54th match (N), Mumbai (BS), May 16 2015, Pepsi Indian Premier League
(20 ov, target 200)190/9
Royals won by 9 runs
Player Of The Match
104 (59) & 2/38
Player Of The Series
14 wkts • 326 runs
end of over 206 runs • 1 wicket
KKR: 190/9CRR: 9.50 
Morne Morkel4 (3)
Umesh Yadav24 (11)
Chris Morris 4-0-23-4
James Faulkner 4-0-45-1

That's all we have for tonight. Do join us again tomorrow at 3.30 pm for more IPL action. For now, this is Alagappan Muthu signing off

Shane Watson is the Man of the Match "Certainly due. Through the tournament I wasn't able to get going. Three or four day build up was good to sort things out, my batswing and all. Had a couple of days to work on a couple of things and be ready to go from the first ball. [Giving up captaincy] Especially bowling wise, it's hard for me to know when I should bowl and when not to and the most important thing for me is to execute my skills. So many incredible sides in the IPL, not many weaknesses among them. For us its about riding the waves and going to the finals and giving ourselves the best chance to win. As good as I've batted in a long while, especially in T20 cricket, just to feel at ease in the way I was hitting the ball"

"It was a massive game, must-win and those are the moments you play for and even better to come out on top," says Smith, "I ducked off the Dubai for three nights [to switch off] The boys trained well last night and we were ready for the challenge. Not really, We have a lot of belief in the group and I think we're pretty much through to the finals. Out attitude tonight was magnificent. Ajinkya and Watto were brilliant. They set the platform, got a little tight in the end so the bowlers did well. it's been one of the better wickets here. Have to back, rebuild and get ready again"

D: "KKR failed to impress this season Robin, Pandey, GG were out of form, Sunil seems to be impacted by his ban. They should thank Russell for carrying them till here."

"Frankly speaking we were really nervous at the start. Everyone played really well, especially Watto. Crucial game, great innings," Rahane says, "The way they were batting, we thought even 200 was not enough. Bowlers bowled really well and we knew we had to pick up wickets. Morris bowled a great spell. Umesh can play, and no one knows what happens at the end, but in T20s we need to take wickets. it's a really exciting time and we're looking forward to the playoffs"

"Obviously our destiny was in our hands, but we seem to have messed it up. Lot of credit to the Royals. 199 would be tough on any wicket, and credit to Shane the way he batted. If a top order batsman batted through more often than not they'd win," Gambhir says, "170-180 could have been an ideal total, we knew it would he high-scoring. The points table shows all sides are quality. It's one of the difficult leagues to play. We've played reasonably good cricket., but there are games we should have won. That's why we're here. It's going to be tough, but you have to take it on your chin and move on"

Allen: "I reckon KKR are out if this IPL as RCB has a healthy runrate, even if they lose they will go through. Winners of SRH vs MI match will also go through. So no chance for KKR this time." ---- Unless SRH v MI is a washout

Vivek: "Morris deserves MoM more than Watson. Four crucial wickets at less than 6rpo. Took a pathetic bowling effort home."

John A: "Gambir will be wearing his pads till tomorrow.. hoping for a miracle :P"

12.00 am Lots of smiles and high-fives from the Royals. Samson gives Watson a bail and lets him lead them off. Knight Riders took on the target of 200, despite a couple of early wickets. Yusuf Pathan and Andre Russell were motoring and 10-15 an over and the bowler was slipping away. Wides and short balls were sprayed around. But Chris Morris, withe an economy of 5.75, was their guiding light

Morris to Morkel, 1 run

well bowled, spears it into the blockhole and Morken can only nudge it towards the leg side. Royals are through to the playoffs and the defending champions will need to rely on other results to keep their tournament alive

Smith claps, and then wipes his hands on the towel. Watson raises his hands in triumph already

Morris to Yadav, 1 run

low full toss on off stump, thumped to long-off all along the ground

12 off 2... unless there are more wides. Third man and fine leg up. Long-off back

Morris to Morkel, 1 run

hits the blockhole on off stump, only a single into the covers

Morris to Morkel, 2 runs

full on off stump, heaved away wide of long-on for a couple. Appeal for a run-out, but Morkel is quite safe

Morris to Yadav, 1 run

full on leg stump, clubbed to long-on

Abhinav: "was it at this stadium that last year RR were knocked off? " --- That was Wankhede

Morris to Shakib, OUT

good length ball, Shakib goes for a swing and he gets it pretty high on the bat. Smith runs in from long-on and takes a simple catch. Buuuuut, Umesh has crossed over and will be on strike

Shakib Al Hasan c Smith b Morris 13 (35m 11b 2x4 0x6) SR: 118.18

KKR need 16 runs, Royals must be sweating... and not just because of the heat. Morris is the man... around the wicket

end of over 1920 runs
KKR: 184/8CRR: 9.68 RRR: 16.00
Umesh Yadav22 (9)
Shakib Al Hasan13 (10)
James Faulkner 4-0-45-1
Shane Watson 4-0-38-2
Faulkner to Yadav, FOUR runs

through the covers again! And this is better too, picks up the overpitched delivery and lifts it over extra cover. Great strike

Faulkner to Yadav, FOUR runs

low full toss has been smeared through the off side. Umesh is playing an absolute gem. Places it so well, finds the gap through the covers and makes sure the sweeper can't do anything

Faulkner to Yadav, 1 wide

top up the wide counter again. Looks for the yorker outside off but the ball slips out of his hands again

Faulkner to Yadav, no run

fuller and wide of off stump, Samson goes up in appeal to try and ward the umpire away from calling a wide. But that was inside the tram lines

Faulkner to Yadav, SIX runs

length ball on off stump, Umesh clears the front leg and wallops it over long-on. Knight Riders are roaring back, through their No. 10 batsman

Faulkner to Yadav, FOUR runs

cracked away to the point boundary! Umesh is still fighting. Royals are still bowling poorly. Short ball, ample width, and it's been taken advantage of

KKR need 35 off 11

Faulkner to Shakib, 1 run

length on off stump, Shakib slogs away to long-on

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