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England vs Sri Lanka, 2nd Test at Birmingham, , May 25 2006 - Ball by Ball Commentary

2nd Test, Birmingham, May 25 - 28, 2006, Sri Lanka tour of England
141 & 231
(T:78) 295 & 81/4

England won by 6 wickets

Player Of The Match
ENG 2nd Innings
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England win by 6 wickets. Players shake hands as they walk back to the dressing room - there's applause from the crowd as the players reach the boundary line.

Looking back at the test match, centuries by Pietersen and Vandort, Muralitharan picking up 10 wickets in the match were the highpoints. From here they move on to Trent Bridge at Nottingham for the third test on the 2nd of June.

Kevin Pietersen, for his dashing 142, is declared Man-of-the-Match.

It's over to Arun Gopalakrishnan now for some statistics and analysis.

Thanks Binoy. Numbers do tell us a story - one of the trivia yesterday was about test matches at the Edgbaston not lasting the full length - this one is one more to the list. Now time for some more trivia relating to this test match:

Cricinfo Stat fact: England have once again come up winners at the Edgbaston - they now remain unbeaten at the Edgbaston for the last 5 test matches. It further substantiates the fact that the Edgbaston has been England's luckiest home venue - a fact that found a mention in S Rajesh's preview at the start of the test match. England have now won 22 of the 42 tests they have played at the Edgbaston - that's 52.38% of the games they have played here.

Cricinfo Stat fact: Muthiah Muralitharan's 10 for 115 is the second best bowling performance by a spinner in a test match at Edgbaston. Colin Blythe, bowling his slow left arm spinners, picked up 11 for 102 - his figures are the best ever performance by a spinner in a test match at Edgbaston.

Comment: While Andrew Flintoff will be the first one to accept that their batting in this test match did not deliver to its potential, he will be delighted that all his frontline bowlers were among the wickets.

For Mahela Jayawardene, its a bag of troubles - his bowlers, led by the maestro Muthiah Muralitharan, did their job fairly well in this test match, but its the batting that failed to deliver in both the innings. They have not come to terms with the swing and seam movement - although they have been in England for over a month now. Before the start of the test match, opinion was divided if Sanath Jayasuriya should be drafted into the playing XI - given all his years of experience of test cricket and playing county cricket in England - this shoddy performance here by the Sri Lankan batters is sure to fuel another such debate as we head to Trent Bridge, Nottingham, for the final test of this series.

Some news coming in, sure to hearten England fans - Michael Vaughan will be back playing competitive cricket after recovering from his knee injury. He will turn out for Yorkshire against Scotland tomorrow in the C&G Trophy match at Headingley.

You can follow all the news - from both camps - here on

Murali to Flintoff, FOUR runs

tossed right up, Flintoff drives well down the ground to long on fence to bring up the winning runs.

Murali to Flintoff, no run

tossed up right up, almost yorked him, dug out on the track

end of over 274 runs
ENG: 77/4CRR: 2.85 
Alastair Cook34 (85b 4x4)
Andrew Flintoff0 (2b)
Lasith Malinga 7-1-29-0
Muthiah Muralidaran 12-3-25-4
Malinga to Cook, no run

wid outside the off stump, Cook plays no shot, through to Sangakkara

Malinga to Cook, no run

Cook drives off the back foot to mid on

Malinga to Cook, 2 runs

good ball on target, pushes to mid off, Vaas misfields, comes back for the second run

Malinga to Cook, no run

turned away to midwicket

Malinga to Cook, no run

worked to the on side

Malinga to Cook, 2 byes

slower delivery outside the off stump, lets it go, Sangakkara fails to collect it

end of over 261 run • 1 wicket
ENG: 73/4CRR: 2.80 
Andrew Flintoff0 (2b)
Alastair Cook32 (79b 4x4)
Muthiah Muralidaran 12-3-25-4
Lasith Malinga 6-1-27-0
Murali to Flintoff, no run

off the pad to the on side

Murali to Flintoff, no run

another wonderful delivery, the doosra, comes forward and defends, beats the outside edge

Muralitharan gets another 10 wickets for the match

Murali to PD Collingwood, OUT

Muralitharan strikes again, picks up his fourth wicket, doosra tossed up outside the off stump, Collingwood on the back foot drives, gets the edge, Sangakkara behind the wicket takes a sharp catch.

Paul Collingwood c †Sangakkara b Muralidaran 3 (11b 0x4 0x6 24m) SR: 27.27
Murali to Cook, 1 run

comes forward and pushes to the off side for a single

Murali to Cook, no run

plays and misses down the leg side

Murali to Cook, no run

doosra tossed up outside the leg stump, comes forward and defends to the on side

end of over 254 runs
ENG: 72/3CRR: 2.88 
Paul Collingwood3 (10b)
Alastair Cook31 (76b 4x4)
Lasith Malinga 6-1-27-0
Muthiah Muralidaran 11-3-24-3
Malinga to PD Collingwood, no run

good line and length, excellent delivery outside the off stump, Collingwood drives and misses, through to Sangakkara

Malinga to Cook, 1 run

on the legs, Cook hits it into the leg side to fine leg for a single

Malinga to Cook, no run

slower delivery, Cook comes forward and defends to the off side

Malinga to Cook, no run

bouncer, Cook ducks under it

Malinga to PD Collingwood, 3 runs

fuller delivery, Collingwood drives it away nicely in the gap between mid off and extra-cover to the deep

Malinga to PD Collingwood, no run

bouncer, Collingwood sway out of the way