3rd Test, Southampton, Jun 16 - 20 2011, Sri Lanka tour of England and Scotland
(104 ov)184 & 334/5
Match drawn
player of the match
end of over 1047 runs
SL: 334/5CRR: 3.21 
Prasanna Jayawardene6 (6)
Thilan Samaraweera87 (128)
James Anderson30-9-81-2
Jonathan Trott3-0-24-0

4.50pm Match over That's it. The inevitable has been confirmed and the series is over. England win the series 1-0. There will be a presentation presumably but an underwhelming one. It's been an underwhelming sort of series really. According to the Sun's Ali Martin 369 overs have been lost to rain in the series. Which tells its own story. Today though, was all about Kumar Sangakkara. Reluctant captain, out of form, terrible record in England, still found reserves to meet the challenge of battling out a draw and made a wonderful hundred.

Presentation Michael Atherton leads the presentation ceremony which includes Giles Clarke, Rod Bransgrove, someone whose name I forget from npower and two women from npower whose name nobody bothers to find out or read out. Clarke reads out a short tribute to Alan Hurst, the match referee, whose last game this is. Chris Tremlett is named man of the match on his previous home ground and is also named England's man of the series. Prasanna Jayawardene is named Sri Lanka's man of the series, accepting the award in a dandy pair of blue jeans. Clearly planning on starting his night out early.

That's about it from me, Sahil Dutta, and from Liam Brickhill and Andrew McGlashan. Thanks for all the emails which, during a rain-ruined series, have been crucial.

4.40pm It's dark, dank and raining still. There are better things to do than stick about here. Any real updates and you'll hear about them but for now go and enjoy that West Indies game.

4.10pm Pretty sure this is it for the series. Ending where it begun, as a damp squib. What would be a shame, if they don't get back out, is Samaraweera not getting a chance to make his first Test hundred in England. Meanwhile, for all of you who thought Sangakkara was cool, here is an alarming video. Thanks to La Sigh for sharing that. Actually I'm really annoyed I saw that. Ah! And here is the guilty man that made the video! "Thanks Cricinfo - you made me famous at last," says Amrik Singh. "That was me filming back at IPL 1 in Jaipur. Sanga, Watson, Lee were awesome all night singing songs from midnight right through to 7.00am. Not only is he intelligent and articulate but he also has the biggest 'in-brain' database of songs I have ever come across."

4.00pm Hmm, nothing to see here. There is Test cricket elsewhere though. West Indies v India.

3.55pm Without wanting to be the bringer of doom, it's not looking great out there. Covers spread far and wide.

Tea Excellent, battling cricket from Sri Lanka. Took the sting out the early attack and then scored quickly to take them to all but safety. Sangakkara progressed to his 25th Test ton, but his first in England before becoming the only wicket of the session. Gnasher will tell you all about it in his teatime bulletin. Might be worth keeping an eye on the weather after tea. As Andrew Miller says: "This series looks set for a watery grave." Fitting I guess. And how frustrating that Cardiff implosion must be for Sri Lankans right now. Covers coming on, by the way.

Anderson to HAPW, 2 runs

solid push through cover from Jayawardene to end another excellent session for Sri Lanka

Anderson to HAPW, FOUR runs

an extra slip might have been interested here! But with only two in place this thickish edge runs through the gap and away for four

Anderson to HAPW, no run

full and wide of off. Left alone

Anderson to HAPW, no run

short ball is sharp and Jayawardene has to sway swiftly out the line

Anderson to HAPW, no run

wide of off and left all alone

The sun is out again, by the way.

Anderson to Thilan, 1 run

Anderson finds a lifter outside off, surprises the batsman but he adjusts well enough to keep it down

end of over 1031 run
SL: 327/5CRR: 3.17 
Prasanna Jayawardene0 (1)
Thilan Samaraweera86 (127)
Jonathan Trott3-0-24-0
James Anderson29-9-74-2

A quite epic rant from Anand: "While you're entitled to your opinion on the Lord of the Rings, I take umbrage to your rather frivolous comment on one of the greatest works of the 20th century. Tolkien, in composing a trilogy (plus one) brought out in fascinating detail the nuances of human emotion and behavior -- greed, jealousy, courage, love. For this, he created an entire parallel world. To call this brilliant epic "tedious" is like calling test cricket boring." No, no it's not.

Trott to HAPW, no run

Trott hits the pads, causing all sorts of excitement, but it was outside the line

Trott to Thilan, 1 run

absurdly, Trott tries to bang down a short ball. Samaraweera waits, and waits, and once it's arrived turns it to fine leg

Trott to Thilan, no run

Trott finds a good line and length but also the solid defence of Samaraweera

It's raining quite heavily at the moment but the umpires decide to stay out there.

Trott to Thilan, no run

three full and wide ones and Samaraweera happy to flag it through

Trott to Thilan, no run

again it's full and wide and left alone. Also a few spots of rain about

Trott to Thilan, no run

vicious floater full outside off stump. Not sure this is a great plan

Right, England going for the kill. Here's, er, Jonathan Trott...