2nd Test, Centurion, Jan 13 - 17 2018, South Africa v India 2018
335 & 258
(50.2 ov, target 287)307 & 151
South Africa won by 135 runs
Player Of The Match
1/51 & 6/39

12:45pm A match that was attritional for the longest time has ended in a quick collapse. No doubt anymore about which session was series-defining. We hope you enjoyed our coverage of this game, it was a pleasure having you. Be sure to check out all the post-match content we have lined up, including match highlights. On behalf of Karthik, Raghav, Firdose and Monga - it's a goodbye from me.

Lungi Ngidi: At the moment it hasn't sunk in, I'm chaffed and very happy. It's been quick turnaround for me. There's been some good form in franchise cricket. When I got the call out I felt I was in good form. Luckily enough, it [the debut] was on my home ground. The support was great. [Stuck] to the basics you know. The odd one that nipped back was getting the wickets. Definitely wasn't the fastest SuperSport pitch but we had to make do with what we were given. We pretty much put them under pressure.

Lungi Ngidi is the Man of the Match

WATCH - Faf du Plessis post-match reaction (Indian subcontinent and UAE only)

Faf du Plessis: It took a lot of work. I thought we were on top most of the time. Especially in the field, we did well. Our main focus after day one was to show character. We were very disappointed after the last 45 minutes on day one. Our chat was that we needed to show more character. We were a little bit short in the first innings. We needed to get 400 after the position we were in. But for me the vital part was in the second innings when we kept pushing what they needed to get. We knew anything above 250 would be tough and that's why our batsmen grinded. We're looking forward to Ngidi and KG leading this attack in a few years. [Better catch] Morne definitely! He's going to tell us about that catch over the next few days.

WATCH - Virat Kohli post-match reaction (Indian subcontinent and UAE only)

Virat Kohli: We thought the wicket was really flat. It was surprising. We though we have our best chance to put runs on the board. Especially after the way SA ended the first innings, we had the momentum. We should have got the lead. It's the batsmen who have let the team down again. The thinking it very simple, I wanna leave everything on the field. The 150 means nothing now that we've lost the series. Having not won the game, personal milestones do not matter at all. You go out there and you give your best shot. We tried our best and we just weren't good enough. They were better than us, especially with the fielding.

WATCH - Ngidi gets Bumrah's wicket and hands South Africa the series (Indian subcontinent and UAE only)

12:30pm Bringing you the presentation shortly...

Avneet: "AB! My Man of the Match. Was robbed of one in the first test on a bowlers paradise. This time, he should be getting it for game changing 80 and amazing runout of pujara, alongwith the catching brilliance. "

Siraj Shaikh: "Splendid performance by Ngidi.. india undone with his fast bowling. He's single-handedly responsible for India's collapse. Hence my MAN OF THE MATCH!"

Sagar: "First, SAf deserves to be the winner, no denying that. The loss wouldn't have been as heartbreaking if India did not self-destruct as much as they did (thinking about all the dropped catches and the three run-outs)"

Ravish Chandel: "On tough wickets, if lower order can add runs, why can't the top order??? Is it like that after penetrating through top order, fielding side turns casual OR the lower order plays with less fear OR top order - in order to show more intent - tend to forget the very basic rules of batting? OR whatt??? I can't understand "

Farhan Khan: "what a win by South Africa!!! So many great moment. Century of Kholi & 6 wickets of Nigidi. Without Styen, South Africa done a Brilliant Job. Well Done... #SAvsIND "

Satyam: "Gutted as an Indian fan. This team had everything to win in South Africa. To add to that, they had a pitch they could take advantage off. But some selection blunders and fielding mishaps have caused a crushing defeat.

Thys: "Ngidi joins a impressive list of South African bowlers that have taken 5 wicket hauls on debut. List includes Philander, Langeveldt, Abbott, De Lange and Klusener" --- Correct. And he's the 25th South African to do it.

12:18pm, Day 5 A crushing defeat for India, by 135 runs. Undone completely by South Africa's bowlers in the second innings. They gifted a few wickets over the course of this matcha s well - Pujara gave them both his wickets, Pandya threw it away in the first. Hardly any resistance from India's batsmen, other than a top-class 153 from Kohli. South Africa managed to climb out of trouble with the bat. They were always going to be difficult with the ball. 2-0 is a fair reflection. Markram, Amla, Elgar, AB complemented Morkel's four in the first innings and Ngidi's six in the second, to set up the foundation for this big win.

Ngidi to Bumrah, OUT

Philander lunges forward and gets his hands under it at mid-off. South Africa have won the series. Full on off stump, Bumrah's weight going backwards as he pokes with hard hands. It's a feeble chip, dying on Philander. He takes it. Six for Ngidi

Jasprit Bumrah c Philander b Ngidi 2 (9m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33
Ngidi to Bumrah, no run

short ball wide outside off, swings hard across the line, beaten

end of over 504 runs
INDIA: 151/9CRR: 3.02 
Ishant Sharma4 (10)
Jasprit Bumrah2 (4)
Kagiso Rabada 14-3-47-3
Lungi Ngidi 12-3-39-5

For the tennis fans here, guess who's on a longer winning streak than Roger Federer at the Australian Open? A 15-year old from Ukraine. Read more about her here

Rabada to Sharma, FOUR runs

full ball in at off stump, arches back a touch, no forward stride. Opens the face and slices it wide of point

Rabada to Sharma, no run

short ball on middle stump, arches backwards and lets it go

Rabada to Sharma, no run

yorker nicely dug out. Speared in at leg stump. He gets the front leg out of the way and jams the bat into it

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Rabada to Sharma, no run

short ball climbing in at middle stump, jumps into the leg side and squeezes this to gully

Goes over the wicket

Rabada to Sharma, no run

bouncer on a middle stump line, hurriedly sways away from it

Bri: "Seeing these quick s unleashed by South Africa and steyn likely to be fit, cnt wait for the Australia series to start to see atleast 7 genuine quicks ( starc, Cummins, hazelwood, steyn, morkel, rabada , ngidi) bowl in tandem"

Rabada to Sharma, no run

good length at middle stump, defended off the back foot

Around the wicket

end of over 496 runs • 1 wicket
INDIA: 147/9CRR: 3.00 
Jasprit Bumrah2 (4)
Ishant Sharma0 (4)
Lungi Ngidi 12-3-39-5
Kagiso Rabada 13-3-43-3

Tiggsy: "So in the space of what, 18 months? South Africa uncover Rabada and Ngidi. hardly seems fair..."

Ngidi to Bumrah, no run

bouncer up at the left shoulder, plonks the front leg across and looks to hook. Beaten

Goes over the wicket

Ngidi to Bumrah, 2 runs

outside edge past second slip. Do they have a few of AB out there? He's after this and he slides to pull it back in. With grace, as always. This was angled across off stump on a length

Ngidi to Bumrah, no run

bouncer on leg stump, ducks under it

WATCH - De Villiers' stunning catch to remove Rohit (Ind subcontinent and UAE only)

Ngidi to Bumrah, no run

length on middle stump, defended from the crease

He's going around the wicket.

Ngidi to Shami, OUT

five wickets for Ngidi. What a show on debut fo this guy. He's hit India hard. Back of a length ball fired in at a middle stump line. Shami backing away again to try and make room for a slog. Ends up slicing it straight to Morkel who takes it with a reverse cup at mid-on. Standing ovation from the dressing room for Ngidi

Mohammed Shami c Morkel b Ngidi 28 (53m 24b 5x4 0x6) SR: 116.66
Ngidi to Shami, FOUR runs

fly slip doesn't have the wings to reach this. Length ball coming in at off stump. He backs away and pulls out the old swipe across the line. Leading edge sails to that fielder's left

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