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3rd T20I (N), Cape Town, February 24, 2018, South Africa v India 2018
(20 ov, T:173) 165/6

India won by 7 runs

Player Of The Match
43 (27) & 1/27
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7 wkts
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end of over 2011 runs • 1 wicket
SA: 165/6CRR: 8.25 
Farhaan Behardien15 (6b 3x4)
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 4-0-24-2
Jasprit Bumrah 4-0-39-1

9.42pm Rohit collects the T20I series trophy and his team-mates join him. That's all she wrote for this tour. Many thanks for your company and comments. This is Deivarayan Muthu signing off. Goodbye and good night for now.

9.35pm Duminy, SA stand-in captain: They bowled pretty well in the Powerplay, and we just couldn't get the boundaries. The difference from their batting Powerplay and ours was 30 runs. I definitely thought 170 was chaseable. The slower balls and the knuckle balls from them worked. I am proud of the way the guys fought, especially Jonker. It is amazing to see a lot of talent coming through. All credit to India, outstanding white-ball tour for them.

Raina, Man of the Match: Especially in the first overs, you need to show intent. Thanks to Virat and Ravi bhai, they gave me the licence. They way we played, the dressing room atmosphere is so calm. The last we have done in two-and-a-half months, no team has done it in a long time. Two lefties at the crease, I got a ball, and working on it.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Man of the Series: Yes, I really enjoyed this tour. I was very happy with my preparation. First of all thanks to IPL, it has made an Indian bowler a thinking bowler. It is important not to give too many runs in the first six overs. I always try to keep it simple. I hardly get these kind of wickets in India and I enjoyed this.

Rohit, India stand-in captain: To be honest, we were 15 runs short. Because the way the first half went, I thought we lost our way in the end. These things happen and we learn from it. I thought it was a decent score and the bowlers did the job for us. I hope games like these teach us a lot of things. We discussed certain plans and it worked today. The idea was to keep the ball on the stumps and we kept it tight in the first six overs. Credit to the new-ball bowlers. It was a complete bowling performance. We will take these limited-overs trophies, throughout the series we played with a lot of aggression. As a group, we never back down from any situation. That is the reason we are standing here as winners.

9.21pm India were missing their captain Kohli and the wristspinners, but their seamers exploited the dry Cape Town pitch with an assortment of slower balls. Bhuvneshwar, Bumrah, and Thakur limited South Africa to 25 for 1 in the Powerplay. Duminy then teed off in the middle overs and debutant Jonker in the death, but Bhuvneshwar held his nerve and wrapped up the series win. The fun began seven weeks ago with South Africa winning the New Year's Test in Cape Town. It ends with India winning the series-deciding T20 at the same venue. India celebrate their win under fire-work filled skies. Do stick around for the presentation.

Rivlud: "India could of gone home with all the trophies if the batting functioned to it's abilities, that was a chance to beat a stong SA team, the rest is history. I do expect India to travel much better in the future!"

Jigar: "SA won all 3tosses and still India manages to win series tells a lot about team which has traditionally struggled in SA. I guess in addition to batting might, indian bowlers and fielding has outplayed SA. The way wristies, Bhuvi and Bumrah bowled and pandya chipped in was the difference between two teams and of course, King Kohli with that unbelievable form"

Chandan: "Great to see Dhoni marshaling the troops in the last 2-3 overs. Captain cool still helping the Indian team keep calm and get over the line. Respect!"

Ankit: "SA have found some really really exciting new players. Their middle order of Jonker, Klasen, Duminy, Morris, Phel is starting to look really scary and just need to be backed now."

Bhuvneshwar to Jonker, OUT

full-toss outside off, Jonker can only splice a catch to Rohit, the stand-in captain, at extra cover. India add the T20 trophy to the ODI trophy. Another impressive over from Bhuvneshwar Kumar to close it out

Christiaan Jonker c Sharma b Kumar 49 (24b 5x4 2x6 39m) SR: 204.16
Bhuvneshwar to Jonker, 2 runs

full on off stump, the batsman hangs back and whips this 140ks rocket between deep square leg and deep midwicket. India have all but wrapped up the series

Bhuvneshwar to Jonker, 2 runs

pinpoint yorker on off stump, squeezed down to long-on for two

Rohit walks up to Bhuvneshwar and has a word with the bowler. 12 needed off 3

Bhuvneshwar to Jonker, 1 wide

back of a length and swerves away past the tramline, off-side wide

Bhuvneshwar to Behardien, 1 run

low full-toss on off, Behardien's bottom hand flies off the bat as he pushes it down to long-off

Bhuvneshwar to Behardien, FOUR runs

short and sprayed too wide outside off, had Behardien left it it would have been an off-side wide. He reaches out for the ball and carves it in the air over short third man

hadi: "A while back I saw Jonker's profile. Thought, nah, he's not the type. But boy he has got some muscles!"

Bhuvneshwar to Jonker, 1 run

short of a length and outside off, slower one. Not sure if it was the knuckle ball. Scythed away straight to sweeper cover

Bhuvneshwar will have 18 to defend off the last over. Watch out for the knuckle balls, Jonker and Behardien

end of over 1916 runs
SA: 154/5CRR: 8.10 RRR: 19.00
Christiaan Jonker44 (20b 5x4 2x6)
Farhaan Behardien10 (4b 2x4)
Jasprit Bumrah 4-0-39-1
Shardul Thakur 4-0-35-1

WATCH - Miller holes out at deep midwicket (Available only to viewers in the Indian subcontinent)

Bumrah to Jonker, 1 run

low full-toss on middle, flapped to wide long-on

Bumrah to Jonker, 2 runs

full-toss on middle, 141ks, bunted down to wide long-on for two. They scamper across for the second. Coach Gibson has a smile on his face for, perhaps, the first time this evening

Bumrah to Jonker, 2 runs

shorter, 141ks, hits the bat hard, swatted to wide long-on. A misfield in the deep allows the second run

Bumrah to Jonker, SIX runs

122ks slower ball outside off, on a length, Jonker picks it up and smears it over the midwicket boundary again. Bam! He keeps giving SA hope

Bumrah to Behardien, 1 run

full cutter outside off, 122ks, scooped right over the bowler's head. Behardien did not pick the offcutter but got away

Bumrah to Behardien, FOUR runs

full-toss on middle stump, Behardien lines it up and whips it away to the backward square leg boundary

SA need 35 off two overs

end of over 1818 runs
SA: 138/5CRR: 7.66 RRR: 17.50
Christiaan Jonker33 (16b 5x4 1x6)
Farhaan Behardien5 (2b 1x4)
Shardul Thakur 4-0-35-1
Jasprit Bumrah 3-0-23-1
Thakur to Jonker, FOUR runs

knuckle ball gone wrong as the length is too short and the line is too wide outside off, Jonker is generating massive power. He hits it flat and hard over midwicket. One-bounce four

Thakur to Jonker, no run

dragged short and wide outside off, Jonker throws his bat at the ball and toe-ends it back to the bowler

Thakur to Jonker, FOUR runs

very full on middle stump, Jonker drills it ram-rod straight down the ground, Behardien gets out of the firing line

Thakur to Jonker, no run

looks like a slower cutter, Jonker swipes again but is beaten by the lack of pace

Thakur to Jonker, FOUR runs

full and wide outside off, Jonker scythes it up and over backward point for back-to-back boundaries

Thakur to Jonker, SIX runs

back of a length on off stump, Jonker picks it up and muscles it into the stands beyond wide long-on. The debutant held nothing back

SA need 53 off 18 balls

end of over 1711 runs • 1 wicket
SA: 120/5CRR: 7.05 RRR: 17.66
Farhaan Behardien5 (2b 1x4)
Christiaan Jonker15 (10b 2x4)
Jasprit Bumrah 3-0-23-1
Shardul Thakur 3-0-17-1
Bumrah to Behardien, FOUR runs

Behardien ventures outside leg, meets a full ball outside off, and creams it inside-out over mid-off inside the circle