3rd Match, Dubai (DSC), Feb 10 2017, Pakistan Super League
(18.3/20 ov)119/3
Zalmi won by 7 wickets (with 9 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
80* (57)

11.20pm Peshawar Zalmi are up and away after a loss last night. Eoin Morgan with his highest T20 score to steer a potentially tricky chase. There was a feeling that Karachi Kings were 20 short, and that's been proved right. Controlled the flow of the innings throughout, did Morgan. It allowed Haris Sohail, playing just his second game since September 2015, the luxury of playing himself in. Karachi Kings recovered well, courtesy Bopara, Pollard and Malik, after wobbling at 12 for 4, but just couldn't sustain momentum after picking two early wickets. Early days in the competition, and they shouldn't be too concerned just yet.

No prizes for guessing who the Player of the Match is. Eoin Morgan

Sohail Khan to Morgan, 1 run

slower delivery again, grips and spins away, he looks to turn it to the leg side, the ball takes the edge and rolls to the off side. That's all they need to complete the run and a clinical seven-wicket win

Bilal: "Morgan proving that he's worth every penny spent on him. And he's also earned us a treat from our dear friend Muneer."

Sohail Khan to Morgan, 2 runs

Ahmed did all the hardwork in running backwards from cover, but just couldn't hold on. Morgan deceived by the slower one, and ended up slicing it towards the off side. Scores level

Sohail Khan to Haris Sohail, 1 run

angles a short of length delivery down to third man

end of over 187 runs
PZ: 115/3CRR: 6.38 RRR: 2.00
Eoin Morgan77 (55)
Haris Sohail12 (23)
Mohammad Amir 4-1-22-1
Sohail Khan 3-0-16-1
Amir to Morgan, FOUR runs

flicked behind square! What timing, the placement even better. He knows his angles really well. Fetched this from outside but once again exhibits the power of his wrists to place the ball where he did

Amir to Morgan, no run

deceived by the change in pace. Amir rolls his fingers over the delivery, the ball grips and bounces more than he expected, Morgan is beaten as he tries to ease it wide of cover

Amir to Morgan, 2 runs

full and angling into middle and leg, tucked away towards the man coming in from deep midwicket

Amir to Haris Sohail, 1 run

a direct hit at the bowler's end would have made things interesting. Sohail was looking to hoick this but was cramped for room and turned it to the leg side somehow

Amir to Haris Sohail, no run

gets forward and defends back down to the bowler

Toma-WOC: "Shashank: do you mind reporting that Eoin, an Irish name, pronounces as "own" and doesn't rhyme with "coin"? So many commentators around the world getting it wrong."

Amir to Haris Sohail, no run

sharp bouncer on middle from wide of the crease, Sohail ducks under that

Amir is back

end of over 175 runs
PZ: 108/3CRR: 6.35 RRR: 3.66
Eoin Morgan71 (52)
Haris Sohail11 (20)
Sohail Khan 3-0-16-1
Shoaib Malik 4-0-41-0
Sohail Khan to Morgan, FOUR runs

pulled into the gap at deep square leg. Didn't time it all that well but it was into the gap, most importantly

Sohail Khan to Morgan, no run

slower delivery angled across, Morgan was three steps outside his crease as he tried to meet the pull but missed it. On the second bounce to the keeper

Sohail Khan to Morgan, no run

play and a miss. Too full for him to play a big booming drive, had already passed him when the bat came down

Sohail Khan to Haris Sohail, 1 run

worked across the line to deep midwicket

Sohail Khan to Haris Sohail, no run

gets forward and defends the length ball to the off side

Sohail Khan to Haris Sohail, no run

big appeal for lbw but looks like the ball may have pitched outside leg? He tried to work it across the line too. Replays say it pitched on and would have hit top of off.

Sohail back into the attack