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3rd Test, Brabourne, December 02 - 06, 2009, Sri Lanka tour of India
393 & 309

India won by an innings and 24 runs

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491 runs • 1 wkt
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Tendulkar calls the players and support staff from the dressing room to come on to the ground. And there they come, led by Gary Kirsten who hugs Dhoni., Tendulkar, Zaheer and in fact everybody. Now the Indian team get into a celebratory huddle. Smiles all around. And the players scream,' Hip hip hurray'.

Tendulkar: "Fantastic to be at this position. I have been waiting a long time to get to this position (No 1). In fact just not me, entire nation. I thought when Gary (Kirsten) and Paddy (Paddy Upton), along with Robin Singh and Venkatesh Prasad, all credit to them for handling the team brilliantly. Also all the players have worked very hard in the last 18 months. Right from no 1 batter to no 7 (MS bats at no 7) we have a solid batting line-up. This pitch was a brilliant wicket. There was some turn on the first day and I knew one roll would settle it down and it did." A smiling Tendulkar then adds, " I have told Yuvraj Singh not to call me Grandpa .. I have lots of names for him too and I can expose him there! No retirement as long as I am enjoying the game."

Very interesting that SRT mentioned the names of Venkatesh Prasad and Robin Singh in that list. He doesn't usually say anything controversial and neither does he throw his weight around but in his own quiet dignified unassuming way, he has told the world what he thinks. Venkatesh Prasad, who was unceremoniously sacked by the BCCI, would be thrilled with this vote of confidence.

Hang for quotes from the post-match ceremony.

Sangakkara: It was tough but India outperformed us in all three departments of the game in the last two Tests. In this game, we nearly put 400 but Sehwag came and took the game away from us. The guys fought hard through this series but it was not enough. The batting of Dilshan, Prasana, Samaraweera, how Welegedera came through in the first Test .. were the positives. Congrats to the Indian team who did well as a unit; someone always stepped up to perform.

Man of the Match and Man of the Series is Sehwag: This will be the third best of my knocks. I wasn't thinking anything, my mind was very blank; I waited for a while . I just waited for the bad balls. The dressing room they were saying I was hitting the good balls too but when you look at from my point of view, I was just hitting the bad balls..! After the first Test, I had a very good chat with Kirsten. He told me just carry on the process that you applied in Sri Lanka and in NEw Zealand, you will come good for a long knock. This (no 1) is a team effort.

MS Dhoni: I think the real tough task from now on is to maintain this performance. THe real tough job starts from here. When we are pushed to the wall, we come out with some special performances. Overall I think it was a terrific team performance in this series. Every batsman, who got in, in this match did his job. Especially Virender Sehwag. We had a big total and could put pressure with close-in fielders. Zaheer is back in the rhythm and it was good to see the fast bowlers do well in India. There was a bit of reverse swing but not much help to them but they have bowled very well. Our fielding was good. I think we caught nearly everything that came our way."

Dhoni lifts the Trophy. And he calls his team-mates to come and join him and pose for pictures.

That's it from us. This is Sriram Veera, your commentator for this game, signing out. Alvida.

Harbhajan to Murali, OUT

There you go. India move up to No 1. It was flighted outside off stump, Murali went for a big slog and edged it to Dhoni who grabbed it neatly, threw the ball high in the air and pulled out a stump for a souvenir.

Muthiah Muralidaran c †Dhoni b Harbhajan Singh 14 (9b 3x4 0x6 17m) SR: 155.55
Harbhajan to Murali, no run

moves all around the crease and in the end stabs it to short leg

Harbhajan to Murali, no run

moves outside leg and has a good old beautifully ugly slog.. misses and the ball goes over the stumps

Harbhajan to Murali, 2 runs

almost a six, almost a catch... and in the end neither. It was lofted to wide long-on where Sehwag runs to his right, catches it but as he goes over the boundary line, he flicks the ball inside the rope

end of over 1004 runs • 1 wicket
SL: 307/9CRR: 3.07 
Chanaka Welegedara0 (1b)
Muthiah Muralidaran12 (5b 3x4)
Zaheer Khan 21-5-72-5
Harbhajan Singh 34-5-78-1
Khan to Welegedara, no run

still from round the stumps, sprays this one down the leg side

Khan to Kulasekara, OUT

Five-for for Zaheer khan. Very similar to the Samaraweera dismissal. It was the lifting delivery from round the stumps, Kulasekara stabs it straight to Laxman at second slip.

Nuwan Kulasekara c Laxman b Khan 19 (68b 4x4 0x6 102m) SR: 27.94

The Mumbai crowd chant: "Ganpati bappa mourya!" . It's salutations to the god Ganesha.

Khan to Kulasekara, no run

from round the stumps, full in length, tailing in to Kulasekara who jabs it uppishly, just short of Harbhajan at short midwicket

Khan to Kulasekara, FOUR runs

gets forward to slash a full length delivery over covers .. it races away to the boundary

Khan to Kulasekara, no run

leans forward to defend to the on side

Khan to Kulasekara, no run

full in length, on the off stump line, mistimes the drive back to the bowler

end of over 999 runs
SL: 303/8CRR: 3.06 
Nuwan Kulasekara15 (63b 3x4)
Muthiah Muralidaran12 (5b 3x4)
Harbhajan Singh 34-5-78-1
Zaheer Khan 20-5-68-4
Harbhajan to Kulasekara, 1 run

goes for the sweep and it hits Vijay standing at short-leg

Harbhajan to Kulasekara, no run

on the middle and leg line, goes for the flick, misses and it goes off the pad to Lax at backward short-leg. /Harbhajan appeals for a catch but not many support him

Harbhajan to Kulasekara, 4 byes

turns in from the middle stump line, seemed to brush the thigh pad .. may be not .. as it has been given as byes

Harbhajan to Kulasekara, FOUR runs

skips down the track and lofts against the turn over mid-off .. daring skillful hit

Harbhajan to Kulasekara, no run

leans forward to defend to the on side

Harbhajan to Kulasekara, no run

spins down the leg side

end of over 9812 runs • 1 wicket
SL: 294/8CRR: 3.00 
Muthiah Muralidaran12 (5b 3x4)
Nuwan Kulasekara10 (57b 2x4)
Zaheer Khan 20-5-68-4
Harbhajan Singh 33-5-73-1
Khan to Murali, FOUR runs

aaha! Murali is da entertainer. Zaheer fires a bouncer from round the stumps, Murali moves outside leg, seems to be cramped for room but twists his body and somehow manages to pull it away to deep backward square-leg boundary

Khan to Murali, FOUR runs

hit and giggle. He clears the front foot, backs away and plays a lovely beefy pull shot and watches the ball all the way to the boundary ..

Khan to Murali, no run

moves outside leg, Zaheer follows him, Murali goes for his slog across the line, misses and is hit on the thigh pad

Khan to Murali, no run

three slips, gully, fly slip, short cover in and Zaheer bangs it in short, Murali mistimes the pull towards Harbhajan at midwicket

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