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2nd Test, Ahmedabad, April 03 - 05, 2008, South Africa tour of India
76 & 328

South Africa won by an innings and 90 runs

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IND 2nd Innings
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South Africa wrap this up in three days by an innings and 90 runs. It's their biggest win against India in India - the earlier record was an innings and 71 runs in Bangalore in 2000.

It's also India's fourth-largest defeat at home (among innings defeats), and their worst in nearly 50 years - in 1959 Australia beat them by an innings and 127 runs in Delhi.

It's also India's first innings defeat since the 2001 Colombo (SSC) Test against Sri Lanka.

This will go down as one of the costliest tosses to lose. Kumble gambled by sending his batsmen in and what resulted was a carnage. India's 76 was their second lowest in a Test at home. South Africa started well, suffered a jolt in the middle before Kallis and de Villiers got together and ground the Indians to dust. de Villiers compiled his maiden double ton, Kallis his 30th ton and there was no looking back.

Here's Anil Kumble at the post-match presentation: "It was difficult to come back after getting bowled out for 76. They took the game away from us. We have been in this situation before. I thought the effort from our bowlers was 100%. We will bounce back."

Graeme Smith: "This was the perfect Test match for us. We dominated from the start. It was hard work for the bowlers today on a heavy outfield. It's been fantastic for AB and Kallis. The guys know we've got one more game to go. They've been focussed throughout the series."

de villiers is the Man of the Match: "I'm just over the moon. Having Kallis around was a good calming effect, especially when I was in the 90s. I enjoyed playing here, and the Ahmedabad fans have been great. Just the perfect Test for us."

South Africa have avenged their defeat at the same venue 12 years back. Coincidentally, the pitch was the topic of discussion there as well. My prediction is that the Kanpur pitch will turn from the third over. Expect three spinners. India are under pressure and there could be a few changes to the bowling attack for the next Test.

Thanks for your company. I least expected this game to finish so quickly. Thanks for the mails. Do join us for the Kanpur Test, starting April 11. On behalf of Jamie, Dileep and Binoy, this is Kanishkaa signing off. Cheers!

Ntini to Sreesanth, OUT

clips the offstump and it's all over....Sreesanth gives room, dances down the track and attempts another flat-batted biff but he misses and the ball just clips the top of offstump and removes the bails

Sreesanth b Ntini 17 (13b 2x4 1x6 19m) SR: 130.76
Ntini to Sreesanth, no run

that jagged back in off the seam like a banana and completely slices a bemused Sreesanth in half

Ntini comes on to replace Steyn, it's getting darker

end of over 944 runs
IND: 328/9CRR: 3.48 
Irfan Pathan43 (77b 4x4 1x6)
Sreesanth17 (11b 2x4 1x6)
Morne Morkel 20-0-87-2
Dale Steyn 23-1-91-3
Morkel to Pathan, no run

invites him to go for the booming cover drivem he stays rooted to the crease and misses

Morkel to Pathan, FOUR runs

slides on the pads, Pathan capitalises on this waywatd fare and delicately nudges it off his hips and finds the fine leg boundary

Morkel to Pathan, no run

Morkel's not bowling at the stumps, he again bowls this wide outside off, Pathan flashes and misses

Morkel to Pathan, no run

full and wide outside off, he swings and misses

Morkel to Pathan, no run

gets nicely behind the line and defends back to Morkel

Morkel to Pathan, no run

pitches it full and wide outside off, he gets forward and spanks it to extra cover

Another half hour extension in play, 6.12 will be the cut off time now

end of over 9313 runs
IND: 324/9CRR: 3.48 
Sreesanth17 (11b 2x4 1x6)
Irfan Pathan39 (71b 3x4 1x6)
Dale Steyn 23-1-91-3
Morne Morkel 19-0-83-2
Steyn to Sreesanth, 2 runs

all class in that stroke as Sreesanth flicks that one with ease over square leg, the ball just fals short of the rope

Steyn to Sreesanth, no run

bangs in the bouncer as retaliation, he weaves out of the way

Steyn to Sreesanth, FOUR runs

the crowd go wild as Steyn pitches this on the pads and Sreesanth stays at the crease and flicks it through the vacant spaces on the on side

Steyn to Sreesanth, SIX runs

more fun here at Motera as Sreesanth makes room, waits for the short delivery to come onto him and club it over deep midwicket

Steyn to Pathan, 1 run

he taps it softly to the offside and gives Sreesanth the strike

Steyn to Pathan, no run

the slower ball, he fails to pick it, he swings and misses

end of over 924 runs
IND: 311/9CRR: 3.38 
Sreesanth5 (7b 1x4)
Irfan Pathan38 (69b 3x4 1x6)
Morne Morkel 19-0-83-2
Dale Steyn 22-1-78-3
Morkel to Sreesanth, no run

he edges it to fine leg but they don't take the single

Morkel to Sreesanth, FOUR runs

Sreesanth decides to have more fun here as he steps down the track and clubs Morkel over midwicket

Jamie says: "You'd have thought this was Durban, not Ahmedabad, the way the press box stood to cheer the fielder on as he settled under the ball, but the drop has drawn curses from many here."

Morkel to Sreesanth, no run

hardly troubles him with that bouncer, pitches outside off and holds its line

Morkel to Sreesanth, no run

fires in the yorker length outside off, he manages to dig it short and misses

Morkel to Sreesanth, no run

bangs it in short outside off and that moves away from Sreesanth

Morkel to Sreesanth, no run

bangs this one short down the legside, there's no way he was chasing that

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