(D/N), Pallekele, Aug 21 2012, Sri Lanka Premier League
(20 ov, target 156)141/9
Uva Next won by 14 runs
Player Of The Match
end of over 2015 runs • 1 wicket
RRyls: 141/9CRR: 7.05 
Wahab Riaz31 (18)
Lasith Malinga1 (1)
Charith Jayampathi 3-0-28-0
Umar Gul 4-0-23-1

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Lasith Malinga: Still have two games and we hope to play good cricket in them, lost it in the second half of our bowling. Riaz batted well, the top-order needs to get runs. Looking forward to the next two games.

Kandamby: Happy with the performance, not a good start but Tharanga and Maik did well, thought this was a 150-run wicket and we bowled well. Not worried in the last few overs.

S Prasanna is the man of the match. He says he is happy to bowl the way he did this game after a not-so-good performance last game.

Uva did not begin well with the bat but finished off on a competitive 155/6 in their 20. Ruhuna never looked like they were in contention and the small margin of loss, of 14 runs is highly flattering, it was some bat-swinging from Wahab Riaz that brought the side close. Presentation in some time.

Jayampathi to Wahab Riaz, 1 run

outside the off stump, fuller as well, chipped over extra-cover for a couple of runs, but that does not cut it too much for the batting side, who have now lost their third game in four.

Jayampathi to Malinga, 1 run

outside the off, full-toss as well and he manages to get it to long-off for a single

Malinga joins the fun.

Jayampathi to Wahab Riaz, 1 run, OUT

in the block-hole, dug out by the batsman down the ground for a single, there was some confusion for the second one, in the end it costs them the wicket.

Tharanga Lakshitha run out (Shoaib Malik/†Tharanga) 1 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100
Jayampathi to Wahab Riaz, 1 wide

wide again, pressure's getting to the youngster here, it was very, very outside the off and the umpire has no hesitation calling it a wide

Jayampathi to Wahab Riaz, no run

yorker length this time, wanted to crack at it down to long-on but the ball stops right in front of the batsman

Jayampathi to Wahab Riaz, 1 wide

wide again, this was a tad harsh, but it was outside the off stump and prett far from the bat, the umpire swings it in the favour of the batsman!

Jayampathi to Wahab Riaz, 1 wide

another wide, outside the off stump again and that was very, very wide outside the off, they are still in it

Jayampathi to Wahab Riaz, 1 wide

outside the off stump, fuller too, the batsman was giving himself some room, lets it go and luckily for him the umpire calls it a wide

Jayampathi to Wahab Riaz, 2 runs

short of length, swings it away yet again, but does not get off the middle to deep square-leg, they are able to come back for the second

Jayampathi to Wahab Riaz, SIX runs

slower one on his pads and he swings it across, connects off the middle and that has crossed the boundary, just four more of these!

end of over 197 runs • 1 wicket
RRyls: 126/8CRR: 6.63 RRR: 30.00
Wahab Riaz21 (13)
Tharanga Lakshitha1 (1)
Umar Gul 4-0-23-1
Sachithra Senanayake 3-0-26-1
Umar Gul to Wahab Riaz, 1 run

short of length on the middle stump, flicked it away to deep square-leg for a single

Umar Gul to Wahab Riaz, no run

shorter this time, he was giving himself room after movng down the leg side, he went for the pull but misses the top edge, exciting mini-battle between the two Pakistanis

Umar Gul to Lakshitha, 1 run

yorker length on the off stump, swinging into the bat and he digs it out well, goes to mid-off

Umar Gul to Wahab Riaz, 1 run

yorker length ball yet again, he was moving to the leg side and the bowler followed him rather well, gets it on the full and hits it to long-on for a single

Umar Gul to Wahab Riaz, 4 leg byes

yorker length and beats the bat, hits the pads and rolls over to the fine-leg for a four, leg-byes called

Umar Gul to Silva, OUT

attempts a yorker, turned into a full-toss that hits him high on his bat, spooned up to deep square-leg for an easy catch, the fielder claims he almost did not see it in the lights

Chamara Silva c sub (Fawad Alam) b Umar Gul 23 (22b 3x4 0x6) SR: 104.54

37 needed off two and the captain now having a chat with Gul.