1st Test, Karachi, Jan 26 - 29 2021, South Africa tour of Pakistan
220 & 245
(22.5 ov, target 88)378 & 90/3
Pakistan won by 7 wickets
player of the match
Fawad Alam

And that's all from us at ESPNcricinfo. Next week, we'll have more Test cricket. On February 4, we'll be in Rawalpindi for the second Test. In fact, next week is all about Test cricket with India v England, Bangladesh v West Indies and this series all starting in the space of a few days. As we sign off, a big thanks to all of you who joined us for four days. The match report, deeper analysis and player quotes will be on the ESPNcricinfo homepage and app very soon. Don't forget to check it out later. On behalf of Hemant Brar and Thilak Ram, this is Sreshth Shah saying goodbye.

3.05pm Time for the presentations now.

Winning captain Babar Azam of Pakistan. His first win as Test captain, He says, "Credit goes to the players. Bowling start was outstanding. The wicket was slow, and we had planned to bat first. But then we had to bowl first, we had to switch plans. Fielding was good too. At the toss I had said, partnerships will be key and then after Fawad and Azhar put on from 36/4, they showed their experience. It gave us a boost. Fawad's outstanding performance was good. After that Nauman and Yasir were outstanding. Fast bowlers contributed too, and it's a combination of everything that helped us win. South Africa are a quality team, and we planned for the slower track and the combination with Nauman as debutant. Debutants have pressure but he showed his experience. When partnerships were forming, him and Yasir broke them."

Losing captain Quinton de Kock of South Africa: "I think our first innings (cost us the game). That was a big reason for our loss. I don't think we took too long to adjust. We practiced enough here but I think we were a bit soft. We saw Markram and Rassie in the second innings play well. Just a few soft dismissals. I think going into Rawalpindi, we learnt about these kind of surfaces. Our bowlers bowled well, with great aggression and accuracy. Just that Pakistan team batted really well against us."

Fawad Alam is the Man of the Match for his century, the only one in this Test. He says "it was an important hundred at that stage because the team needed it. We were 36/4 so we needed to bat long in first innings so that the second innings is easy. Pressure is always there in international cricket, especially when playing as a comeback player, there's pressure. But I'm enjoying the time in the dressing room. Pitch had some double-bounce, and there were rough patches too, it wasn't easy. But we discussed indoors that you apply yourself, stay calm, go with the flow. Don't think of the pitch, play how you know, and I thought to apply myself and I knew that if I stick around, I'll score runs.

First up, as part of the PCB Awards that the board had organised last month, Fawad Alam collects his award for his hundred in New Zealand for best batting performance of 2020.

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Ammar: "Yasir shah has to be the man of the match if not Fawad.. Yasir took all of the top order batsmen whereas Nayma just took the tail. Yasir deserves or Fawad at best "

2.47pm Fairytale finish for Fawad Alam as Pakistan take a 1-0 lead in this two-Test series. Handshakes now. South Africa will be disappointed but should hold their head high. Some solid individual performances, just that as a group not everyone could gel together to put in atleast one dominating batting performance. The match result might appear like Pakistan have dominated the game, but if you followed the first three days, you'll know it was closer than that. Collapses for South Africa and a resilient lower-order batting performance from Pakistan decided this result.

Maharaj to Fawad Alam, FOUR runs

good length, outside off, and he cuts in front of square to hit the winning runs. Pakistan win by seven wickets

Maharaj to Fawad Alam, no run

full, on off, and he drags a drive towards midwicket

Maharaj to Fawad Alam, no run

length ball, outside off. A bit of extra turn. Tapped away towards the off side

Omair Patel: "Pakistan next test series is in England against England. Is there is any chance of Pakistan finish in top four in test championship." -- Unfortunately no because the current WTC ends before that

Maharaj to Fawad Alam, no run

full outside off, and defended back

Maybe it's apt, but Fawad Alam now has the chance to hit the winning runs.

Zunair Iqbal: "Fawad's gonna win this with a Six... mark my words"

Maharaj to Babar Azam, OUT

second time Maharaj gets Babar Azam lbw but he reviews. Looked out, but what does the TV sumpire say? Almost like the first innings dismissal, although this turned a bit more across the bat. Fullish on middle, and spinning across the bat, hitting his back leg as he defends down the wrong line. Impact is on off stump, but did that turn across a bit too much? That's the only question, and nope, crashing into off stump. Babar is gone.

Babar Azam lbw b Maharaj 30 (62m 39b 6x4 0x6) SR: 76.92
end of over 224 runs
PAK: 86/2CRR: 3.90 
Azhar Ali31 (47)
Babar Azam30 (38)
George Linde3-0-13-0
Lungi Ngidi3-0-17-0

Khan: "Watching baber playing his shots is like listening to good classic music (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)"

Sultan Sharif: "Fawad for MOTM. I was sceptical initially, but it's hard not to admire such resilience. Reminiscent of Muhammad Ali refusing to be drafted in the Vietnam war. Can't wait for the autobiography."

Linde to Azhar Ali, no run

fullish, just outside off. Guided towards short third man

Linde to Azhar Ali, no run

blocked off the front foot

Kushal Kandel: "Though Pak is winning i am not satisfied with their openers. At least on of them should have made a 50 score in at least one inning. " -- Think they can be excused. Considering neither Babar, de Kock, Faf etc made fifties in this game. Never easy facing a new-ball attack that has Rabada (and Nortje)

Linde to Azhar Ali, no run

full on off stump. Caresses a drive to short cover

Zeeshan Ahmed: "@Taimoor: I am certain PCB would have loved to refund tickets of Day 5 in exchange of having crowd in the stadium. "

Linde to Azhar Ali, no run

full, on off stump. Big stride forward and defended

Linde to Azhar Ali, no run

full, on off stump. Presses forward to chop a defensive shot towards cover

Linde to Azhar Ali, FOUR runs

short and wide, and he comfortably cuts this square, to the gap behind point for four. Two to win

end of over 2110 runs
PAK: 82/2CRR: 3.90 
Babar Azam30 (38)
Azhar Ali27 (41)
Lungi Ngidi3-0-17-0
George Linde2-0-9-0
Ngidi to Babar Azam, no run

fullish, just outside off stump. Defended off the front foot

Ngidi to Babar Azam, FOUR runs

length ball angling into his pads. Ball stays a bit low, and he glances the bat across his pads to flick it fine for four

Taimoor Salim: "Luckily for PCB - there are no 5th day tickets to refund. "

Ngidi to Babar Azam, no run

Waleed Ahmed: "I wonder who will get MVP, Fawad for extraordinary innings with 109 or Nauman for extraordinary bowling on debut and picking 5 wkts in an innings. I think Fawad should get it, because he saved the match for Pak." -- Can't ignore the Yasir seven-for either, plus a useful thirty with the bat to extend their lead

Ngidi to Babar Azam, no run

fullish ball angling in, and worked to the leg side

Ngidi to Babar Azam, FOUR runs

stands tall, punches hard as this length ball outside off comes to a perfect height to be put away to cover

Ngidi to Babar Azam, 2 leg byes

nudges it to the leg side but overthrows with the bowler not backing up allows them to take two, and gets Babar back on strike. de Kock can see the funny side of this