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England vs Sri Lanka, 3rd ODI at Bristol, ENG v SL, Jul 04 2021 - Ball by Ball Commentary

3rd ODI, Bristol, July 04, 2021, Sri Lanka tour of England
(41.1/50 ov) 166

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4.15pm: Match abandoned! So Sri Lanka can squelch away with a draw (and five precious WCSL points), and there'll be no 6-0 for England, either. Sadly this one was telegraphed a while back - Matt was right, never mind his west country allegiances - and another solid performance from the home side with the ball will go unrewarded this time. Anyway, thanks for sticking around in the drizzle - it's Pakistan up for England next, with the ODI series starting in Cardiff on Thursday. Until then, stay safe wherever you are. Cheerio!

4pm: Still bucketing down in Bristol, from the sounds of it, though there is a fair bit of cricket going on around the country in the latest round of Championship fixtures - which, predictably enough after a solid month of T20, doesn't look like being a good one for batters (unless, predictably enough, your name is Devon Conway).

"Just got heavier again," reports Matt. "So much standing water on the outfield, it's surely terminal. Lots of fans going home, SL on course for a fourth successive Bristol ODI washout after a bilateral one in 2016 and two in the CWC two years ago - and would crucially leapfrog SA and Zim in the Super League with five vital points (albeit having played, err, three times as many games)."

"I don't think D/L will have any impact on the chase unless England is forced to score something ridiculous like 30 runs per over. 167 from 15 overs is doable," reckons Saranga. Other than the fact you need 20 overs for a completed ODI, yes, England would probably have a tilt at whatever score the calculations spat out

3.40pm: We are officially losing overs now, and therefore the hill of beans that SL will have to defend is shrinking also. But the odds on rain saving them might be rising. "Loads of standing water on the covers, been lashing it down for half an hour, dark clouds, no sun etc etc," says Matt. "Big puddle at deep extra cover." He reckons this interlude might prove terminal... though that might just be the Somerset in him talking down Bristol's groundstaff.

George Macphers: "Any word on the DL method target for England." Don't think they'll start doing the calculations until we know how many overs might be possible...

3.30pm: More from Matt: "This looks pretty bleak. Can't see how we get back on within an hour." On the plus side, we've got plenty of time to hang around and wait for improvements. The latest a 20-over game can start is 6pm, and you'd think it won't be a particularly stiff target once DLS comes into it. Sri Lanka aren't getting out of this one just yet

3.15pm: We should be getting underway again soon - but news from the ground isn't great. "Hooning it down," reports Matt Roller. Sri Lanka were out warming up but they've returned to the dressing room again. Arguably a stay of execution for them, although they're probably keen just to get this tour done now...

2.52pm Well, that's another deeply unimpressive effort from Sri Lanka, sadly. Shanaka is the one player to resist today, making 48 not out from 65 balls. But they've left the best part of nine overs unused. Tom Curran is the England stand-out bowler today with figures of 4 for 35. A brace for Woakes and Willey... and surely a saunter to England's 3-0 win, and six out of six... surely? Back in a bit for the chase.

AussieBren: "Maybe England should have batted first- not for "putting on a show for the crowd" but to give some time in the middle for the middle order (even though in game 1 they had a mini collapse). These totals you'd expect to get eaten up nicely by England's top order." I completely agree. Morgan however still believes that a win is a win is a win. And winning ruthless is a mentality that's worth cultivating too.

Matt Roller has his ears tuned to the ground's tunes: "Kasabian over the PA: Shoot the runner, shoot, shoot the runner". Yep, seems fair

Sam Curran to Shanaka, 1 run, OUT

very full, dipping into the toes, clipped to deep midwicket... and it's a hopeless run out! Both men are parked at the non-striker's end as the shy comes in. Curran gathers, lobs to Bairstow. Off come the bails, and that is the end of that! Fernando wanted to get his partner back on strike, but Billings was the fielder so Shanaka rightly respected his arm... his team-mate just kept coming regardless. And that's just a bit village.

Asitha Fernando run out (Billings/SM Curran/†Bairstow) 0 (5b 0x4 0x6 19m) SR: 0
end of over 417 runs
SL: 165/9CRR: 4.02 
Asitha Fernando0 (5b)
Dasun Shanaka47 (64b 2x4 2x6)
Adil Rashid 8-0-35-1
Sam Curran 6-1-29-0
Rashid to Asitha Fernando, no run

skids past the outside edge, so close to the bat. But Fernando survives, which is all he needs to do

Abhijato: "Shanaka clearly hasn't gotten the memo: he thinks he can still make a match out of this!" He's doing his damnedest!

Rashid to Shanaka, 1 run

wide line on the legbreak, hit with the spin to deep point

A bit of a hunt for the ball which has landed on a balcony. It'll need sanitising now that it's been returned

Rashid to Shanaka, SIX runs

back of a length, and pelted over long-on with a huge mow! Deep in the crease, clearing the front leg, strong base, big wallop!

Rashid to Shanaka, no run

advances to the pitch, and defended into the covers

Rashid to Shanaka, no run

bashed out to cover, hit off the full length

Rashid to Shanaka, no run

back of a length, tonked to midwicket. A grumble from Bairstow, I think, over the stump mic about running on the pitch

Rashid to continue

end of over 406 runs
SL: 158/9CRR: 3.95 
Dasun Shanaka40 (59b 2x4 1x6)
Asitha Fernando0 (4b)
Sam Curran 6-1-29-0
Adil Rashid 7-0-28-1
Sam Curran to Shanaka, 1 run

tight lines, bending into the off stump, tapped to cover, and Willey's shy would have been miles out with a direct hit!

Yehan : "It's all upto shanaka now. Hope he can be like thissara Perera in New Zealand. Fingers crossed "

Sam Curran to Shanaka, FOUR runs

battered off the front foot, beats Morgan in the covers for a welcome boundary!

Sam Curran to Shanaka, no run

right up to the bat, fenced into the off side

Swarnanka: "What is the reason for Moeen Ali not bowling?" I have absolutely no idea. Morgan just doesn't fancy him as an option at present

Sam Curran to Shanaka, no run

attempted lap from outside off, but can't connect on the stroke. Out comes the physio as that thumped him on the forearm I think

Sam Curran to Shanaka, no run

very full, driven on the up through the covers, and turns down the single to protect his partner

Sam Curran to Shanaka, no run

firm block on the back foot, solid in defence

Sam Curran to Shanaka, 1 wide

bending down the leg side, a bit of a nothing ball

One Curran's done, another returns. Here's Sam

end of over 391 run • 1 wicket
SL: 152/9CRR: 3.89 
Asitha Fernando0 (4b)
Dasun Shanaka35 (53b 1x4 1x6)
Adil Rashid 7-0-28-1
Tom Curran 10-0-35-4

Paarth : "Sharjah is a horrific place to bowl, small ground and so much 2nd innings due as well as flat batting track is ridiculous for any bowler." Very true

Rashid to Asitha Fernando, no run

big appeal again, another googly, but sliding past the legs

Rashid to Asitha Fernando, no run

fenced off the back foot to the off side

Rashid to Asitha Fernando, no run

very slow googly to follow up, turning into the pads

Rashid to Asitha Fernando, no run

flat-footed stab as Rashid zips down a seaming delivery! Cunning variation, and brisk too

Rashid has his first... what can Sri Lanka cobble together from here?

Rashid to Chameera, OUT

huge appeal from Bairstow for the stumping! He's convinced he's got it. Big legbreak from Rashid, a wafty drive, and almost a last-minute decision to whack off the bails as Chameera's toe strayed. There certainly doesn't seem to be much behind the line. A stud at best. And yep, the umpire is happy that the line belongs to the keeper!

Dushmantha Chameera st †Bairstow b Rashid 16 (27b 2x4 0x6 29m) SR: 59.25
Rashid to Shanaka, 1 run

bashed hard off the front foot to the cover sweeper

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