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2nd ODI, Harare, October 03, 2015, Pakistan tour of Zimbabwe
(48/48 ov, T:262) 256/8

Zimbabwe won by 5 runs (D/L method)

Player Of The Match
67 (55) & 1/33
Full commentary
end of over 488 runs
PAK: 256/8CRR: 5.33 
Shoaib Malik96 (106)
Yasir Shah32 (22)
Elton Chigumbura 5-0-33-1
Tinashe Panyangara 9-0-44-2

5.46pm That is it, folks. The match has been called off and Zimbabwe have levelled the series in controversial circumstances. The light has not got any better. Pakistan can be extremely proud of their performance, and Malik even more so. It was a real masterclass in batting under pressure with more than the bowling to worry about. He paced it unbelievably well and it is a shame that we didn't get to see a 100-over match. But, such is cricket and life. Zimbabwe can be extremely happy with the win but they did stumble towards the end under pressure. Initially though, things were entirely different. Zimbabwe bowled tight lines and held onto their catches and some of Pakistan's batsmen threw their wickets away. Nonetheless, nothing should be taken away from the quality of the game and grit from the batsmen from both sides.

Azhar Ali: 'It was a lovely game, Malik and Yamin made us comeback in the game when it looked like a one-sided game. Zimbabwe played really well, we could have retricted them to under 250 but they played well at the end. But we lost too many wickets at the start.

Elton Chigumbura is also the Man of the Match

Elton Chigumbura: 'Obviously, it's a good feeling. The partnership between Chamu and Chari set things up for us. There was lots of pressure for the team and the way we went out today, showed good character. Hopefully, I can carry on with what I did today. I had to keep fighting today.'

5.40pm Doesn't look like we will have more play today. Absolutely tragic this will be for Pakistan after that amazing comeback and one of Malik's best international innings.

Sannan Malik: "That's not fair to Cricket that's simply unacceptable "

Yahya: "Simple solution for such situations: ICC should make a rule that umpires have to inform the players at least one over in advance if they want to call the game off." -- The light just deteriorated and deteriorated, and the umpires did their best to ensure a completed game.

5.35pmMassive pressure for both sides now. The umpires may have called the game off now. Zimbabwe's players are quick to shake hands here. And they trudge off. It is only suspended for the moment. Pakistan are five runs behind the D/L total. Malik has a long chat with the umpires. 5.46 pm is the cut-off time for this light to get any better, which is under 10 minutes.

No Pakistan No. 5 has hit a century in a chase, and Malik is four runs short of that.

Chigumbura to Malik, 1 run

full toss on middle and Malik chooses to whip the ball to deep square leg for just the one

Chigumbura to Malik, 2 runs

good shot and excellent running by Yasir. Overpitched on middle and off, Malik uppishly drives the ball to long-on who makes a diving stop and returns a good throw but Yasir races back for the second

Chigumbura to Yasir Shah, 1 run

excellent full delivery, Yasir just about gets bat on it and squirts the ball to short fine leg for one

Chigumbura to Yasir Shah, 2 runs

swiped away in the air, lands just short of the incoming deep midwicket fielder. He returns a wayward throw and they get an overthrow

Darker and darker now

Chigumbura to Malik, 1 run

low full toss on middle, Malik whips the ball to deep square leg and is looking for two but cannot get it

Chigumbura to Yasir Shah, 1 run

too full on off, Yasir creams another one on the bounce to long-off

29 off 18. Chigumbura brings himself back. 261 is D/L par at the end of this over, providing no wicket falls

end of over 479 runs
PAK: 248/8CRR: 5.27 RRR: 9.66
Shoaib Malik92 (103)
Yasir Shah28 (19)
Tinashe Panyangara 9-0-44-2
Luke Jongwe 8-1-41-1

FYI, 257 is the D/L par score at the end of the 47th over

Panyangara to Malik, FOUR runs

another beauty. Malik, take a bow. He gives himself room and carves the ball over point. Amazingly done. Anticipated the length and executed to perfection.

Panyangara to Yasir Shah, 1 run

very full again outside off, Yasir drives to cover and goes through for the single. A direct hit would have been out

Is there a boundary in this over?

Panyangara to Yasir Shah, 2 runs

good delivery again, looking for the yorker. But Yasir converts it into a low full toss and flicks to deep midwicket. Malik runs the first very quickly and comes back for the second

Panyangara to Yasir Shah, 1 wide

good variation but called wide. Too short maybe. Dug in on off, Yasir gets under it

Panyangara to Yasir Shah, no run

lovely bowling this by Panyangara. Very full and very wide. Yasir comes down to throw that yorker length off but he misses

Panyangara to Yasir Shah, no run

excellent yorker once again. Splendid stuff. Yasir can only defend back to the bowler

Panyangara to Malik, 1 run

excellent delivery. Yorker on off, dug out to point

Under 10 RPO required now. But one wicket changes things drastically. Malik is key

hamza: "What an incredible comeback from Pakistan. Never seen anything from 60 for 6 to 240 for 8"

end of over 4613 runs
PAK: 239/8CRR: 5.19 RRR: 9.50
Yasir Shah25 (15)
Shoaib Malik87 (101)
Luke Jongwe 8-1-41-1
Tinashe Panyangara 8-0-35-2
Jongwe to Yasir Shah, 2 runs

high quality shot from Yasir now. Just times a drive past cover for two. Great timing, and the pair get another two.

Jongwe to Malik, 1 run

good length now on middle, worked away into the leg side. Malik is looking for two but Raza is quick on it, keeps them down to one

Jongwe to Malik, FOUR runs

this is getting better and better from Malik. real masterclass of batting under pressure. Full on off and middle, and Malik opens the face of the bat and hits the ball over the infield to the cover boundary

Just a reminder, there are no floodlights at this ground

Jongwe to Yasir Shah, 1 run

short and wide again, cut away to third man for a single

253 is the D/L par score

Jongwe to Malik, 1 run

full on leg, clipped to deep square leg for one

Some more sawdust coming out. Zimbabwe taking time out of the day, here.

Jongwe to Malik, FOUR runs

unbelievable stuff from Malik. He is in the zone right now, although he gets a gift from the bowler. Short and wide, Malik knows where his gap is and executes perfectly, smashes the ball over point for four

Right, how will these two play it? For the D/L par-score or normally? I'd suspect they can only look for that boundary an over and hope that the light stays decent. Zimbabwe taking their time though. The umpires take a light-meter reading

end of over 4510 runs
PAK: 226/8CRR: 5.02 RRR: 10.20
Shoaib Malik77 (97)
Yasir Shah22 (13)
Tinashe Panyangara 8-0-35-2
Elton Chigumbura 4-0-25-1
Panyangara to Malik, 1 run

speared in full and quick on middle, Malik drives to long-on for a single.

The rain seems to have eased a touch, but the light isn't particularly great.

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