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5th ODI (D/N), Colombo (RPS), August 12, 2018, South Africa tour of Sri Lanka
(24.4/50 ov, T:300) 121

Sri Lanka won by 178 runs

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227 runs • 2 wkts
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9.05pm Phew. De Kock collects the series trophy, and it's a big achievement for South Africa to have won here, especially after the Test series trouncing, but it feels like both teams will have a good feeling as the curtains come down. Sri Lanka have a lot of options if everyone's fit, and they will spend the next few months narrowing down their combination for the World Cup. South Africa will go back pleased with the result but with a clear idea that they need to work on their game against spin. All in all, an intriguing series even if the trophy was won after just three games. We hope you enjoyed our coverage. Until next time, goodbye!

Quinton de Kock: "Always nice getting ahead when you're in Sri Lanka. Not easy coming here and winning. It's always important, we know coming to the subcontinent isn't easy. I think they batted really well and bowled really well once again, they kept the pressure on us, Angie led them really well. Akila knows what he's doing with the ball. It's hard to take him on, he's got a lot of variations - we have batted well against him in this series, but today he bowled really well."

JP Duminy is the Player of the Series. "Looking back on the series, pretty happy with the way we're playing. Going 3-0 up in Sri Lanka is not easy. It was a tough decision to retire from Tests, but it's good to spend a lot more time with the family, and you come into these kinds of tournaments fresh. So far so good. The bowling is something I've been working on a lot with Claude Henderson, pleased to see the results coming in. I think the batting has really been good, just the mindset we've been approaching our batting with in the last four games. Hopefully we can dominate in the World Cup in a few months' time. Looking forward to the opportunity of captaining the side in the T20 game."

Angelo Mathews: "This was the performance we were looking for, unfortunately a bit too late. Lots of positives. The way Akila bowled today, Dhananjaya de Silva chipping in with the ball. Wicket was on the slower side, I was struggling initially. Pleased with the way I batted, good to contribute. Credit to the South Africans the way they played after having bad days in the Test series. It's a work in progress (for Sri Lanka ahead of the 2019 World Cup). We've still got time for the World Cup, we'll see how it goes."

Akila Dananjaya is the Player of the Match. "His plan was to be the best bowler in the series, and he's pleased about achieving it," is how Roshan Abeysinghe paraphrases his Sinhala replies. "He also wants to improve on his variations."

Malith: "Where is Chandimal, "Karthik " -- I don't think he gets into the first XI in ODIs. Could be in the squad, though.

Hasitha: "Karthik can you name a World Cup XI for SL?" -- Hmmm, this is a difficult one, but let me try. Gunathilaka, Dickwella, Kusal, Kusal, Mathews, Gunaratne, Dasun/Dhananjaya de Silva (depending on conditions), Thisara, Dananjaya, Lakmal, Rajitha/Kumara. Would look so much more balanced if Mathews were still able to bowl.

Romesh Kaluwith: "For a side that got whitewashed in 3 ODI series, lost an ODI series at home to Zimbabwe, and only managed a draw with Bangladesh, these last two ODIs have been a huge relief. Hopefully it injects some confidence to the players, especially the misfiring ODI top order."

Soham Basak: "In case any South African fan is feeling distraught at this capitulation, fret not. Just look at India's score against England and you will feel better."

8.38pm Akila Dananjaya was magnificent, and he wraps up a very good all-round performance from Sri Lanka at the Premadasa. Angelo Mathews was back to near his best, but South Africa's bowling was patchy, and I felt 299 was too big a first-innings total on this pitch. Now it looks like Sri Lanka could have defended 220 comfortably. Plenty of help for the spinners, and Dananjaya made it count by bowling brilliant lengths right through. South Africa really need to work on reading spin from the hand; they lost a home ODI series for the same reason earlier this year, against India's wristspin pair of Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal.

This is South Africa's third-worst ODI defeat ever, in terms of runs.

Lahiru Kumara to Dala, OUT

short and wide, and that is that. Sri Lanka have pulled it back to 3-2. Slaps it firmly, but can't keep it down, hits it straight to point at around waist height, and he catches it one-handed on the rebound after spilling it on the first attempt

Junior Dala c de Silva b Kumara 5 (3b 1x4 0x6 ) SR: 166.66
Lahiru Kumara to Dala, FOUR runs

bouncer, quick one, angling into the batsman's left shoulder. Swivels round to pull, and though he's a little late on it, he plays it pretty well, stepping across and keeping his eye on the ball. Helps it away to the fine leg boundary

Lahiru Kumara to Rabada, 1 run

back of a length on leg stump, whipped away to deep square leg

Lahiru Kumara to Dala, 1 run

bangs it in short outside off. Reaches out and stabs it towards third man

end of over 243 runs • 1 wicket
SA: 115/9CRR: 4.79 RRR: 7.11
Kagiso Rabada11 (17b 1x4)
Junior Dala0 (0b)
Akila Dananjaya 9-0-29-6
Lahiru Kumara 5-0-28-1
Dananjaya to Rabada, no run

back of a length slider from round the wicket, zeroing in on middle and leg stumps. Rabada defends watchfully off the back foot

Junior Dala is in at No. 11.

1.1 overs left to bowl for Dananjaya, and he has 6 for 29. Can he sneak between Vaas and Murali?

Dananjaya to Maharaj, OUT

another legbreak, slower with more flight, and Akila has his sixth wicket. Maharaj jumps out and gives it a big heave. Not quite to the pitch of it, and he slices it high in the air, descends for a simple catch at mid-off

Keshav Maharaj c Lakmal b Dananjaya 8 (12b 1x4 0x6 ) SR: 66.66
Dananjaya to Maharaj, no run

legbreak, skids on towards middle and leg. Goes back and punches into the covers

Dananjaya to Rabada, 1 run

full outside off, driven to sweeper cover

Dananjaya to Rabada, 2 runs

down the track and he gets inside the line to lift this inside-out over the leaping extra-cover fielder

Dananjaya to Rabada, no run

nicely bowled, angling in from round the wicket, towards middle and off, and doesn't turn as much as Rabada expects as he props forward to defend. Inside-edge into the pad

end of over 2310 runs
SA: 112/8CRR: 4.86 RRR: 6.96
Keshav Maharaj8 (10b 1x4)
Kagiso Rabada8 (13b 1x4)
Lahiru Kumara 5-0-28-1
Akila Dananjaya 8-0-26-5
Lahiru Kumara to Maharaj, no run

back of a length, angling into middle and leg. Keeps slightly low and Maharaj defends it back towards the bowler

Lahiru Kumara to Rabada, 1 run

back of a length, angling into the pads, whipped away to deep square leg

Lahiru Kumara to Rabada, FOUR runs

short, a bit of width, and Rabada uppercuts deliberately, over slip once again

Onesh Liyanage: "How nice is it when Mathews scores runs, others chip in around him, Akila taking wickets, this is what SL cricket fans are waiting to see more regularly. Have to say Hathu's doing a great job with the boys!"

Lahiru Kumara to Rabada, no run

full on off stump, blocked into the covers

Round the wicket to Rabada.

Slfan : "Having an A/level examination paper tomorrow morning and would like to thank Akila and Co. for finishing this match early so I could go and start studying :D" -- You've just set yourself up for an epic Rabada-Maharaj partnership.

Lahiru Kumara to Maharaj, 1 run

back of a length on off stump, punched to sweeper cover

Lahiru Kumara to Maharaj, FOUR runs

short and wide, Keshav slashes hard, and edges it over the one, wide slip

end of over 223 runs
SA: 102/8CRR: 4.63 RRR: 7.07
Keshav Maharaj3 (7b)
Kagiso Rabada3 (10b)
Akila Dananjaya 8-0-26-5
Lahiru Kumara 4-0-18-1
Dananjaya to Maharaj, 1 run

another loopy legbreak, ends up as a full-toss on leg stump. Maharaj clips it to long-on

Dananjaya to Maharaj, no run

legbreak, loopy and full on middle stump. Clipped to midwicket

Dananjaya to Rabada, 1 run

fuller, on the pads, clipped through square leg

Dananjaya to Rabada, no run

good-length offbreak outside off, left alone

Round the wicket to Rabada.

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