2nd T20I (N), Hambantota, Aug 4 2013, South Africa tour of Sri Lanka
(20 ov, target 146)123/7
South Africa won by 22 runs
player of the match
David Miller
South Africa
end of over 205 runs
SL: 123/7CRR: 6.15 
Thisara Perera22 (20)
Sachithra Senanayake1 (1)
Wayne Parnell4-0-25-1
Morne Morkel4-0-34-2

Big question marks for Sri Lanka over their batting. Are Chandimal and Thirimanne men suited for the T20 format?

SL will remain No. 1 in the rankings if they win the dead rubber on Tuesday. If they lose that as well, Pakistan will officially be the top T20 side.

Uwaisul Karnain: "Once again SL failed to make the best use of Thisara Perera as he seems to be the only Sri Lankan middle order batsman who can clear the ropes. Should have sent ahead of Thirimanne."

Rahul Ranjan: "anybody missing Robin Peterson?"

Presentation ceremony:

Man of the Match is David Miller: "JP batted really well, it was unbelievably good team effort. It was a bit of a gale force, but it was really good out there."

Dinesh Chandimal: "I think it was a gettable score, we just didn't bat well, that's why we lost the game. I think Kusal and Sangakkara batted really well in the first 8-9 overs, after that we hit some rash shots, that's why we lost the game."

Faf du Plessis: "What a feeling, I thought we played a great game of cricket, to get 140 with the wind out there, tactically we were very good with the bowling. Bowlers have clear minds about what they want to do. We haven't been great up top in the batting, we'll be working hard on to. Huge character shown after what happened in the ODI series. Sri Lanka showed no mercy in the ODIs, and we certainly don't want to be showing them any. We want to climb up the Twenty20 rankings."

Bilal Shakir: "@Rahul Ranjan: Perhaps Perera missed Robin Peterson"

That's a wrap from us at ESPNcricinfo. Thanks for the mails, and join us again for the final T20 on Tuesday.

Parnell to Perera, 1 run

full ball on the stumps is lashed to long-on, South Africa take the series 2-0, Faf du Plessis is overjoyed as is the rest of the South African camp, much-needed relief after a horrid one-day series

Parnell to Perera, no run

a perfect yorker from Parnell, that was tailing in towards the batsman, Perera looks to hammer that down the ground but misses

Parnell to Perera, 2 runs

flat bats that over the bowler's head for two more, couldn't get any timing on that, hit low on the bat

Parnell to Perera, no run

full and well outside off, Perera backed away from the stumps, can't reach the ball, perhaps got a thin bottom edge as the ball bounces through to the keeper

Parnell to Perera, 2 runs

heaves this away over mid-off, only gets two for his efforts

Parnell to Perera, no run

28 needed off 5 balls now as Perera swings and misses a shortish ball outside off stumps

end of over 1912 runs • 1 wicket
SL: 118/7CRR: 6.21 RRR: 28.00 • Need 28 runs from 6b
Thisara Perera17 (14)
Sachithra Senanayake1 (1)
Morne Morkel4-0-34-2
Wayne Parnell3-0-20-1
Morkel to Perera, 1 run

once more Morkel follows Perera, this is superb bowling from Morkel, Perera once again can't swing his arms, edges it onto his body and a single results

Morkel to Perera, no run

Perera backs away from the stumps, Morkel follows him with a yorker, Perera squeezes it out towards cover, declines the single

Morkel to Perera, FOUR runs

a knee-high full toss just outside off, Thisara Perera powers that between long-off and sweeper cover, doesn't carry all the way, landing just short of the rope

Morkel to Senanayake, 1 run

full and outside off, driven towards mid-off for a single

Morkel to Kulasekara, OUT

and if Sri Lanka thought that six could kickstart a fightback, it doesn't, the very next ball is full and just outside off, a thick edge through to the keeper, Kula is gone, and Sri Lanka's hopes continue to fade

Nuwan Kulasekara c †de Kock b Morkel 10 (14m 9b 0x4 1x6) SR: 111.11
Morkel to Kulasekara, SIX runs

there's one of the many big hits Sri Lanka need, gets the front leg out of the way and launches that short of length ball way over long-on for six