2nd Test, Colombo (SSC), Jul 20 - 23 2018, South Africa tour of Sri Lanka
338 & 275/5d
(target 490)124 & 290
Sri Lanka won by 199 runs
Player Of The Match
53 & 85
Player Of The Series
356 runs

1:48pm Simple words from Sri Lanka's frontmen before they head over to take the trophy. The photo works are under way, a bright orange signage that says "champions" as Sri Lanka fly a flag. A champion performance it was. Thanks for joining us for the coverage - we'll see you at the ODIs!

Suranga Lakmal: (as translated by Roshan Abeysinghe) Worked very hard and these are the results of that. Sri Lanka has some of the best spinners in the world and that's why we bothered the South African batsmen. Not thinking too hard about the captaincy.

Dimuth Karunaratne: I think the first few hours it came on nicely. But once it got drier and drier it started spinning. But I stuck to my basics and rotated the strike. We always take it series by series. Now we're prepared for the England series and then New Zealand.

Dimuth Karunaratne is the Man of the Match and the Man of the Series.

Faf du Plessis: Yeah the guys played well in this last innings. Theunis showed it's possible to get big runs in these conditions. But Sri Lanka were the best department over the last eight days. But it's not all dim and grim. Kesh getting a nine-for, he's got a bright future ahead of him. In these conditions, you need runs to get together. Fifty or sixty in these conditions counts for a lot. We have only three partnerships over fifty all series. But you've got to give credit to the opposition who put us under pressure. Yes, in hindsight we should have played two spinners. Our thinking was with an abrasive surface, we expected it to reverse. Lesson learnt, maybe when we come to the subcontinent we need to play two spinners.

Rangana Herath: Of course, pleased. Especially winning the game and the series against the No. 2 team. [Yes] I like Galle and SSC as hunting grounds. There was not much spin as the ball got softer, but we bowled well. Throughout the series. Everybody has the time to go and that's why I have decided to stop cricket. There is one more series to go [against England], hope to do well."

Raushan Razik: "SLn fans will miss the roar of the old horse when he retires in November as much as they missed the grin of murali."

Tharindu Hasara: "Well Done Herath Wrap up Series with world class bowling"

Danny: "I'd love to be in Lakmal's shoes. Call the Toss, relax and wake up to declare and roll your arm for a couple of overs. At the end go and collect the Trophy! Just the dream Test for every Test playing cricketer "

1:23pm It's come a little later than was expected last night, and that is down to quality batting by Theunis de Bruyn, but it's a massive win nonetheless: 199 runs, just as good as the margin last match, and a fitting way to wrap up a 2-0 series win. Sri Lanka have been good in every session of this series and have run wild against a slender South African resistance. Runs and wickets, they've got them all. South Africa's batsmen found the answers only on the last day of the series. That is no good. Lakmal with the pristine captaincy record, Dimuth straight back into run-machine mode. Runs for Mathews too. Wickets for everyone. In the middle of that, a career-high for Keshav Maharaj, and the worst strike-rate in a series, ever, for the returning Dale Steyn.

Herath to Steyn, OUT

Herath wins the duel, Sri Lanka have the match and the series. Steyn jumps down the track and isn't to the pitch of this length ball. Looks to slog, gets it off the toe-end and it's high, straight over the bowler. Long-on gets under it and takes with a reverse cup

Dale Steyn c Gunathilaka b Herath 6 (9m 6b 0x4 1x6) SR: 100
Herath to Steyn, no run

full on off stump, inside edge onto pad and into the turf. Herath enquires about the lbw, it's turned down by everyone around him

Herath to Steyn, no run

length on off stump, dead-batted into the pitch

Herath to Steyn, no run

too good for Steyn. Rips past the outside edge as he looks to block

Herath to Steyn, SIX runs

bring it on, says Steyn. Herath slapped him over the midwicket earlier. He returns the favour by jumping down the track and slicing him into the boundary padding at long-off

end of over 864 runs • 1 wicket
SA: 284/9CRR: 3.30 
Lungi Ngidi4 (4)
Dale Steyn0 (1)
Dilruwan Perera 30-4-90-2
Rangana Herath 32-5-92-5
Perera to Ngidi, FOUR runs

pummelled. Length ball outside off, spinning in sharply, so naturally you must hit it to deep midwicket. Swings and connects sweetly with the slog

Goes over the wicket

Perera to Ngidi, no run

length on middle stump, blocked on the front foot

Perera to Ngidi, no run

length on middle stump, blocked on the front foot

Perera to Ngidi, no run

length ball skids past the outside edge as he pokes forward outside off

Two slips, a leg slip, a short leg. Dilruwan from around the wicket. Lungi Ngidi the last obstacle to a series win.

Perera to Rabada, OUT

taken at first slip. The new ball is doing its job and the end is nigh. Length ball turning and climbing away from off. Rabada defends away from the body. Mathews takes an easy one to his left. Straightforward stuff.

Kagiso Rabada c Mathews b Perera 18 (33m 37b 2x4 1x6) SR: 48.64
Perera to Rabada, no run

length on off stump, bat-pad into the off side, along the floor

end of over 854 runs • 1 wicket
SA: 280/8CRR: 3.29 
Dale Steyn0 (1)
Kagiso Rabada18 (35)
Rangana Herath 32-5-92-5
Dilruwan Perera 29-4-86-1
Herath to Steyn, no run

length on off stump, watchfully defended on the front foot

Now Dale Steyn. Herath won the batting battle against him. Can he wrap him up?

Gururaj: "In the end, you must say that for SA playing an extra batsman worked but unfortunately, backing their three seamers didn't. This is exactly the challenge that selectors face and one must admit not a straightforward task! "

Herath to de Bruyn, OUT

five for Herath! This is mastery. It's the work of a man who has 34 five wicket hauls. He has made South Africa's best batsman look like No. 11. What a ball this is. Pitching on the same spot as the previous one, maybe mariginally fuller. Seam pointed into the off side, but it's an arm ball. De Bruyn is looking to leave, but it's skidded into off stump. Takes the best to get the best. An angry roar from Herath as punches the air. This lion doesn't age.

Theunis de Bruyn b Herath 101 (257m 232b 12x4 0x6) SR: 43.53
Herath to de Bruyn, no run

length outside off, rips past the outside edge as he looks to defend

Herath to de Bruyn, no run

full on off stump, blocks into the pitch

Herath to de Bruyn, no run

yorker length, dead-batted

Herath to de Bruyn, FOUR runs

is that it? Yes it is! Maiden Test hundred for Theunis de Bruyn and you can bet it's been one of his most challenging knocks ever. Confidently gets down at this length ball on middle and paddles it very fine, keeping his eyes on it, keeping his shape, keeping his wits - everything he's done all innings long. Very impressive.

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