and Misbah can put these away with ease. Nobody in the deep to stop these drives

Vitori to Misbah, no run

full on leg, Misbah tries to run it fine but misses and it goes to the keeper

Vitori to Misbah, no run

short again outside off, Misbah lets it go

Vitori to Misbah, no run

bangs it short outside off, runs it to gully

Azam: "Misbah is a Pressure Sponge, I think He will InShaAllah end this match up with the Victory."

end of over 7911 runs
PAK: 230/8CRR: 2.91 
Junaid Khan1 (14)
Misbah-ul-Haq71 (174)
Tendai Chatara 22-2-60-4
Brian Vitori 21-5-61-1
Chatara to Junaid, no run

short and outside off, Junaid stays back and whacks it to backward point but they don't take a single, as expected

Chatara to Misbah, 1 run

short of length outside off, Misbah pokes it towards gully for a single

Pakistan require 35 more

Chatara to Misbah, FOUR runs

four more, Misbah came down the track and turned this low full toss on off to the midwicket boundary

Chatara to Misbah, 2 runs

full and outside off, driven to sweeper cover and Misbah calls for two, Junaid responds with good running and made it by the time the throw came in

Chatara to Misbah, no run

short of length outside off, defends it to cover with an open face

Chatara to Misbah, FOUR runs

smashed over the covers. It was pitched up outside off, Misbah had room and launched it for a four as there is nobody int he deep there