2nd Test, Dubai (DSC), Nov 24 - 27 2018, Pakistan v New Zealand
(f/o) 90 & 312
Pakistan won by an innings and 16 runs
Player Of The Match
8/41 & 6/143

4 pm That's that for the moment from Dubai. So many heroes in a Test match that looked like a tight contest for the first couple of days, but then one incredible spell of bowling by a virtuoso leg-spinner turned the tide in favour of Pakistan in a big way. We had rain(!!), a delayed start as a result on Day 3, but not enough to deny Yasir Shah and Pakistan, as they clawed their way back into this series, which has been well-contested right from the white-ball leg up front. More drama to come, when the third and final Test begins in Abu Dhabi on December 3. Join us then with all the live updates, and your regular dose of commentary and feedback. For the moment, this is Debayan Sen saying goodbye on behalf of the rest of our team that brought you this Test - Varun Shetty, Akshay Gopalakrishnan, Thilak Rama, M Venkat Raghav and Ranjtih P. See you around.

3.48pm Time for the presentation

Man of the Match, no prizes for guessing, is Yasir Shah: "I came to know yesterday (about Imran Khan's record of 14 wickets). This is my first major match in Dubai after my injury. I felt my rhythm coming back, and that allowed me to mind my line and length. I haven't bowled as well as this, especially with the pitch offering turn and bounce like it did. The attempt was to put the disappointment of the first Test behind and compete better. We just needed to keep getting wickets, and thanks to Allah that happened. I have been trying to bowl the googly, and hopefully I will get better with this."

Kane Williamson: "We batted better in the second innings, but that session yesterday when Yasir put us under tremendous pressure and put the ball in the right areas (did us in). It's about improving and we showed that. The wicket had aged a bit more, and getting 300 batting last was a good sign, but they did set it up with the bat. They played the conditions very nice. (The ball that dismissed him) Yeah, it was a very good delivery. He is an exceptional bowler, and it's important we learn some lessons quickly because we will face all the bowlers again. 1-1 decider back in Abu Dhabi, important to do that."

Sarfraz Ahmed: "We have to praise our batsmen - Azhar Ali, Haris Sohail and Babar Azam - because it was slow and not easy to score. The way they batted and set us a score that helped us. Yasir's spell was the best that I have ever seen in my years of Test cricket. (On team talk after Abu Dhabi) The chat was that when we leave Abu Dhabi, we have to leave the mistakes made behind. The responsibility was first with the batsmen to make some runs, and they delivered. Credit must go to Yasir, and the support that Hasan and the other bowlers, for how they bowled. (On South Africa) In four Tests here, we have had different bowlers stepping up and getting better day by day. (On the decider) There's pressure in everything, and toss matters a lot. We have to go there, see the conditions and then decide on our combination."

Ahsan Qamar: "Do you know how long it has been since Pakistan last won a test match by an innings, provided they have been in positions to force follow on, on at least half a dozen occasions which they never did!" -- Their first innings win in almost seven years, but then they didn't bat first against Bangladesh and hence didn't need to enforce follow-on.

Muhammed Riyas: "Even though the match was one sided for its most part, to be honest, it would not have been this interesting to watch live on TV instead following cricinfo. Well done mates, especially Debayan. Hope you will be around for the next match and other upcoming series-es as well. Thank you for your entertainment!" -- The authorities should be duly informed. There's a lot of fun guys on our ball-by-ball lineup, though. Keep enjoying and following the game :)

Lee: "Pakistan last innings victory against England in Lahore 2005 right after famous ashes"

"After a memorable series against Australia, Abbas is now having a disastrous series against New Zealand where he first have a wicket less innings and now a wicket less match" -- Happens in every team sport, Khurram. He did create pressure with his tight line and length, and Yasir Shah and Hasan Ali capitalised from the other end. That's the right way of looking at his contribution in this game

brendan: "@nRahman: So, by an innings and four-squared, close enough."

Ahmad Jawad : "Watching it on CRICINFO from office in TANZANIA where people dont even know about cricket i punched in ear after getting Boult wicket My Boss wasn't Far enough either. Weldone Green Team"

Aamer: "So Yasir needs 5 to set record for 200, highly likely in next test match he can do it!!! Impressive cricket player"

Bilal Khan: "Abu Dhabi debacle? What debacle? What Abu Dhabi? *dances oppa gangam style*"

peter Codway: "Thanks for the fun commentary, A lifeline for many. goodnight from NZ." -- Cheers, hope to have your company for Abu Dhabi, which should now be a humdinger!

Awais: "Imran khan had 14 wickers in a test match. Yasir Shah now has 14 wickers in a test match.. Upcoming Prime Minister? " -- Make him captain for the 2019 World Cup as well, then, for good measure :)

3.35pm Pakistan level the series, and it comes with an innings and 16 run win against New Zealand. Let's not forget how the foundations of this win were set by the Pakistan batsmen in the first dig, where Haris Sohail and Babar Azam in particular showed remarkable patience and maturity to build a score with which they could come at their opponents, and from there on it was largely down to Yasir Shah. His 14 for 184 in this match is second only to the great Imran Khan's 14 for 116 as best match figures for a Pakistan bowler. Smiles all around in the home camp, who seem to have put the Abu Dhabi debacle behind for good today!

Yasir Shah to Boult, OUT

IT'S OVER! YASIR HAS 14! Tosses this up, and Boult looks to come forward and defend, but gets a feather edge as it spins viciously past his bat and is collected by Sarfraz. Instant appeal and celebration from the bowler and his teammates, and the dreaded finger goes up as well. Eight in the first and six in the second for Yasir Shah.

Trent Boult c †Sarfaraz Ahmed b Yasir Shah 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Yasir Shah to Boult, no run

length ball, and he defends from the crease

Two slips and men under the helmet either side of Trent Boult

Yasir Shah to Patel, 1 run

tossed up, and Ajaz whips it away with the turn as it pitches on middle, and gets it towards midwicket

Yasir Shah to Wagner, OUT

tossed up, and he looks to sweep, and it goes in the air towards midwicket. FIVE FOR YASIR! Goes off the outside of the edge as Wagner goes for an almighty heave, and that went quite high in the air. Bowled from the back of the hand, and a good catch by Hasan Ali, sprawling away in front after running a fair distance. The sajda from Yasir, who has a chance to match Imran Khan's 14 wickets in a match...

Neil Wagner c Hasan Ali b Yasir Shah 10 (34b 0x4 0x6) SR: 29.41
Yasir Shah to Wagner, no run

tossed up, and he presses forward to defend

17 needed to make Pakistan bat again. The race is on...

end of over 1127 runs
NZ: 311/8CRR: 2.77 
Ajaz Patel4 (8)
Neil Wagner10 (32)
Hasan Ali 19-7-46-3
Yasir Shah 44-9-142-4
Hasan Ali to Patel, no run

fuller, and wider, and he looks to drive. Not convincing at all, but can only find mid off

Hasan Ali to Patel, no run

full ball, and beats him for pace, but he is able to just about get some bat on it. Skews into his foot, and could so easily have gone all the way to the stumps!

Abdullah ashfaq: "Prediction time In which match Yasir gonna complete his 200 wicket? My take 34th"

Hasan Ali to Patel, no run

fuller ball, and he defends from the crease

Hasan Ali to Patel, FOUR runs

length ball, and moves away a bit, and takes the outside edge on its way down to third man

Hasan Ali to Patel, no run

length ball, and he drops it dead at his feet

Hasan Ali to Wagner, 3 runs

length ball, but strays on to the pads, and he flicks it gracefully through midwicket

Faran : "I am only following the commentary here because of exams, Did hassan ali celebrate again the way he does? " -- The only one he pulled back somewhat was on the de Grandhomme wicket, but that was more to glower at the outgoing batsman. Excellent stuff!

end of over 1113 runs
NZ: 304/8CRR: 2.73 
Neil Wagner7 (31)
Ajaz Patel0 (3)
Yasir Shah 44-9-142-4
Hasan Ali 18-7-39-3
Yasir Shah to Wagner, 1 run

looks for the conventional sweep this time, and it balloons over Sarfraz and then eludes Asad Shafiq at leg slip! Close shave, and what an over this was!

Yasir Shah to Wagner, 2 runs

pulls out the reverse paddle sweep, as the ball is pitched into the rough outside off stump

NRahman: "Pak planning to force NZ a defeat by an innings and 4 runs exactly. So as to take revenge of the first test. Last match they fought hard but most by 4 runs , remember?" -- Somebody had actually predicted that score yesterday

Yasir Shah to Wagner, no run

three in three, as it beats the inside edge, as Wagner stretches forward to defend a ball pitching outside off and turning back in sharply!

Yasir Shah to Wagner, no run

struck him on the pads again, as he looks for a slog sweep. Impact might have been outside off though!

Yasir Shah to Wagner, no run

length ball, straightens after pitching, and he gets behind the line to drop it dead

Yasir Shah to Wagner, no run

length ball played down the pitch

Micah: "If only New Zealand had played a little better in their first innings, we would be in for a cracker of a test finish again, but Pakistan have won this comfortably especially with Nicholls gone" -- Blame it on Yasir Shah

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