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South Africa vs Sri Lanka, 3rd Test at Johannesburg, Jan 12 2017, Sri Lanka tour of South Africa

3rd Test, Johannesburg, January 12 - 14, 2017, Sri Lanka tour of South Africa
(f/o) 131 & 177

South Africa won by an innings and 118 runs

Player Of The Match
Player Of The Series
308 runs
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Scores: Thilak R | Comms: Andrew Miller
Scorecard summary
South Africa 426/10(124.1 overs)
4/78 (27)
134 (265)
4/107 (25.1)
Sri Lanka 131/10(45.4 overs)
3/44 (12)
Sri Lanka 177/10(42.3 overs)

4.30pm So, Faf receives the series trophy, and that is the end of that. Don't forget to read Alan Gardner's match report, and there's still time to bombard Firdose and Fidel with your #PoliteEnquiries. From myself, Gnasher, Thilak and the rest, cheers for tuning in, and see you for the white-ball leg of the tour.

4.20pm Time for some presentations. "Nothing much to say really," says Angelo Mathews. "We kept making the same mistakes, it was very sporty here with a bit of unevenness which made it difficult. No way of getting 400 on this wicket. Unfortunately we haven't played good enough cricket to win here. Credit to the South African boys."

He gives credit to his seamers, but admits his batsmen weren't up to the challenge. "But average age is between 19-23. If they keep going, they'll keep learning."

JP Duminy is man of the match for his 155. "Pretty happy we batted first on that wicket. I've tried to be as positive as possible in body language and approach."

He took a blinding catch, along with several of his team-mates. "We pride ourselves on our fielding, and it's great when it comes off."

Dean Elgar is South Africa's man of the series, as the top run-scorer. "It was about mental application," he says. "The most important ball you have to worry about is the next one. This is a big moment for me, my first Man of the Series."

And finally, here's the winning captain, Faf du Plessis. "Once again, a complete performance, to get runs on a wicket like that was amazing innings [from JP and Hashim], and once again our bowlers were spectacular. It's been tough work for the batters since day one. It was a big thing for us to step up and dominate, to win 3-0 without a session when Sri Lanka were controlling us."

Jonathan Ellis: "Lords 2000 saw the record for most batsmen dismissed ONCE in a day (21). Walsh in Windies' first innings, then 10 Englishmen (Hoggard was the lucky survivor on 12*), then 10 West Indians with Walsh not-out. Nobody was dismissed twice, but Hoggard was the only batsman not to fall on that day."

4.12pm Lots of jubilant South Africans on the outfield and rightly so. Let's not forget, they've had a lot to overcome in this series as well, with Kyle Abbott's Kolpak revelations enough to destabilise a less focussed outfit. But they've found a way to park the politics and keep their game-heads firmly in place.

As for Sri Lanka, there's no denying how tough it must be trying to transition from the era of Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene, and their batting remains light-years from the required standard for pace-dominated series. But their own seamers were impressive in adversity. Particularly the luckless Lakmal and the lively Lahiru. While Nuwan Pradeep's burst on the second day was remarkable too.

Yusuf : "Of the 30 wickets only 3 were not caught. Of those 3 wickets 2 were bowled with only 1 LBW. Must be a record there somewhere?" Verily. One for the stattos! In this DRS era, that's remarkable. But testament also to the extra bounce at the Wanderers

4.07pm What can you say about that, then? South Africa brilliant, Sri Lanka abject. Roll on the ODIs.

Benji: "How on Earth did this rabble clean up the Aussies 3 - 0 just six months ago??" Different pitches, clearly. Pace and bounce here, spin and attrition there. Rangana Herath never got a look-in in this Test, as he went wicketless in a Test for the first time in more than four years.

Jonathan Ellis: "Three times in history, a complete Test side has been dismissed twice in a day. India did it in 1952 at Old Trafford (vs. Eng), Zimbabwe in 2005 at Harare (vs. NZ), and Zim again in 2012 at Napier (vs. NZ). In all three cases, 9 batsmen were dismissed twice in the day, the remaining two being dismissed once and not-out once. I believe this is the record for most batsmen dismissed twice in a day." See, there have been worse displays before. And better times can surely come again for Sri Lanka.

Myron: "Useless stat of the day : Four 6's were hit this series, all by spinners. Maharaj x1, Mendis x2, de Silva x1." My favourite type of stat

Parnell to Lakmal, OUT

short again, an ambitious swipe off the eyebrows, a big steepling top-edge, deep square leg steadies himself, and seals a 3-0 whitewash! Lakmal's defiance comes to an end, as does a crushingly dominant South African display

Suranga Lakmal c Philander b Parnell 31 (26b 6x4 0x6 40m) SR: 119.23
Parnell to Lakmal, no run

wide of off stump, Lakmal goes fishing, but can't connect

Parnell to Lakmal, no run

short again, another damn-you-all-to-hell wipe from Lakmal, who doesn't connect this time

end of over 42Wicket maiden
SL: 177/9CRR: 4.21 
Nuwan Pradeep0 (4b)
Suranga Lakmal31 (23b 6x4)
Duanne Olivier 9-2-38-3
Wayne Parnell 10-1-51-3
Olivier to Pradeep, no run

retreats to square leg to splat a limp drive into the covers

Olivier to Pradeep, no run

sharp pace again. It's no fun out there for the Sri Lankans

Olivier to Pradeep, no run

fierce pace from back of a length. Pradeep doesn't fancy that at all

Tushar: "Silva and Mendis stitched a partnership of 47 for the second wicket. That is the Sri Lanka's highest in the match." So there was. Still pretty hopeless, alas.

Olivier to Pradeep, no run

a flinch outside off, and through to the keeper

Let the round-ladied warbling begin. Here's Nuwan Pradeep

Olivier to Lahiru Kumara, OUT

banged in short, flicks something as Lahiru ducks, and South Africa review for the catch! That definitely took the shoulder, but was there bat first? It seems so, the decision is overturned! An infinitesmal nick. Must admit, I barely saw it

Lahiru Kumara c Cook b Olivier 0 (2b 0x4 0x6 4m) SR: 0

Bose Babu: "This is the highest partnership for SL in this test match." Was. And still is

Olivier to Lahiru Kumara, no run

beats the edge from back of a length

end of over 415 runs • 1 wicket
SL: 177/8CRR: 4.31 
Suranga Lakmal31 (23b 6x4)
Wayne Parnell 10-1-51-3
Duanne Olivier 8-1-38-2

Alas alack, if only someone could stay with the Matara Sachin ...

Parnell to Upul Tharanga, OUT

short and wide, slashed high, out to deep backward point, Duminy hurtles back, and clings onto a blinder! He turned, gave chase, running fully 20 yards before launching a full-length dive to end a combative stand!

Upul Tharanga c Duminy b Parnell 26 (29b 5x4 0x6 60m) SR: 89.65
Parnell to Upul Tharanga, no run

gunbarrel straight, blocked back to the bowler

Parnell to Lakmal, 1 run

crashed into the leg side once again, like a slightly disorientated wildebeest

Swarnadeep: "For all you underdog and Sri Lankan supporters,SL needs to get 230 more runs by virtue of Tharanga and Lakmal 200 run stand and then Lakmal and Pradeep getting SA all out for 100, and then Andrew will comment "Lakmal does a Botham turnaround"" Botham? Lazarus, more like!

Parnell to Lakmal, no run

cranking up the pace, no bat on this one

Parnell to Lakmal, no run

through to the keeper

Curiouskitty: "Andrew, Whats the record for the most number of batsmen dismissed twice on the same day?" Good question. I remember at Lord's in 2000, all four innings were involved in one day. That must be close to the record...

Parnell to Lakmal, FOUR runs

banged in short, and battered with insouciance through midwicket for four. Suranga Lakmal! Remember the name!

end of over 408 runs
SL: 172/7CRR: 4.30 
Upul Tharanga26 (27b 5x4)
Suranga Lakmal26 (19b 5x4)
Duanne Olivier 8-1-38-2
Wayne Parnell 9-1-46-2

Uwaisul Karnain: "This is Suranga Lakmal's highest test score and in this innings alone, he has scored more runs than Temba Bauma managed during the entire series!" Ooh, burn!

Olivier to Upul Tharanga, no run

a beauty to finish the over, zipping through Tharanga's defences as he all but thuds an edge off his knuckles

Olivier to Upul Tharanga, FOUR runs

leading edged drive past Bavuma in the covers, and through to the rope! The runs are cascading now

Olivier to Lakmal, 3 runs

smashed up and over long-off! Thrilling shot selection, shame about the timing ... the ball dribbles towards the rope and it's a long old chase to gather

Olivier to Lakmal, no run

punched off the back foot, into the covers

Olivier to Upul Tharanga, 1 run

turned round the corner

Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
JP Duminy
155 runs (221)
19 fours0 six
Productive shot
cover drive
33 runs
5 fours0 six
HM Amla
134 runs (265)
16 fours0 six
Productive shot
cover drive
35 runs
7 fours0 six
Best performances - bowlers
N Pradeep
CBRLS Kumara
Match details
New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg
TossSouth Africa, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Player Of The Series
Series resultSouth Africa won the 3-match series 3-0
Match numberTest no. 2247
Hours of play (local time)10am start, Lunch 12.00-12.40, Tea 14.40-15.00, Close 17.00; Friday: Lunch 12.30-13.30; Tea: 15.30-16.00; Close: 18:00
Match days12,13,14 January 2017 - day (5-day match)
Test debut
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
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