Adelaide, Dec 19 - 24 1929, Sheffield Shield
(58.6 ov, target 241)508 & 244/5
South Aust won by 5 wickets
New South Wales 1st INNINGS
Alan Fairfax c Wall b Whitfield39----0.00
Archie Jackson c †Walker b Grimmett19----0.00
Donald Bradman run out (Lonergan/†Walker)2--000.00
Alan Kippax (c)c Palmer b Wall26----0.00
Alec Marks c & b Wall1--000.00
Stan McCabe  b Wall69-76800.00
Arthur Allsopp c †Walker b Grimmett77-103910.00
Sam Everett lbw b Whitfield1--000.00
Hugh Davidson c Richardson b Grimmett52-70500.00
Hal Hooker not out 13----0.00
Norval Campbell c Pritchard b Whitfield7----0.00
Extras(lb 3, nb 5)8
TOTAL(76.1 Ov, RR: 4.12, 292 Mts)314
Fall of wickets: 1-34 (Archie Jackson), 2-40, 3-82, 4-85, 5-104, 6-199, 7-209, 8-262, 9-303, 10-314 (Norval Campbell, 76.1 ov)
Tim Wall1717433.26---04
Henry Whitfield15.116733.32---01
Clarrie Grimmett3199132.20---00
George Palmer1327404.26---00
South Australia 1st INNINGS
Gordon Harris st †Davidson b Campbell46----0.00
Brian Hone  b Hooker126-275500.00
David Pritchard c McCabe b Hooker148-2501200.00
Vic Richardson (c) b Fairfax64----0.00
Jack Nitschke lbw b Fairfax12----0.00
Henry Whitfield c Allsopp b Bradman45----0.00
Roy Lonergan c †Davidson b Fairfax0--000.00
Clarrie Grimmett run out (Marks/Everett)35----0.00
Charlie Walker  b Everett2--000.00
Tim Wall c Everett b Bradman3--000.00
George Palmer not out 4---00.00
Extras(b 7, lb 9, nb 7)23
TOTAL(139.4 Ov, RR: 3.64, 504 Mts)508
Fall of wickets: 1-100 (Gordon Harris), 2-275 (Brian Hone), 3-378 (David Pritchard), 4-403, 5-412, 6-412, 7-498, 8-499, 9-502, 10-508 (139.4 ov)
Sam Everett33611712.65---01
Alan Fairfax2958032.06---06
Norval Campbell9.504213.27---00
Hal Hooker29410022.58---00
Donald Bradman21.709323.18---00
Stan McCabe1334602.65---00
Alan Kippax42701.31---00
New South Wales 2nd INNINGS
Archie Jackson c Pritchard b Grimmett82-145410.00
Donald Bradman lbw b Grimmett84-142500.00
Alec Marks c Pritchard b Whitfield23----0.00
Hugh Davidson c & b Grimmett7----0.00
Alan Kippax (c) b Palmer6----0.00
Stan McCabe lbw b Grimmett70-81600.00
Arthur Allsopp c & b Grimmett73-113500.00
Sam Everett  b Whitfield10----0.00
Alan Fairfax c Hone b Grimmett46----0.00
Hal Hooker c Pritchard b Grimmett9----0.00
Norval Campbell not out 4---00.00
Extras(b 13, lb 5, nb 2)20
TOTAL(107.1 Ov, RR: 4.05, 376 Mts)434
Fall of wickets: 1-172 (Donald Bradman), 2-175 (Archie Jackson), 3-185 (Hugh Davidson), 4-202, 5-237, 6-321, 7-351, 8-387, 9-407, 10-434 (107.1 ov)
Tim Wall502503.75---01
Henry Whitfield25210423.12---01
Clarrie Grimmett44.1513672.31---00
George Palmer26312113.49---00
Vic Richardson702803.00---00
South Australia 2nd INNINGS (target: 241 runs)
Gordon Harris c †Davidson b Hooker10----0.00
Brian Hone run out (sub [WC Andrews]/†Davidson)61-135400.00
David Pritchard c & b McCabe75-141700.00
Vic Richardson (c)c Marks b Hooker44----0.00
Jack Nitschke  b Fairfax10----0.00
Henry Whitfield not out 7----0.00
Roy Lonergan not out 21----0.00
Extras(b 2, lb 8, nb 6)16
TOTAL(58.6 Ov, RR: 4.15, 214 Mts)244/5
Fall of wickets: 1-28 (Gordon Harris), 2-124 (Brian Hone), 3-194, 4-212, 5-219
Sam Everett1123002.04---02
Alan Fairfax1703911.72---03
Hal Hooker19.628923.37---01
Stan McCabe703914.17---00
Donald Bradman10806.00---00
Alan Kippax302305.75---00
Adelaide Oval
TossNew South Wales, elected to bat first
SeriesSheffield Shield
Match daysday(5-day match)
Australia Image
George Hele
Australia Image
TW Cook
Balls per over8
PointsSouth Australia 5, New South Wales 0
Thu, 19 Dec - day 1 -South Aust 1st innings 21/0 (Gordon Harris 14*, Brian Hone 6*, null ov)
Fri, 20 Dec - day 2 -South Aust 1st innings 364/2 (David Pritchard 142*, Vic Richardson 37*, null ov)
Sat, 21 Dec - day 3 -NSW 2nd innings 178/2 (Alec Marks 2*, Hugh Davidson 1*, null ov)
Sun, 22 Dec - rest day
Mon, 23 Dec - day 4 -South Aust 2nd innings 76/1 (Brian Hone 44*, David Pritchard 14*, null ov)
Tue, 24 Dec - day 5 -South Aust 2nd innings 244/5 (58.6 ov) - end of match
  • 12th Men: HK Sincock (SA) and WC Andrews (NSW)
  • Crowds: 4892, 6176, 10475, 5277, 2381. Total: 29,201. Receipts: 1185 pounds