3rd Test, Kandy, Aug 12 - 16 2017, India tour of Sri Lanka
(74.3 ov)(f/o) 135 & 181
India won by an innings and 171 runs
player of the match

2.48pm Smiles, jokes, laughs. India leave the field pleased. You won't see too many in the Sri Lanka camp. India have eased past Sri Lanka for the third consecutive time this series, this time inside three days. Sri Lanka were made to follow-on again but didn't get close for the second time this Test, folding for just 181 on a surface that didn't do too much. There was an apparent bridge in skill between the two sides. All of India's bowlers, including fifth-bowler Hardik Pandya, contributed either with wickets or pressure or both. Sri Lanka's batsmen played with no clear gameplan, and predictably, weren't able to sustain a period of excellence through the series.

The presentation.

Shikhar Dhawan is the Man of the Series: "Before the series, I was in Hong Kong enjoying my holiday. Things went very well for me. I got backup from my management, i enjoy playing this way, it's my natural game. I've to keep doing i, nothing permanent, we have tight competition for all positions."

Hardik Pandya is the Man of the Match: "I was glad that I got my first hundred here, situation pretty good for me. I was always going to have a target in mind. Test cricket is not easy to get five-fors, takes plenty of hardwork. I'm alright with where the team needs me to bat."

Virat Kohli: "A good day, a good win. Always nice to have a convincing win. I would say the regulars have performed, the biggest positive was Hardik's inclusions - he gives us a boost in the middle order. We are a young side, looking forward to all Tests, that's the only way you can be ruthless. We like to be proactive instead of reactive."

Dinesh Chandimal: "You can't control the toss, a tough series as a team. India played some good cricket. Our batting and bowling was below-par through the series. We had to be more patient and concentrate more."

Cheteshwar Pujara: "We've played for IndianOil too, scored many runs together (Ajinkya Rahane). When it comes to preparation, once we've ticked all the boxes, we trust our abilities. I would like to play more county matches, it did help me. When you play county cricket, you get challenging wickets."

Ajinkya Rahane: "Played a wrong shot, played on instinct (first-innings dismissal). When a guy isn't doing well, he (batting coach Sanjay Bangar) takes you out for dinner and gives you positive vibes."

Ashwin to Lahiru Kumara, OUT

and that's the innings! And match! And series! India complete a 3-0 series whitewash. The carrom ball outside off, started it wide enough, the ball beats Kumara on the outside edge and knocks into off stump.

Lahiru Kumara b Ashwin 10 (18m 15b 2x4 0x6) SR: 66.67
Ashwin to Lahiru Kumara, FOUR runs

cracked away past mid-on's right. Flight on middle and leg, comes down and drills it back. Not the greatest timing, but enough

Ashwin to Vishwa Fernando, 1 run

short and slow down leg, worked away to midwicket for a single. Not a result Ashwin would mind


end of over 746 runs
SL: 176/9CRR: 2.37 
Lahiru Kumara6 (13)
Vishwa Fernando3 (16)
Kuldeep Yadav17-4-56-1
Mohammed Shami15-6-32-3
Kuldeep to Lahiru Kumara, 2 runs

clears mid-on running back. Skips down the track, doesn't get to the pitch but goes through with his attempted slog. Enough bat to clear the fielder running back.

Kuldeep to Lahiru Kumara, no run

flat and quick outside off, defended

Kuldeep to Lahiru Kumara, FOUR runs

smashed away in the gap at mid-off. Plenty of flight outside off, Kumara makes room and hits it well enough

Kuldeep to Lahiru Kumara, no run

another googly, this is shorter and slower, left alone

Kuldeep to Lahiru Kumara, no run

the googly outside off, hammered to mid-on

Kuldeep to Lahiru Kumara, no run

short and wide outside off, ripping turn. A half leave

The session will be extended. Kuldeep

end of over 73Maiden
SL: 170/9CRR: 2.32 
Vishwa Fernando3 (16)
Lahiru Kumara0 (7)
Mohammed Shami15-6-32-3
Umesh Yadav13-5-21-2
Shami to Vishwa Fernando, no run

142 kph, beaten again. Full outside off, Fernando misses another drive

Shami to Vishwa Fernando, no run

good length outside off, 89 mph, Fernando beaten on the outside edge

Shami to Vishwa Fernando, no run

dropped! Came back slower than Shami expected. Full delivery outside off, chipped back to the bowler's right. Shami gets his hand out, but the ball hits him on the wrist.

Shami to Vishwa Fernando, no run

a good softening bouncer on off, 83 mph, Fernando sways out of the line.

Shami to Vishwa Fernando, no run

a yorker outside off, 145 kph, jammed out back to the bowler

Shami to Vishwa Fernando, no run

good length on a fourth-stump channel, defended into the off side