Brisbane, Feb 1 - 4 1930, Sheffield Shield
(60.1 ov)80 & 200
Victoria won by an innings and 33 runs
Queensland 1st INNINGS
Francis Gough st †Ellis b Ironmonger6----0.00
Ron Oxenham (c)c & b Ironmonger21----0.00
Eric Bensted c & b a'Beckett15----0.00
Edward Hubbard c Scaife b Ironmonger0--000.00
Victor Goodwin c Rigg b Ironmonger5---00.00
Henry Fewin c Rigg b Ironmonger7----0.00
Kenneth Mossop c & b Ironmonger0--000.00
Alec Hurwood c Blackie b a'Beckett0--000.00
Percy Hornibrook c Hendry b a'Beckett18----0.00
Angus Marshall  b Ironmonger7----0.00
Pud Thurlow not out 0--000.00
Extras(w 1)1
TOTAL(25.3 Ov, RR: 3.15, 101 Mts)80
Fall of wickets: 1-20 (Francis Gough), 2-33 (Ron Oxenham), 3-39, 4-47, 5-54, 6-54, 7-54, 8-56, 9-77, 10-80 (25.3 ov)
Ted a'Beckett1334432.53---10
Bert Ironmonger12.353572.12---00
Victoria 1st INNINGS
Bill Ponsford c & b Hurwood15----0.00
Stork Hendry c Mossop b Hurwood6----0.00
Jack Ryder (c)c Hubbard b Hornibrook168-295810.00
Keith Rigg c Bensted b Hornibrook13----0.00
Len Darling c Goodwin b Hurwood10----0.00
John Scaife c Mossop b Bensted16----0.00
Ted a'Beckett c †Marshall b Thurlow8----0.00
John Ellis c †Marshall b Thurlow32-84--0.00
Don Blackie c Mossop b Hurwood9----0.00
Harry Alexander not out 2--000.00
Bert Ironmonger c Goodwin b Hornibrook6----0.00
Extras(b 20, lb 6, w 2)28
TOTAL(82.4 Ov, RR: 3.79, 319 Mts)313
Fall of wickets: 1-13, 2-38, 3-80 (Keith Rigg), 4-97 (Len Darling), 5-133 (John Scaife), 6-170 (Ted a'Beckett), 7-258 (John Ellis), 8-305 (Jack Ryder), 9-305 (Don Blackie), 10-313 (Bert Ironmonger, 82.4 ov)
Alec Hurwood2948842.27---00
Ron Oxenham511402.10---00
Percy Hornibrook25.428732.55---10
Henry Fewin201104.12---00
Pud Thurlow1105023.40---00
Eric Bensted1013512.62---10
Queensland 2nd INNINGS
Francis Gough c Hendry b Alexander1--000.00
Ron Oxenham (c) b Alexander6----0.00
Eric Bensted lbw b Blackie79-1351000.00
Edward Hubbard  b Blackie65-179700.00
Victor Goodwin st †Ellis b a'Beckett9----0.00
Henry Fewin c Hendry b Ironmonger11----0.00
Kenneth Mossop st †Ellis b Ironmonger0--000.00
Angus Marshall not out 0--000.00
Percy Hornibrook run out (Ryder)3--000.00
Alec Hurwood  b Blackie2--000.00
Pud Thurlow c a'Beckett b Ironmonger1--000.00
Extras(b 9, lb 9, nb 5)23
TOTAL(60.1 Ov, RR: 3.32, 237 Mts)200
Fall of wickets: 1-9, 2-22, 3-119 (Eric Bensted), 4-146, 5-194, 6-194, 7-194, 8-197 (Percy Hornibrook), 9-199 (Alec Hurwood), 10-200 (Pud Thurlow, 60.1 ov)
Harry Alexander1534122.04---04
Bert Ironmonger19.145132.00---00
Ted a'Beckett1002311.72---00
Don Blackie1616232.90---01
Exhibition Ground, Brisbane
TossVictoria, elected to field first
SeriesSheffield Shield
Match daysday(5-day match)
Australia Image
James Orr
Australia Image
John Scott
Balls per over8
PointsVictoria 5, Queensland 0
Sat, 01 Feb - day 1 -Victoria 1st innings 82/3 (Jack Ryder 35*, Len Darling 0*, null ov)
Sun, 02 Feb - rest day
Mon, 03 Feb - day 2 -Queensland 2nd innings 74/2 (Eric Bensted 53*, Edward Hubbard 5*, null ov)
Tue, 04 Feb - day 3 -Queensland 2nd innings 200/10 (60.1 ov) - end of match
  • 12th Men: AHF Rofe (Qld) and RN Ellis (Vic)
  • Crowds: ? , 2500, ? . Total: No figures published. Receipts: 496 pounds