5th Match, Dubai, Feb 11 2017, Pakistan Super League
(19.1/20 ov)160/3
Gladiators won by 7 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)
player of the match
Rilee Rossouw
Quetta Gladiators

That's it from ESPNcricinfo's coverage of the PSL tonight. Hope you tune in tomorrow - Norway, Finland, Belgium, Germany, France, et. al, it was great having you. Good night.

Sarfraz: It isn't necessary we hit boundaries all the time. My plan was to stay long there and run fast. I knew if we stayed till the end, we would win coz it was a great pitch. these days chasing 8-9 per over is easy if you stay till the end and run hard.

Sanga: The start was a bit better than last game. We were 20 too short in the end. Bowled well in the Powerplay, but we couldn't make inroads in the middle. We needed a wicket in the middle, but ran very well. That was the difference between the two sides. We were also probably a bowler short. I don't think pinch hitters work, we like using our batsmen. Unfortunately, we didn't push enough during our Powerplay.

Rossouw: Happy with how things are shaping up. Good bunch of guys, good effort on the field. The challenge was taking it deep, Sarf and I batted well together, kept the momentum going with our running. I don't think we'll do any fitness training this week (laughs)

Rilee Rossouw is Man of the Match. First a selfie, then the trophy.

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So there it is. Both teams remain where they were at the start of this game - Quetta at the top, Karachi at the bottom. Too early to talk about standings, but Karachi Kings need to sort their team out quickly. Some big names in there but they don't look like a unit at the moment.

Quetta need their top-order to fire soon enough, but for now, Rossouw is all they need. Another superb knock under pressure from the left-hander and this time he makes sure he's there till the end. Well supported by Sarfraz who came in during a sticky situation and took his time, but made sure the running kept them in the game. They looked a deadly combination, these two. Good showing by Sarfraz at a time when Pakistan cricket is in murky waters.

Ahmed Farhad: "Really superb knock played by Proteas Rossouw & Skipper...After 3 down both played commanding innings.."

Muhammad Safdar: "The difference between Queta Gladiators and Karachi Kings is Sarfaraz. I still remember when Sarfaraz was very young and nobody knew him. He was made captain of Karachi Dolphins (Pakistan's domestic T20 tournament) in place of Afridi. The owner of Queta Gladiator 'OMAR ASSOCIATES' was the owner of Karachi Dolphins. And Sarfaraz made the weak team to victory. Omar associates always trusted on Sarfaraz in all domestic tournaments. I must say thanks to Omar associates for giving such a gift to Pakistan as Pakistani team is lacking a true leader. He will for sure a good leader for Pakistan."

Pollard to Rossouw, FOUR runs

....but there won't be a next time. Full toss outside off, slapped in front of sweeper cover and that's a second win for Quetta Gladiators. Ease past Karachi Kings by seven wickets thanks to this unbroken 130 run partnership.

Trying to keep some form of KP in this game. Here's Pollard. Stops in his delivery stride and warns Sarfraz that he'll be mankaded next time

Saad: "That was not a wise decision from Imad. Messing around with his captain of the national side:)" Ha!

end of over 196 runs
QG: 156/3CRR: 8.21 RRR: 4.00 • Need 4 runs from 6b
Rilee Rossouw72 (52)
Sarfaraz Ahmed56 (42)
Sohail Khan4-0-23-3
Mohammad Amir4-0-27-0
Sohail Khan to Rossouw, 1 run

excellent yorker, directed at off and middle, digs it out unconvincingly to deep square. End of a great spell from Sohail.

Sohail Khan to Sarfaraz, 1 run

slower ball outside off, hangs back and chops it down to third man

Sohail Khan to Sarfaraz, 2 runs

full outside off and swings back in, driven to long-on's left and this is top-class running. No hesitation, loud call, and enforces a fumble from the fielder

Sohail Khan to Sarfaraz, no run

back of a length outside off, and seams away after pitching. Past his outside edge as he slashes at this

Sohail Khan to Rossouw, 1 leg bye

good yorker at leg stump. Squeezes it out and turns it to short fine

Sohail Khan to Sarfaraz, 1 run

short and wide, cut to deep point

end of over 188 runs
QG: 150/3CRR: 8.33 RRR: 5.00 • Need 10 runs from 12b
Rilee Rossouw71 (50)
Sarfaraz Ahmed52 (38)
Mohammad Amir4-0-27-0
Imad Wasim3-0-27-0
Amir to Rossouw, FOUR runs

good yorker at leg stump, couldn't do much but throw his bat at it. Inside edge and races past Sangakkara

Amir to Rossouw, no run

full and tailing down leg, goes for the paddle and misses. That was close. Oh what's this drama? Sarfraz thought the ball's dead and walked out at the non-strikers. Imad has cheekily taken the bails off. Third umpire. Sarfraz is livid with the umpire. But replays show he just made it back.

Amir to Rossouw, 2 runs

woeful running. Steps out at a good length ball, bat turns in his hand as it rolls down to Pollard at long-on. They come back for the second as he gets it in his hands and he's short by at least 6 metres as the the throw misses

Samerr: "The way Sarfaraz is on the field today n yesterday as wicketkeeper, as commentator behind the wickets, as captain, as a batsman, as an excellent runner between the wickets. I think Pakistan's limited over team is in safe hands now. " Bit early, no?

Amir to Sarfaraz, 1 run

back of a length on the hips, swung away to fine leg

Amir to Rossouw, 1 run

well-directed bouncer at his neck, goes for the hook but isn't in control of this. Falls about 5 yards in front of Malik at fine leg who is running in

Farooq: "Just noticed, out of last 17 deliveries, only 1 has been a dot ball. Strike rotation has been extremely great between these two"

Amir to Rossouw, no run

slower bouncer, angles into him after pitching, goes for the upper cut, doesn't connect. Sanga is shouting animatedly behind the stumps. Rossouw doesn't understand why.

Adeel Miraj: "Gayle not finding his rhythm. Sanga also looks tired. I think Kings need to bring Mahela no matter what otherwise this season may as well be similar to the previous one. Which would not be a good thing of course."

end of over 1713 runs
QG: 142/3CRR: 8.35 RRR: 6.00 • Need 18 runs from 18b
Sarfaraz Ahmed51 (37)
Rilee Rossouw64 (45)
Imad Wasim3-0-27-0
Ravi Bopara4-0-30-0
Imad Wasim to Sarfaraz, SIX runs

low full toss outside leg, gets low and sweeps it over the long leg boundary to bring up his half-century

Imad Wasim to Sarfaraz, 2 runs

good length at off stump, goes for a wild slog sweep, gets a leading edge that goes to long-off, they scramble back for too even as Pollard fires in a throw at the strikers end

Imad Wasim to Rossouw, 1 run

fired in at yorker length outside off, slammed down to long-off

Imad Wasim to Sarfaraz, 1 run

in the blockhole at middle stump, backs away and chops it to point

Imad Wasim to Rossouw, 1 run

good length at middle stump, steps out and goes for the slog, gets an inside edge that trickles past Sanga

Imad Wasim to Rossouw, 2 runs

low full toss from around the wicket, plays the reverse, it goes straight to short third man, who might've come close with a direct hit. Instead, it's overthrows

Waqas: "This is highest partnership for QG at any wicket in PSL." One away from 100.