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5th Test, The Oval, August 13 - 17, 1955, South Africa tour of England
151 & 204
(T:244) 112 & 151

England won by 92 runs

England 1st INNINGS 
Jack Ikin c †Waite b Heine17-10110-
Brian Close c Mansell b Goddard32-11920-
Peter May (c)c Goddard b Fuller3-2500-
Denis Compton c †Waite b Goddard30-11920-
Willie Watson c Mansell b Tayfield25-9530-
Tom Graveney c Fuller b Goddard13-5210-
Trevor Bailey c Heine b Tayfield0-500-
Dick Spooner  b Tayfield0-1000-
Jim Laker c & b Goddard2-1400-
Tony Lock c McLean b Goddard18-1930-
Brian Statham not out 4-1300-
Extras(b 2, lb 5)7
TOTAL89.4 Ov (RR: 1.68)151
Fall of wickets: 0-43, 1-51 (Brian Close), 2-59 (Peter May), 3-69 (Jack Ikin), 4-105 (Willie Watson), 5-117 (Denis Compton), 6-117 (Trevor Bailey), 7-118 (Dick Spooner), 8-123 (Tom Graveney), 9-130 (Jim Laker), 10-151 (Tony Lock, 89.4 ov)
Peter Heine2134312.04---00
Trevor Goddard22.493151.36---00
Eddie Fuller27113111.14---00
Hugh Tayfield1973932.05---00
South Africa 1st INNINGS 
Jackie McGlew c †Spooner b Statham30-15410-
Trevor Goddard lbw b Bailey8-3900-
Headley Keith  b Lock5-1600-
Russell Endean c Ikin b Lock0-1100-
Roy McLean  b Lock1-500-
John Waite c Lock b Laker28-6940-
Jack Cheetham (c)not out 12-5510-
Percy Mansell lbw b Laker6-1600-
Hugh Tayfield  b Statham4-700-
Eddie Fuller c †Spooner b Lock5-910-
Peter Heine run out (Lock)5-1100-
Extras(lb 7, nb 1)8
TOTAL65 Ov (RR: 1.72)112
Fall of wickets: 1-22 (Trevor Goddard), 2-29 (Headley Keith), 3-31 (Russell Endean), 4-33 (Roy McLean), 5-77 (John Waite), 6-77 (Jackie McGlew), 7-86 (Percy Mansell), 8-91 (Hugh Tayfield), 9-98 (Eddie Fuller), 10-112 (Peter Heine, 65 ov)
Brian Statham1533122.06---00
Trevor Bailey51611.20---00
Tony Lock22113941.77---00
Jim Laker23132821.21---00
England 2nd INNINGS 
Jack Ikin c Goddard b Heine0-1400-
Brian Close  b Goddard15-7110-
Tom Graveney  b Tayfield42-14430-
Peter May (c)not out 89-299100-
Denis Compton c †Waite b Fuller30-14140-
Willie Watson  b Fuller3-1700-
Trevor Bailey lbw b Tayfield1-300-
Dick Spooner  b Tayfield0-100-
Jim Laker  b Tayfield12-2010-
Tony Lock lbw b Heine1-800-
Brian Statham lbw b Tayfield0-800-
Extras(b 4, lb 6, nb 1)11
TOTAL123.4 Ov (RR: 1.64)204
Fall of wickets: 1-5 (Jack Ikin), 2-30 (Brian Close), 3-95 (Tom Graveney), 4-157 (Denis Compton), 5-165 (Willie Watson), 6-166 (Trevor Bailey), 7-170 (Dick Spooner), 8-188 (Jim Laker), 9-197 (Tony Lock), 10-204 (Brian Statham, 123.4 ov)
Peter Heine2564421.76---00
Eddie Fuller2033621.80---00
Trevor Goddard19102911.52---00
Hugh Tayfield53.4296051.11---00
Percy Mansell602404.00---00
South Africa 2nd INNINGS (Target: 244 runs)
Jackie McGlew lbw b Lock19-10810-
Trevor Goddard c Graveney b Lock20-5620-
Headley Keith c May b Lock0-200-
Russell Endean lbw b Laker0-100-
Roy McLean lbw b Laker0-300-
John Waite  b Laker60-14690-
Jack Cheetham (c)lbw b Laker9-2310-
Percy Mansell c Watson b Lock9-7700-
Hugh Tayfield not out 10-5000-
Eddie Fuller run out 16-3830-
Peter Heine c Graveney b Laker7-510-
Extras(lb 1)1
TOTAL87.4 Ov (RR: 1.72)151
Fall of wickets: 1-28 (Trevor Goddard), 2-28 (Headley Keith), 3-29 (Russell Endean), 4-33 (Roy McLean), 5-59 (Jackie McGlew), 6-88 (Jack Cheetham), 7-118 (Percy Mansell), 8-118 (John Waite), 9-144 (Eddie Fuller), 10-151 (Peter Heine, 87.4 ov)
Brian Statham1141701.54---00
Trevor Bailey611502.50---00
Jim Laker37.4185651.48---00
Tony Lock33146241.87---00
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Kennington Oval, London
TossEngland, elected to bat first
Series resultEngland won the 5-match series 3-2
Match numberTest no. 412
Match daysday (5-day match)
Dai Davies
Tom Bartley
Sat, 13 Aug - day 1 - England 1st innings 70/3 (Denis Compton 12*, Willie Watson 1*)
Sun, 14 Aug - rest day
Mon, 15 Aug - day 2 - South Africa 1st innings 112
Tue, 16 Aug - day 3 - England 2nd innings 195/8 (Peter May 81*, Tony Lock 0*)
Wed, 17 Aug - day 4 - South Africa 2nd innings 151 (87.4 ov) - end of match
  • JT Ikin (1) retired hurt on 15* from 43/0 to 59/2
South Africa Innings
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