3rd Test (D/N), Adelaide, Nov 24 - 27 2016, South Africa tour of Australia
259/9d & 250
(40.5 ov, target 127)383 & 127/3
Australia won by 7 wickets
player of the match
Usman Khawaja

6.36pm Great comeback from Australia. It's what you come to expect from the team. They dominated the Test right from the first session, and never looked back. Players hake hands, some hugs among the South African players. Renshaw and Handscomb embrace each other. South Africa has won the series 2-1, and were the better side in this series. A well-deserved victory for them but Australia too has a lot to look forward to. The day-night Test is another success, Adelaide has been a great host.

Time for the presentation.

Usman Khawaja is the Man of the Match: "It would have been nice if we won one of the first two matches. A good contest between bat and ball. There was always something in the wicket. Any hundred for Australia is special. The fact that we won the game makes it even more special. It was tough work, they bowled really good areas, they're a class act."

Vernon Philander is the Man of the Series: "I am surprised. A lot of wonderful performances over the series. Dale has been a champion bowler for so long, we owed it to him to step up in his place. The whole bowling outfit. Have to get used to the pink ball. We had two warm-up games but that was insufficient to get used to it.

Steven Smith: "I'm very pleased and proud of the way the boys stood up for this game. The way we came put and played this game. Disappointing start to the series, outplayed by South Africa and Faf. They thoroughly deserve to win this series. A long time coming this win."

Faf du Plessis: "It's pretty disappointing that we lost the Test match. Australia is very competitive, you don't just come here and beat them. You have to play really good cricket. A very satisfied captain. Very easy to captain with a bowling unit like that, we're prepared to put in the hard yards. A lot more positive than I thought it would be (the pink ball).

Matt Renshaw: "I try not to give my wicket away. Give the bowlers a bit of hope, keep playing and missing 'em. Best moment of my life. They've all embraced us."

Peter Handscomb: "Nice to see if I could handle it at this level. Was a pretty quick turnaround, was in Sydney then Melbourne and then to Adelaide."

Shamsi to Handscomb, 1 run

Handscomb dances down and flicks through midwicket to seal off a fantastic consolation win

Two balls left.

Shamsi to Handscomb, no run

comes down and drives back to the bowler

Shamsi to Handscomb, no run

comes down, doesn't quite get to the pitch, pads it back towards the bowler

Shamsi to Handscomb, no run

well bowled. Flat and full outside off, defended off the back foot

Shamsi to Renshaw, 1 run

tossed up on middle, driven to mid-on for one. Renshaw's work is all but done

Apt that two Australia debutants will finish this Test off. Handscomb. Just two to win

end of over 406 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 125/3CRR: 3.12 
Matt Renshaw33 (136)
Kyle Abbott10-2-26-1
Tabraiz Shamsi14-4-47-1
Abbott to Smith, OUT

and Smith goes. What a beauty from Abbott. Smith shuffles across outside off, looks to work the ball through midwicket but the line is wider than he would have wanted. tries to improvise a defensive stroke but the ball takes the outside edge and is snaffled up by de Kock.

Steven Smith c †de Kock b Abbott 40 (84m 52b 5x4 0x6) SR: 76.92

Australia has thoroughly dominated this Test

Abbott to Smith, FOUR runs

thick outside edge which races away past gully for four. Shortish and wide outside off, Smith gets on top of the bounce, looks to punch. A thick outside edge goes to the left of gully

Abbott to Smith, no run

gets right across and works the ball to square leg

Jack Captain: "In Renshaw Australia have finally found a batter with the concentration and temperament to not throw away his wicket. Like the players of old we glorify who are currently criticising his slow strike in a low-scoring run chase"

Abbott to Smith, no run

130 kph, pushed up to mid-on

Abbott to Smith, 2 runs

superb clip through midwicket. Rabada dives to his right to stop the ball from going through. Good stuff from Rabada

Abbott to Smith, no run

back of a length on off, worked to square leg

Australia now eight away

end of over 3911 runs
AUS: 119/2CRR: 3.05 
Matt Renshaw33 (136)
Steven Smith34 (46)
Tabraiz Shamsi14-4-47-1
Kyle Abbott9-2-20-0
Shamsi to Renshaw, no run

shortish and wide, carved to point

Shamsi to Renshaw, FOUR runs

superb stroke. Tossed up outside off, Renshaw stretches out and on-drives beautifully through mid-on.

Shamsi to Smith, 1 run

worked to deep midwicket

Shamsi to Renshaw, 1 run

and dropped! Short and wide outside off, Renshaw gets a bit of an edge on that. Bursts through de Kock's gloves and past slip

Shamsi to Renshaw, FOUR runs

worked through midwicket for four. The crowd foes wild. Renshaw has a smile on his face. Too full, too straight. Lovely wristy flick

Shamsi to Smith, 1 run

Smith gets across and works to deep square leg, an ODI shot

Australia now has four overs to finish this game, otherwise we head into the dinner break. Or 15 minutes.