Final, Hobart, Mar 17 - 21 2011, Sheffield Shield
440 & 215/5d
(target 203)453 & 203/3
Tasmania won by 7 wickets
Player Of The Match
133 & 21
end of over 745 runs
TAS: 203/3CRR: 2.74 
Mark Cosgrove44 (66)
Alex Doolan65 (177)
Steve O'Keefe 22-9-49-0
Trent Copeland 23-8-53-1

Tasmania with the Shield final by 7 wickets. The Blues gave themselves a chance but declaring early last night but they didn't take their chances and the Tigers batted sensibly today to win the game before tea.

Alex Doolan finishes 65 not out and Mark Cosgrove 44 not out. Tasmania will celebrate a thoroughly deserved victory.

Ed Cowan has been named Man of the Match for his 133 in the first innings. It was a superb dispay of concentration and determination.

That's it from Bellerive. The Sheffield Shield has been claimed by the home side Tasmania for only the second time in their history. On behalf of Andrew Fuss this is Alex Malcolm saying thanks for your company over the last five days. Good bye.

O'Keefe to Cosgrove, FOUR runs

There it is! Tossed up and Cosgrove slog sweeps over midwicket for four! Tasmania win their second Sheffield Shield!

O'Keefe to Cosgrove, no run

tossed up high and Cosgrove defends

O'Keefe to Cosgrove, no run

tossed up and Cosgrove defends again

O'Keefe to Cosgrove, no run

shorter ball doesn't bounce and Cosgrove defends

Four to win. Will Cossie bomb one?

O'Keefe to Doolan, 1 run

tossed up, Doolan drives wide of cover for a single

O'Keefe to Doolan, no run

88kph full and straight Doolan goes back to defend

end of over 737 runs
TAS: 198/3CRR: 2.71 
Mark Cosgrove40 (62)
Alex Doolan64 (175)
Trent Copeland 23-8-53-1
Steve O'Keefe 21-9-44-0
Copeland to Cosgrove, no run

yorker length almost and Cosgrove digs this out

Copeland to Cosgrove, FOUR runs

short and wide and Cosgrove hammers this off the back foot through cover-point for another boundary

Copeland to Cosgrove, no run

117kph Cosgrove tries to loft down the ground and miscues short of mid on

Nine to win for Tasmania

Copeland to Cosgrove, 2 runs

this rears from a length and Cosgrove fends this away past slip for two more

Copeland to Doolan, 1 run

fuller length, Doolan pushes into cover-point for a single

Copeland to Doolan, no run

121kph back of a length, Doolan goes back and defends to short mid on

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