2nd Test, Harare, January 27 - 31, 2020, Sri Lanka tour of Zimbabwe
406 & 247/7d
(T:361) 293 & 204/3

Match drawn

Player Of The Match
72, 7/113, 34 & 1/63
Player Of The Series
277 runs
SL 2nd Innings
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end of over 871 run
SL: 204/3CRR: 2.34 
Kusal Mendis116 (233)
Dinesh Chandimal13 (75)
Sikandar Raza 32-10-63-1
Donald Tiripano 16-10-15-0

Karunaratne collects the trophy and is joined by his team-mates. So a good, competitive series comes to an end. That's all from our side. See you soon.

Dimuth Karunaratne: I think if you take this Test, Zimbabwe competed well for the first four days. They were really positive and played really good cricket. We had to bat the whole day, I think Kusal and Oshada were really good. As a team, we have done some really good things over the last two years.

Mathews: It's always nice to contribute with the bat. I would like to thank the support staff and the team. A special mention for the fast bowlers, a marathon effort by the entire bowling unit. But credit must go to Zimbabwe as well. In the first Test, it was a good batting track but this time around it was even slower but Kusal Mendis batted really well."

Angelo Mathews is the Player of the Series.

Raza: I think I wanted to channel all my emotions in the right way. I just made a commitment to work hard every day after missing out on a couple of series. I try and complement bowling with batting. When I was training for this Test, I had about 200 overs under my belt. I am certainly looking forward to the franchise cricket, we have to back-to-back games.

Sikandar Raza is the Man of the Match.

Sean Williams: Unfortunately, I got sick but Brendan did a really good job there and well done to Raza. We played spin really well this series and I am looking forward to the Bangladesh series.

The presentation should be there anytime.

4.18pm And they shake hands. Sri Lanka take the series 1-0 but a great effort by Zimbabwe in both Tests. In fact, they were in a winning position here but only 54 overs were possible on Thursday and that hampered their chances to force a win. But credit goes to Sri Lanka as well. They had to negotiate 96 overs today and showed great resolve. Their openers blunted the new ball before Mathews and Mendis frustrated the hosts further. The latter went on to score his seventh Test hundred, and is just five away from 3000 Test runs. For that, he will have to wait though. Earlier, Ervine scored a brilliant first-innings hundred before Sikandar Raza starred with a seven-for. Their seamers too bowled probing lines throughout the series. So a lot of positives for the hosts but they are set to receive pay cuts after this Test due to the financial crunch their board faces.

Raza to Mendis, no run

length on middle and leg, goes back and blocks

Raza to Mendis, no run

length ball around off, defended towards square leg with the turn

Raza to Mendis, no run

a touch fuller outside off, goes back to defend but it takes the outside edge and goes past first slip

Raza to Mendis, no run

length ball on the stumps, some turn once again, defended from the back foot

Raza to Chandimal, 1 run

fuller outside off, pushes it behind point for one

Raza to Chandimal, no run

tossed up wide outside off, looks to defend on the off side but it drops at him and hits the inner half

end of over 863 runs
SL: 203/3CRR: 2.36 
Kusal Mendis116 (229)
Dinesh Chandimal12 (73)
Donald Tiripano 16-10-15-0
Sikandar Raza 31-10-62-1
Tiripano to Mendis, no run

pitched up outside off, comes forward to drive it towards covers, cannot find the gap

Tiripano to Chandimal, 1 leg bye

fuller on the pads, misses the flick but gets a leg-bye to fine leg

Tiripano to Chandimal, 2 runs

and he squares him up. Fuller around off and swinging in, Chandimal was looking to work on the leg side but it moves away to take the outside edge. Two to backward point

Tiripano to Chandimal, no run

length ball around off, straightening off the seam to almost square Chandimal up. Defended well in the end

Tiripano to Chandimal, no run

length outside off and coming back in a bit off the seam, a good leave

Tiripano to Chandimal, no run

fuller around off, pushes it towards extra cover

end of over 854 runs
SL: 200/3CRR: 2.35 
Kusal Mendis116 (228)
Dinesh Chandimal10 (68)
Sikandar Raza 31-10-62-1
Donald Tiripano 15-10-13-0
Raza to Mendis, no run

too full outside off, punched back towards Raza

Over the wicket

Raza to Mendis, no run

pitched up outside off, lunges forward and pushes it towards covers

Raza to Mendis, no run

fuller on the stumps, punched towards short midwicket

Raza to Mendis, no run

length ball on the stumps, goes back and flicks it towards backward square leg

Raza to Mendis, FOUR runs

a full toss outside off, Mendis comes out of his crease and just punches it through extra cover

Raza to Mendis, no run

fuller outside off, drives it towards mid-off

Around the wicket

end of over 843 runs
SL: 196/3CRR: 2.33 
Kusal Mendis112 (222)
Dinesh Chandimal10 (68)
Donald Tiripano 15-10-13-0
Sikandar Raza 30-10-58-1
Tiripano to Mendis, 1 run

goes for the yorker but once again ends up bowling it full, flicked towards the right of mid-on

Tiripano to Mendis, 2 runs

pitched up on the stumps, Mendis punches it towards midwicket for a couple