1st Test (D/N), Brisbane, Jan 24 - 26 2019, Sri Lanka tour of Australia
(50.5 ov)144 & 139
Australia won by an innings and 40 runs
player of the match
Pat Cummins

5.30pm That's all from Alex Malcolm and I. Hope you enjoyed ESPNcricinfo's coverage of the day-night Test. Hop over to New Zealand's chase of India's 324 over here for uninterrupted cricketing action. See you soon for the second Test of this series. Bye bye, and happy Australia Day to you guys.

5.15pm Presentation time.

Pat Cummins is the Man of the Match. "I thought it was a really great effort this week," he says." A bit of a new side and new set up. Everyone performed so it was great stuff. I think the pitch helped a lot. Big thanks to the curators. That's a beautiful Test wicket. Really enjoyed bowling on it but I think just the discipline our unit showed. We built up a lot of pressure and I thought that was the best we've bowled this summer. I think the pink ball helps when it's swinging around a bit. Makes it a bit easier to get that fuller length. I was really happy with my consistency. Fortunately they nicked a couple."

Tim Paine: "It was a pretty well rounded performance. There's a few things we can improve on but for a young group and a new group coming together it's a pretty good start. I think Kurtis coming in looked every bit a Test player. The other two (Labuschagne and Head) have played a few Tests and you can see they're starting to get a little bit of experience and confidence at this level and I thought the way they played when we were under a bit of pressure was outstanding. We were disappointed after the India series. We didn't think we were too far away but we just let slip some crucial moments. I think that was the difference in this Test. We won those moments. Some big moments in the game. If you can do that consistently you win more Test matches. I thought the way (Cummins) bowled, regardless of his 10 wickets, I thought the way he executed with the ball, he got the ball in the right areas so many times and ended up getting the 10 wickets but I also thought the bowlers did a great job. Jhye Richardson in his first Test was outstanding."

Dinesh Chandimal: "We are really disappointed as a team. Our batting was below par. We all know when we come to Australia you will get a lot of bounce and at the Gabba there's something for the fast bowlers. As a batting unit we had to step up if you want to win a game here. That's the area we have to improve and we'll just keep doing hard work at practice and hopefully it will be alright for the next game. (Lakmal) He was outstanding. He always does a consistent performance. We just want to take the positives out of this. Suranga Lakmal's five wicket haul and Niroshan's two innings. Kumara is out for four to six weeks. So he's out of the next game. And Dushmantha is also injured. So we'll need to get another two quick bowlers. We are a young team. We need some experience. Looking forward to the next one"

5.06pm Paine calls his team for a huddle. Has a quiet word with them before leading the boys out of the field. Proud captain this week, as the hosts shake Sri Lanka's hand. Chandimal leads the visitors. The crowd of 14,274 having an early end to their Australia Day plans. We'll have the presentations shortly.

Jhye Richardson: "I didn't get much sleep the first night, but happy to put up a good performance. It's everything I dreamt it would be. The guys were outstanding, and we had support all the way. Cummins showed patience, used subtle variations. I just tried to create from the other end. In the huddle, Paine said that 'if we put in this performance consistently, we can beat anyone in the world'. Outstanding catch from Patterson, wasn't it? We missed the first replay on the big screen.. so we wanted to have a look once again real quick."

Francis: "Ashish he has 90"

Ashish Gupta: "With so much talk about Cummins performance and nobody realized that he completed 100 wickets in test even cricinfo didn't publish any comment regarding that."

vikash: "Someone tell me the math here pls. After the END OF OVER:50, SL: 137/8. One more wicket and it:s 139/10. How?" -- Lahiru Kumara couldn't bat due to a hamstring injury

5.04pm Handshakes among the Australians. A few hugs even, nothing too extravagant. Cummins finishes with career-best match and innings figures. He's congratulated by Lyon as they walk back together. Head tells him 'well done' too.

Bertrand : "So what if the two of them tampered the ball, it's time to move on, and let them play their game, seeing this Australian side playing cricket has left a cricket junkie like me depressed "

el: "Smith is the greatest test batsmen in this generation, better than Kohli, he will come strong and immediately. He will captain again cause look at Paine average less 20 this summer, getting out at duck and even losing at home to India. Plus who you gonna make captain?"

Uncle Ernie: "@Everton Martyn the ball was nowhere near the elbow, so it has to be a delayed bat deflection"

Lyon to Lakmal, OUT

stumped! And Australia win by an innings and 40 runs. Full on middle, and turning inwards. He skips down the wicket to slog, but the ball goes through him and then Paine does the rest.

Suranga Lakmal st †Paine b Lyon 24 (40m 30b 3x4 0x6) SR: 80
Lyon to Lakmal, no run

back of a length on middle, and defended off the back foot towards the non-striker

Everton Martyn : "The TV umpire's decision to give Thirmane out was an atrocious decision. Anyone could clearly see on the replays when the ball passes the bat there was no spike. It was when it hit his left elbow that there was the spike. An international umpire with so much of experience both at international and domestic first class could give that out is mind boggling. "

Lyon to Lakmal, 2 runs

half-tracker on off, and pulled with the spin to deep midwicket

Lyon to Lakmal, no run

flighted on middle, and Lakmal's attempted defensive shot comes off the pad and lobs into the air. Marnus runs towards the bowler's end to try and take an one hander, but the ball falls just beyond him

Lyon to Lakmal, no run

length ball on off, and he skips down the wicket before padding a shot to the leg side

Here's Lyon.

end of over 509 runs
SL: 137/8CRR: 2.74 
Suranga Lakmal22 (25)
Dushmantha Chameera5 (10)
Mitchell Starc14-1-56-0
Pat Cummins15-8-23-6

Soham Basak: "@Richard : No disrespect to the current batsmen, Smith and Warner would slot back in even if they had to bat one-handed. But I don't think Smith will ever be captain again."

Starc to Lakmal, 1 run

back of a length on middle, and he slaps an inside-out flat-batted shot to cover

Ramis: "Yeah, struggling or not, I'd find it hard to leave a guy who averages 61 in tests out of my team.."

Starc to Lakmal, no run

back of a length on leg stump, and he tries to pull, but the ball hits the top of his bat and lobs away towards the leg side

over the wicket

Starc to Lakmal, FOUR runs

clobbered! Not good for Starc's confidence either. Full just outside off, and muscled over cover! Fielder dived to his right in a bid to take a catch, but that was hit way too hard

James: "Its ridiculous to think Warner and Smith would not walk back into the side if avaliable. Youre talking about the best Opener of this decade (bar maybe early 2010s Cook) along with the 2nd highest ranked test batsmen of all time "

Starc to Lakmal, no run

full outside off, and he goes for the lower-order-batsman style heave over cover. Clears his front leg for a slog, but misses the ball completely

Starc to Lakmal, FOUR runs

back of a length, wide outside off, and hammered through point with disdain! Fetch that

Starc to Lakmal, no run

yorker attempted at off stump's base, but Lakmal brings his bat down and digs it away to the off side

Franko: "Bring back Richardson! He will get the balance of the wickets to make his debut more memorable!" -- he'll have to wait. Paine's trying his best to give Starc atleast one wicket

end of over 497 runs
SL: 128/8CRR: 2.61 
Suranga Lakmal13 (19)
Dushmantha Chameera5 (10)
Pat Cummins15-8-23-6
Mitchell Starc13-1-47-0

michael: "why is bancroft not in mix of names?"

Another_PK: "Patterson looking like a solid number 3? After one test innings at number 6?"

Cummins to Lakmal, 1 run

back of a length on middle, and he tries to pull, but gloves it instead. In the air between leg gully and the keeper, but the ball lands safe!

Cummins to Lakmal, no run

swish! That's the sound the ball would've made as it goes past Lakmal's ears. Back of a length, just outside off, and almost unplayable

Cummins to Chameera, 3 runs

full just outside off, and he drives away from his body. Well struck, going over cover, and once again some hard yards for the fielder running towards the boundary

Richard J: "Why is everyone assuming that Smith and Warner will automatically come back straight away? For a start the selectors may not want them, and neither of them has any current form to select them on. " -- perhaps because 'form is temporary, class is permanent?' They're two very good batsmen after all

Cummins to Chameera, no run

length ball, just outside off, and punched off the back foot to coer

Cummins to Chameera, no run

back of a length on middle, aimed at the batsman's body, and Chameera does very well to duck under this ball

Cummins to Lakmal, 3 runs

back of a length outside off, and he cuts off the back foot past the infield. Chase for Head from point, but he retrieves it well inside the boundary