3rd T20I, Belfast, Jul 24 2021, South Africa tour of Ireland
(20 ov, target 190)140/9
South Africa won by 49 runs
Player Of The Match
72 (51)
Player Of The Series
139 runs
end of over 205 runs
IRE: 140/9CRR: 7.00 
Barry McCarthy13 (9)
Ben White2 (4)
Beuran Hendricks 4-0-34-0
Lizaad Williams 4-0-30-2

That brings South Africa's tour of Ireland to a close, with the visitors clean sweeping the T20Is 3-0 after sharing the ODI series 1-1. Not the result the hosts would have liked - especially after they failed with the bat across all three T20Is - especially with the T20 World Cup looming. But it's a goodbye from us here, while you can join the action between West Indies and Australia in Bridgetown!

Bavuma now lifts the T20I trophy, with his team-mates maintaining social distance for that.

Here's Bavuma again, this time speaking as captain: "It has gone to plan. We came here with certain goals to achieve, and we have done so. We have the opportunity to do something that hasn't been done. The World Cup is a couple of months away, so we can iron out a few things. [Back-to-back series wins for you as captain] It's been tough, I won't lie. The performances from the team point of view has been there, and I'm enjoying the responsibility."

David Miller is the Player of the Series for his excellence with the bat: "It was obviously nice to contribute. [I was] struggling in the West Indies, and a series win as well, so a bonus there. The guys make it easy off the field. [T20 World Cup plans?] Going into it to win it. [We'll take it] one game at a time, it's a pretty long competition. It's been a good time in the bubble [here], and we can now go out and see the country!"

Balbirnie, the host captain: "We haven't batted well enough in all three games. We were rusty. We've got eight or nine games leading up to the T20 World Cup. Our batting has been the strong point in T20s over the years. [On Ben White's debut] He's worked really hard to get where he is now. [15 points for the Super League from the ODIs] We played really well during that week, and it's a shame we couldn't bring that to the T20s."

Bavuma is the Player of the Match for his 73: "It was nice to hit the ball in the middle, and contribute for the team. Reeza and I play for the Lions. We know each other's strengths, I am sure he would have enjoyed as well. We tried to take our time, and lay that foundation."

Time for the presentations

tilak: "I thought Ireland were gonna be the next big sensation in world cricket. Sad that they haven't improved much after beating England in 2011.Makes me wonder if they were given test status prematurely!?"

Trundler: "The Proteas' inability to sew up a match swiftly is very worrying. They keep allowing tails to get away with some rapid runs. In a tight game this would be crucial."

7.16pm A win by 49 runs, and that rounds off the visitors' dominance in the shorter format on the tour. Their opening pair of captain Bavuma and Hendricks set the tone with a massive stand, and Miller launched an all-out attack to finish it off rapidly. Remember, South Africa made five changes from their side that won the second T20I - they were without Shamsi, Ngidi and de Kock, among others - and they still ended with a comfortable win.

Hendricks to McCarthy, no run

goes across to try and scoop that, but the ball hits his pad. He sends back a sprinting White, and that's a dot in the end as South Africa seal the series 3-0

Hendricks to White, 1 run

this time it is White who slices to deep backward point, as the bowler continues to go full and wide of off

Hendricks to McCarthy, 1 run

hammered to the left of the man at deep backward point, as he swings his bat to this full and wide ball outside off

Hendricks to McCarthy, 1 wide

very full and very wide of off. McCarthy was across his stumps to try and play that, but that was very wide

Hendricks to White, 1 run

this time he gets bat on ball, and pushes this full ball outside off to deep point. He's off the mark on debut

Hendricks to White, no run

and that's now a repeat telecast. Another full delivery bowled wide of off, and again White misses out on his attempted drive

Hendricks to White, no run

another full delivery and outside off, as he bowls this from wide of the crease. White tries to jab at that again, but is beaten

Hendricks to White, 1 wide

full and wide of off. He goes fishing, but can't get bat on ball. Called a wide

Hendricks around the wicket

Debutant White is the last man

end of over 198 runs • 1 wicket
IRE: 135/9CRR: 7.10 RRR: 55.00 • Need 55 runs from 6b
Barry McCarthy12 (7)
Lizaad Williams 4-0-30-2
Beuran Hendricks 3-0-29-0
Williams to Young, OUT

good catch by the man at cover turning around and running behind. The bat face opens as he again goes to loft that full ball on off over extra cover, but doesn't get the timing this time

Craig Young c Mulder b Williams 22 (17m 15b 3x4 1x6) SR: 146.66
Williams to Young, no run

full and outside off again, doesn't get bat on ball to this attempted loft

Williams to Young, FOUR runs

and that flies between short third man and point. Goes for the heave again to this full ball outside off, and gets an outside edge to play aerially

Williams to Young, no run

gets the drive off the bottom of the bat to short third man, with Williams going full and slightly wide of off

Williams to Young, FOUR runs

finds the gap between long-off and deep cover. Very full ball on off, and lifts that through the field from deep in his crease by clearing his front leg

Camper: "Frustrating how Ireland are still the occasional giant killers after all these years. Maybe of their players play county cricket. Today was a golden chance to win with pretty much all of SA's top brass in bowling absent smh."

Williams to Young, no run

bowls this from wide of the crease, and goes full and wide of off. The batter goes for the drive, but is beaten