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2nd T20I (N), Sydney, February 13, 2022, Sri Lanka tour of Australia
(20 ov, T:165) 164/8

Match tied (Australia won the one-over eliminator)

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Super Over

That was an entertaining game. Sri Lanka did an outstanding job to fight back and nearly steal it. Australia go 2-0 up but got a real scare. Can't wait for Canberra on Tuesday night. Join us then for game three. Keep an eye out for Andrew Fidel Fernando's report. On behalf of Madushka, Thilak and the entire team, thanks for your company tonight. See you Tuesday.

Josh Hazlewood: "I just kept a nice clear mind. Had a chat with Finchy and came up with a plan of what I wanted to do. The confidence is high at the moment and nice to execute."

Dasun Shanaka: "At the start we bowled well but I think we gave away 10 runs extra in the first innings. In the second phase we lost too many wickets early on. The boys showed the character. These youngsters take the fight on. I'm really impressed by the performance. Nissanka is a world class player."

Aaron Finch: "It was great to get the win. Pretty sloppy overall though. I think we got away with one there. I was pretty confident in Josh Hazlewood. It was a sloppy performance in the field. We bowled some great overs, we bowled some poor overs."

11.15pm Amazing game of cricket. Australia win a thrilling super over thanks to Josh Hazlewood with the ball. But it was an incredible effort from Sri Lanka. They needed 46 off 18 balls in the second innings and got 45. Chameera's strike off the final ball was just metres from a six to win it. They also were on the wrong end of a wide call on the second last ball. But in the super over Hazlewood was too good conceding just 5 runs. Stoinis and Maxwell knocked them off in three balls. Josh Hazlewood is player of the match.

Hasaranga de Silva to Stoinis, FOUR runs

drilled wide of mid on! Finds the rope to make amends for his final over with the ball! Australia win

Hasaranga de Silva to Stoinis, FOUR runs

driven powerfully wide of mid off! Very full on middle but a half volley, he gives room and pounds it into the gap between mid off and cover. Great shot

Hasaranga de Silva to Maxwell, 1 run

floated full toss, he miscues dragging it to long on for one

Maxwell and Stoinis walk out to bat for Australia. Hasaranga is taking the ball. The legspinner will bowl the super over.

SUPER OVER 1 - END OF OVER5 runs • 1 wicket
SL: 5/1CRR: 5.00 

Hazlewood delivers a stunning super over. Australia need just 6 runs to win. Stoinis and Maxwell race off to face the super over.

Hazlewood to Nissanka, 1 run

good length outside off, he mistimes it to cover

Hazlewood to Nissanka, 2 runs

length slower ball, he pulls off a top edge and it flies to square leg and lands safely on the circle, they get two

Hazlewood to Shanaka, 1 run

low full toss, almost a yorker outside off, he drives to long off for one

Hazlewood to Shanaka, 1 bye, OUT

run out on an overthrow! He advances at another wide yorker and misses, they try and pinch a bye, Wade shies and misses! He would have been out. The ball runs to long on, they try for an overthrow, Maxwell swoops and fires at the non-striker's and hits! Chandimal is short! Another great direct hit from the deep

Hazlewood to Shanaka, no run

beats him with a wide yorker outside off. Brilliant delivery, hits the popping crease at pace and he plays over the top of it

Hazlewood to Shanaka, no run

attempts a lap scoop and it hits him flush on the pad outside off! Low full toss and he misses out trying to scoop it

Shanaka and Chandimal to bat in the super over for Sri Lanka. Shanaka on strike. Agar is on the field for Smith

Aaron Finch on Fox "We were tossing up between Hazlewood and Zampa and we thought we'd go with Hazlewood"

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