1st T20I, Harare, April 21, 2021, Pakistan tour of Zimbabwe
(20 ov, T:150) 138/7

Pakistan won by 11 runs

Player Of The Match
82* (61)
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Right, so that's all from our coverage of the first T20I. Thank you so much for sticking around with Peter and me, and we'll see you again in two days time.

Babar Azam isn't exactly overjoyed. "Wasn't a convincing win," he says. "The batsmen aren't performing, but we will try and come back in the second game. When you come to these wickets after bouncy wickets, you need to adjust. If someone hung around with Rizwan, we could have put on a bigger total."

Mohammad Rizwan's unbeaten 82 gets him the Player of the match award, not surprisingly. Carried his bat once more. "They won the toss and used the pitch well. The wickets here are different, the pitch keeps low. But Babar and I have this plan where if one fails the other tries to go deep. It's working for now. In Zimbabwe, the ball doesn't quite come on to the bat, but once Hafeez fell, my aim was to get us to 150."

Sean Williams says it's "inexcusable" the number of catches Zimbabwe dropped, especially against a side like Pakistan. Says he wanted to keep Pakistan to 130, and felt that was the par total. "I feel that second partnership to accompany that third wicket partnership was missing," he says. "The wicket played into our favour and winning the toss was crucial. Inexcusable to lose a game like that"

This game's the kind Zimbabwe lose a bit too frequently, unfortunately. They fail to put struggling teams away, and Pakistan were there for putting away several times in that first innings. At the end, the 12 wides bowled, and the sloppiness in the field came back to cost them, and the frenetic nature of the chase when it should have been a cakewalk didn't quite work in the end.

Talha Nawaz: "Pakistan has defended total of under 150 thrice against ZIM and ZIM made 137, 137 and 138 this time too close"

Shariq : "Strange obsession of Masakadza's to new Zealand, hamilton and Wellington " Never really thought about that but yeah. I hear there are 14 brothers, so they could have covered all of New Zealand pretty decently if they'd been so inclined

end of over 208 runs
ZIM: 138/7CRR: 6.90 
Wellington Masakadza2 (4b)
Luke Jongwe30 (23b 3x4 1x6)
Haris Rauf 4-0-29-1
Mohammad Hasnain 4-0-27-2
Haris Rauf to Masakadza, 1 run

sliced through the offside, and that's a somewhat tame end to a T20I that hung in the balance for a long, long time. Pakistan win by 11 runs

Haris Rauf to Jongwe, 1 run

another yorker, only just dug out for a single

Haris Rauf to Masakadza, 1 run

oddly enough, chooses to take the single instead of going for a slog, which means Jongwe needs to get 14 off 2

Haris Rauf to Jongwe, 1 run

there's no coming back for two on this occasion. Bat-pad from Jongwe, and Masakadza is on strike. That may finally be that for the hosts

Haris Rauf to Jongwe, 2 runs

driven to long-on and they absolutely set off for two once more. Throw goes to the wrong end, and remember Zimbabwe are still ahead of Pakistan at this stage

Haris Rauf to Jongwe, 2 runs

squeezed into the onside, Jongwe's desperate to come back for two, and he does. He needs to face all remaining deliveries, much like Rizwan did

Jassia Zafar: "Would you please tell me the speed (kph) of that yorker from Haris Rauf?" Don't think the scoreboard carried it. If it did, I didn't catch it, unfortunately

end of over 198 runs
ZIM: 130/7CRR: 6.84 RRR: 20.00
Wellington Masakadza0 (2b)
Luke Jongwe24 (19b 3x4 1x6)
Mohammad Hasnain 4-0-27-2
Haris Rauf 3-0-21-1
Mohammad Hasnain to Masakadza, no run

another swing and a miss, and Zimbabwe need 20 off the last over

Adil: "Last over of ZIM is hurting them now." Looks like that will be the difference between the two

Mohammad Hasnain to Masakadza, no run

Adil: "Last over of ZIM is hurting them now." Looks like that will be the difference between the two

Mohammad Hasnain to Jongwe, 1 run

sliced to third man, where Haris Rauf had the simplest catch. But he shells it, and Zimbabwe are still alive in this contest

Mohammad Hasnain to Jongwe, SIX runs

slower ball, but he was lying in wait for that one. Holds his shape and clobbers him over long-off, and it goes all the way

Mohammad Hasnain to Jongwe, no run

this one's banged in short and beats him with the extra bounce. Jongwe's annoyed at himself for missing out on that

Mohammad Hasnain to Jongwe, 1 wide

this time he goes a touch too wide as Jongwe's slog doesn't connect

Mohammad Hasnain to Jongwe, no run

gave himself room, but Hasnain saw him early and maintains a line wide outsode off, well outside the batsman's reach

end of over 189 runs • 1 wicket
ZIM: 122/7CRR: 6.77 RRR: 14.00
Luke Jongwe17 (15b 3x4)
Haris Rauf 3-0-21-1
Mohammad Hasnain 3-0-19-2
Haris Rauf to Burl, OUT

what a delivery that is! Simply glorious. Almost no words to describe the sheer perfection of that yorker, at pace. Burl ends his innings on his knees as the ball takes out off stump. Really, Waqar Younis would have been proud of that

Ryan Burl b Haris Rauf 14 (13b 0x4 1x6 32m) SR: 107.69
Haris Rauf to Jongwe, 1 run

waist high full toss that Jongwe can't quite time. Just a single down to long-on

Haris Rauf to Jongwe, no run

lovely slower ball, beat him all ends up. Jongwe was well through his shot before the ball had even pitched

Haris Rauf to Jongwe, no run

banged it in short. Jongwe looked to help it over the keeper, but this time the connection's lacking, and he's beaten

Haris Rauf to Jongwe, FOUR runs

another four! This time he opens his body up and clatters him over extra cover for a one bounce boundary!. This game is far from over

Haris Rauf to Jongwe, FOUR runs

Jongwe goes across and paddles it over fine leg once more. Nearly carried all the way, that! Haris persisted with pace on, and all he did was use it as he helped it to the boundary

Zain: "Pakistan will take the game into last over."

Haris into the attack now

end of over 1711 runs
ZIM: 113/6CRR: 6.64 RRR: 12.33
Ryan Burl14 (12b 1x6)
Luke Jongwe8 (10b 1x4)
Mohammad Hasnain 3-0-19-2
Usman Qadir 4-0-29-3
Mohammad Hasnain to Burl, SIX runs

helped over fine leg, and that's gone all the way for six! Now then! Drifting down legside and Burl adroitly picked it up, and made sure it sailed over the ropes. 12 off that Hasnain over

Izaz: "Babar decision to persist with the spinners seems quite prescient right now"

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