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India vs Sri Lanka, 5th ODI at Delhi, , Dec 27 2009 - Match Result

5th ODI, Delhi, December 27, 2009, Sri Lanka tour of India
(23.3/50 ov) 83/5

No result

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353 runs
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Scorecard summary
Sri Lanka 83/5(23.3 overs)

1.30 It has been two hours since play was stopped. There is no presentation on the horizon, so allow us to sign off for the day. Do read the

match report for further details of what transpired today. This is the last ODI of the year, but there are two Test matches going on which our dedicated staff is covering. Here's wishing you all a very happy New Year. On behalf of all us at Cricinfo, this is Jamie Alter signing off. See you next year.

1.10 Interesting bit of information our bulletin writer has just dug up. Per the ICC's Code of Conduct, after the first occasion of a venue producing a pitch unfit for play the immediate punishment is, and I quote: "A suspension of the venue's international status for a period of between 12 and 24 months together with a directive for appropriate remedial action and the need for prior ICC re-accreditation as an international venue." Now that leaves the Kotla's holding any matches in the 2011 World Cup in the balance.

12.55 No sign of anything happening. If and when a post-match event occurs, I will let you know.

12.45 No comments from any umpires or players or captains. We are waiting to see what happens next.

12.30 The game has been abandoned. After lengthy discussions between the match officials, the team staff, the DDCA people and Daljit Singh, the curator, it is deemed an unfit pitch to continue on. Unfortunate for those who packed in early on a cold day but there were too many concerns from early on in the game. The variable bounce was consistent, two batsmen were hit by rising deliveries, and there was a concern that further injuries could be caused. A sad way to end the series. Watch the headlines tomorrow.

In case you are joining us late, you can read this to get an idea of what led to this.

The DDCA, with a history of problems, faces another controversy. Problems seem to follow Daljit as well. Much of the newspaper, web site, TV and tabloid spaces will be populated with discussion, debate and criticism of this match. Oh boy. Nice tone to end the year with, eh?

12.05 Still no word. This has gone on for a while. Javagal Srinath, himself a match referee, says on air that it is within the rules to start an entirely new match on an adjacent strip. But Sunil Gavaskar reckons that that pitch has even more grass. Shifting all the equipment, HawkEye etc, will take too much time, and what if even that pitch is dangerous too?

11.42 Stay with us for further updates. As soon as we get word, you will know. The match has been temporarily abandoned. Shades of this game 12 years ago in Indore, which was called off because the pitch was judged unsafe. The two teams involved then? India and Sri Lanka.

11.38 Alan Hurst, the match referee, and the umpires walk off. Plenty of DDCA and match officials standing on the sidelines. The players are inside.

11.35 Sorry for the confusion. We heard from the ground scorer that it was called off. That has not been confirmed, however. The DDCA officials, the umpires, the curator and the match referee are inspecting the two pitches. The crowd is very restless. Some section are chanting irate slogans.

11.30 The coaches are out. The players are all huddled. Now they are leaving the field, slowly. A few officials are inspecting the second adjacent pitch, which doesn't look any better. The issue is the patches of grass interspersed with patches of baldness. If the ball pitches even fractionally on either side, the result is a low delivery of a riser.

11.20 The umpires meet to discuss the condition of the pitch. Too many deliveries have nearly knocked the batsman's' head off. I will say it again, its a poor pitch to play on. Sangakkara storms out and has words with Dhoni and the umpires. He does not look pleased. On replays, I see that the second that last ball spat up off a length Sangakkara and Jayawardene, sitting on the sidelines, waved at the batsmen. Now the match referee walks out. This is big. The pitch has been bad since the start, and it took this ball to draw a reaction. What about when Dilshan was hit? Dhoni is having a lot to say as well. Plenty of chat.

Tyagi to Kandamby, 1 wide

sharper still, as this one flies up off the track past the batsman, hitting one of those treacherous patches, and Dhoni does really well to stop the ball with one hand, a wide is called for some reason

Tyagi to Kandamby, no run

good ball! Short of a length, lovely height, he starts to feel for it off the toes and then somehow manages to hold back as the ball seams past his nose

Tyagi to M Pushpakumara, 1 run

now Tyagi bowls full and Pushpakumara rolls the wrists, flicking to midwicket

Tyagi to M Pushpakumara, no run

pitches outside leg and angles across the stumps at good height, Pushpakumara is forced to play at it and does well to edge along the ground to gully

end of over 235 runs
SL: 81/5CRR: 3.52 
Thilina Kandamby12 (20b 1x4)
Muthumudalige Pushpakumara6 (17b)
Harbhajan Singh 4-0-12-1
Sudeep Tyagi 6-1-13-1
Harbhajan to Kandamby, no run

flighted on middle and leg and he turns it toward mid-on

Harbhajan to Kandamby, FOUR runs

shot! Kandamby reaches out and hits against the turn, flat-batting it from outside off stump into the gap between midwicket and mid-on

Harbhajan to Kandamby, no run

tidy stuff, flighted on off stump and he stretches forward to defend

Harbhajan to Kandamby, no run

slows the pace, holds it in the air a second longer, again gets some turn and Kandamby defends to the off side

Harbhajan to M Pushpakumara, 1 run

flatter ball, Pushpakumara sweeps against the turn from outside the line and plays it out to Tyagi at fine leg

Harbhajan to M Pushpakumara, no run

well bowled, slowly tossed up, gets some turn, pushed to cover

end of over 223 runs
SL: 76/5CRR: 3.45 
Muthumudalige Pushpakumara5 (15b)
Thilina Kandamby8 (16b)
Sudeep Tyagi 6-1-13-1
Harbhajan Singh 3-0-7-1
Tyagi to M Pushpakumara, 1 run

leans into a full ball and threads a drive between the covers

Tyagi to M Pushpakumara, no run

short of a length outside leg stump, he tries to get over the bounce and turn it for a single but ends up mistiming the shot off his pads

Tyagi to M Pushpakumara, 1 wide

down the pads for a wide

Tyagi to M Pushpakumara, no run

full and wide, Pushpakumara tries to steer it fine but misses

Tyagi to M Pushpakumara, no run

pushes a fuller ball straight to Kohli at backward point

Tyagi to Kandamby, 1 run

pitches fractionally outside leg and he goes back and across to glance it for a single

Tyagi to Kandamby, no run

short of a length on middle and off and he defends

end of over 212 runs
SL: 73/5CRR: 3.47 
Muthumudalige Pushpakumara4 (11b)
Thilina Kandamby7 (14b)
Harbhajan Singh 3-0-7-1
Sudeep Tyagi 5-1-10-1

Harbhajan is varying his pace really well.

Harbhajan to M Pushpakumara, no run

well bowled, much slower, Pushpakumara drives and inside-edges

Harbhajan to M Pushpakumara, no run

pitches on a length and Pushpakumara defends off the back foot

Harbhajan to M Pushpakumara, no run

beaten in the air by a slower one, he goes at it and misses

Match details
Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi
TossIndia, elected to field first
Player Of The Series
Series resultIndia won the 5-match series 3-1
Match numberODI no. 2936
Hours of play (local time)09.00 start, First Session 09.00-12.30, Interval 12.30-13.15, Second Session 13.15-16.45
Match days27 December 2009 - day (50-over match)
ODI debut
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
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